8 Years and 873 Posts Later…

With hospital beds in short supply, infections rising and holiday surges about to make things worse, my detecting (limited as it is) is on hold. And please, don’t bother to share your views or conspiracy theories on why Covid 19 is a hoax. I’m not at all interested in arguing or debating the subject.

So given my self imposed hibernation and the glass of Rex Goliath in my hand here’s….

Everything You NEVER Wanted to Know About Stout Standards –

I started the current edition of Stout Standards in 2012 . Prior to that it was a website (and a piss poor one) that I created and launched in March of 2010. Then in 2012 John Winter turned me on to WordPress and it made writing a blog much easier and the site itself more attractive (John as soon as Ingram and Howland pay me the $20 they owe me I’ll send you a decent bottle of Pinot Grigio).

There are days when I can sit down at the keyboard, write and feel satisfied with the end result. Other times I ramble incoherently. That I’m afraid is only going to get worse.

Stout Standards is not ‘always’ about detecting but it’s also ‘never’ about politics and/or religion..

I take a lot of liberties here, often making fun of various aspects of the pastime and even a few of the participants. If it offends you let me know –  I’ll pick on you next.

Try as we might we’re nothing at all like Indiana Jones. Not even close.

As time has gone on writing about the hobby has become more difficult because after 8 years and 873 posts there’s not a helluva lot more to say…. 

I’ve been told that I share too much of my personal life here but I is what I is…

I’m often asked why I don’t have a forum.  Honestly I don’t participate in or talk much about forums because for the most part I find them too argumentative, too unhinged and too often lacking in oversight when it comes to topics. If I had a forum it would surely drive me crazy.

I realize that when you go online you want to see someone in the field, wearing camo, looking bad ass, finding rare and valuable treasures. Well, pour a couple more, hang in there, I’m working on it…😜

The links I share here may not always be the latest and greatest. I offer them because they pertain to the pastime. If you click on one and it doesn’t work or it takes you to a porn site let me know and I will correct, delete or save.

As for the “My Books” page – I have no clue what’s still available given the situation with Whites. I will be working on it soon.

The banner ads you see are my advertisers and I hope you will check them out when shopping or thinking about being a dealer. I appreciate them all.

John Howland

Back in early 2018 John Howland’s “Malamute Saloon” morphed into his own “Detecting & Collecting” website/blog. This came about because adding his lengthy writings to the Malamute “page” was difficult to do given the WordPress theme I use. It required the reader to “scroll” down in order to find his older posts. I hope you will follow his blog & sign up for his D&C updates. John’s a great writer and tells it like it is, much to the chagrin of the archaeological community.

The photos I share here are a way for me to catalog and share memories. I have more to find and more to scan. 

I try to share what I know about the pastime in the page links at the top of the page (Coin Hunting, Research, Clubs, etc.). I didn’t include Prospecting and Relic Hunting because I don’t have a lot of expertise in those areas, however when it comes to Brainfarts nobody has had more than me.

I decided to add the Question and Answer sessions back in 2017 and based on the views, shares, etc., you like them. If you think I should add, change or modify my questions please let me know. 

Finally as I state on the “Welcome” page “this blog offers me a place, and a reason to look back and put things in perspective. While my metal detecting experience is very much like yours, it took me on a somewhat different journey that changed a great many things in my life. Some good, some not so good but all worthy of a look back.

Thanks for hanging in there with me all this time. You are the reason I keep writing…



Speaking about blogs be sure to check Detecting Diva’s NEW layout. Like Diva it’s easy on the eyes and loaded with great information.

The Diva (Allyson Cohen)


Thanks to Bill from Lachine (Canadian Metal Detecting.com) for the following. I mean who knew?



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36 responses to “8 Years and 873 Posts Later…

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dick! I need to get on my own blog and get it moving again, after all my “Adventures In Surgery,” I’ve let it go a bit. Not withstanding the blog no longer can be edited in my apparently now prehistoric Vista operating system, as I found out one day when I was cyberneticly admonished about upgrading my system or my blog was now off-limits to editing. Imagine buying a car and one day not having it start, and a message in the dash instructs you the car will no longer run until it is painted a different color. Same thing.

