A Pandemic Day in the Life of an Old Beeper…

Yesterday the weather was to my liking and I decided to get out and learn a little more about the Simplex.  Now understand the Simplex is really a pretty easy detector to use, it’s just that this ole brain doesn’t retain a helluva lot. Anyway I gave both the detector and the headphones a jolt and off I went across the lake to the town park, ready to enjoy the day and of course find a hoard.

After arriving I noticed the same ‘kiddie play group’ of moms I encountered before and knew immediately I was going to be scrutinized closely. Add in the older gal who keeps track of me from her kitchen window and I had a feeling this might be a very short outing.

I got all dressed up in my professional treasure hunting outfit – headphones, carpenters apron, large screwdriver and drop cloth and fired up the Simplex. After about thirty minutes of scanning I had about twenty five cents, and thanks to my recent carpal tunnel surgery, a very sore hand and wrist. Worse yet, no hoard!

I took a break, sat down in one of the small pavilions and noticed a city parks department pickup truck parking right next to mine. The two occupants, wearing the ever ominous orange vests, walked over and informed me that detecting was not allowed in the park. I mentioned that nowhere on the *regulations sign did it say that and the reply was it didn