    I ended up buying the cheapest “on special” laptop made by HP with only a crummy 4 Gig hard drive for $189 just to edit my blog and run a few other “programs” that NOW require a Windows 10 interface. I have a huge honking desktop, a new high-end graphics and video editing machine along with a new “curved” 48″ monitor neither of which I have even unboxed yet, mainly because after the cancer surgery I cannot lift more than 10 pounds, under orders of the surgical nurse that I will rip the delicate surgery asunder. I mentioned to her I dragged a 60-pound backpack at a dead run the length of an airport terminal and was the last one on-board the plane just before they closed the door on my way home from Miami. She rolled her eyes.

    My new Nokta Macro Simplex has a total of 3-hours on it, and I still have another month before I can even think about metal detecting. Of course the last 6-months of rotten heat, rain and humidity have given way to beautiful blue skies and cool weather. Other CFMDC members told me the gorgeous metal detecting weather began moments after I went in for surgery. Eight weeks of convalescence seems a bit of a stretch, just for swing a doggone 2 pound mental detector!

    Well, Cheers Dick and Happy Holidays to you and Fay. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for us all!

    • Jim, you’re made of steel or something similar. I don’t know how you do it, really. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and then see where you’re battling yet another serious surgery or setback and during it all you’re out there swinging a detector. Puts me in my place….

      Hang in there my friend, get better and go find something cool (wear camo). Happy holidays to you and Patti as well and hope you get the blog rolling again.

  2. Randy Dee

    After all this time you still manage to bring a smile to my face, I often reflect on your scribblings about a certain Polish pest who seems to have gone out of circulation now.

  3. john taylor

    dick! that guy is happy within himself! no worries, cuz’ no mind! now!..if we can just get him to imbibe in some m/d-20-20,he’ll really catch the season’s spirit! .ehe! heh! he! ..i’m just sayin’


  4. I’m a year or so behind you with the blog. It’s not easy to think of new or clever things to write about all the time. I don’t think people realize how much time actually goes into writing something. I give you props for your regular posts. Thanks for the “shout out” too. It was a lot of work updating the site, and hopefully worth it. Carry on…
    Oh, and the pull tab video was great!

  5. Tony

    Dick, without stating the obvious, that is a bunch of posts and no doubt they will keep coming! Cheers!

  6. Tony

    How did you know? My usual saying is “that’s a bunch of crap!” when things don’t seem right.
    But in your case – your posts should be put into a book and sold at detector sales shops.
    That way you keep helping folks in this crazy hobby!

    Chapters would be something like –
    1. Camo Detecting equipment
    2. Detector pictures standing up with shovels
    3. How deep do coins go over time?
    4. How many coins are in forgotten Wishing Wells?
    5. Question and answers of treasure hunters from around the world
    6. Best time to detect a drained lake
    And so on……

    • It’s okay. A lot of my writing is indeed crap. As for a book I don’t know. Have one book that I’ve been working on for some time and I just can’t seem to get motivated to work on it.

      • john taylor

        i like this one! “why do i keep getting skunked!” maybe it’s because i keep hunting the same places hoping for a ”different” result?..write a whole “book” on that one topic! dick! i’m just sayin’


  7. Tony

    These days inside of the Pandemic there are things going on to take away people’s motivation. I know mine is gone away too. For some strange reason the videos of detector finds and shovels stands continue as well as new Camo clothing options for detecting – go figure.

  8. john taylor

    i like looking at shovel stands!…can be interesting! in the middle of a field! you can take pics of it leaning at various angles. i need a “taste!” just sayin’ camo works! if ya wanna ‘blend!’ with da trees! blaze orange is better keeps ya from gettin’ shot! ..i’m just sayin’


  9. john taylor

    i did! and you too dick! the rooster, and the mad dog! i’m just sayin’ ehe! heh! he!


  10. Yo Ricardo:
    Thanks for the publicity. I guess I’ll now have to ‘forget’ the $20? Diva’s site has had a real makeover – Allyson’s done a great job. Good to see Jim Fielding back at the keyboard.

    As for Covid-19, we should always remember what the obnoxious, Warsaw-domiciled Paul Barford wrote…that he hoped the virus would infect the metal detecting fraternity as a way of eradicating it by natural selection…yes, including the youngsters who enjoy the hobby. What an advert for archaeology, eh?
    Significantly, the snooty Council for British Archaeology(CBA) and the lousy Heritage Journal remain true to archaeology’s equivalent of the Omerta, presumably because they too support such ‘cleansing’.


    • Even dumber than Barford is his friend Brian 😂😂😂😂😂

    • john taylor

      john! your debt will be relieved in time! i had a “vision” that dick will repay based on his winning the lottery! ..and “santa” drinks “rooster red!” i’m just sayin’


      • Hi JT:
        Dick will win the lottery you say? Jeez, I got more chance of being paid than struck by lightning.
        Look mate, if you ever get your backside over to the Mother Country, I’m gonna take you to the Mayfly, or the Square and Compass, and I’m gonna show you real ale, proper job!!! All on me! It’ll be my pleasure.
        i’m just sayin’

  11. Packrat

    Hey Dick. I am still trying to figure out how to stand up my detector against my screwdriver since I have never used a shovel to detect in almost fifty years lol

    • Haha!! Love it! Me too Larry….Me thinks it’s the ole “cool” factor they’re after.

      • Ed B.

        I have an idea that could possibly become the latest, greatest item to hit the detecting accessory market. The YouTubers would love it. It’s an item that you put on the ground and you can stand your detector AND your shovel on it at the same time !!!! And it comes in Camo. How’s that for effect? Roll camera……….

      • Der ya go!! I love it. Maybe add in backdrops with beach scenes, sunsets, Civil War battles, Oak Island scenes, etc.. Go for it Ed, I might even invest a few shekels!!

    • You made me do it Larry – her ya go!

      • Packrat

        Pretty good Dick. My screwdriver has to be a record. Bought it about 1973. Lost it for about a year in the 80s, it was stuffed in the front seat of my car and then lost it for 2 years at our annual hunt but found it in a coffee can in our club trailer by accident. Still my main digger

      • Larry I don’t know but that screwdriver in the photo might beat out yours. Not sure how it survived moves and a tornado but but it did.

  12. I know you like these pics. A local beach.

  13. john taylor

    reverend! two conditions:
    1) send me “air fare”
    2) ale’s gotta be cold, i don’t drink product
    at ”room temperature!”..just sayin’


    • JT:
      You sound just like Ricardo! ‘Ale’ should always be supped in pint glasses, at room temperature, so as to bring out the malt and hops. ‘Beer’ and it’s God-awful cousin, la**r (I can’t even bring myself to write the name) is a sort of fizzy lemonade and not to be confused with alcohol. It’s often referred to as gnat’s p**s.
      Bless you my son.

      I’m just sayin’ (h.h.!)

  14. john taylor

    hi reverend!
    if i was to sip ale at room temperature,my ass would sing like a canary, and i am liable to to take a back flip, and ”croak!”..as they say, it’s the thought that counts! to tell the truth,i don’t like ale even cold,cuz ‘ it always has an “after taste” ,and bitter too. we taylors was on the first boat in 1620.we was down in the cargo hold “swillin” the beer ration. wiped it out!..had to make more when we come ashore. (true story passed down.) may the good lord hold you in the palm of his hand!

  15. JT:
    I guess at some in the dim and distant the Howlands and the Taylors supped the amber nectar…
    “… is considered one of the best first hand accounts of any kind on American history. In Bradford’s account of the voyage over on the Mayflower, he tells of how John Howland washed overboard in violent storm. Howland was 29 years of age at the time. Howland was able to grab some ropes from the sails and gradually pull himself back on board the ship. This event and Bradford’s account of it made John Howland a legend. Howland’s name and account has been published in hundreds of publications and in school history books.”
    Looks like my ancestor was in the palm of God’s hand.

    i’m just sayin’ (h.h.)

  16. john taylor

    yeah! i would venture to say the good lord was riding that boat!just thinking what an irreplaceable loss that would have been with no howlands to carry on the good family name in the new world ..truly a grevious loss to one and all!..i’m just sayin’


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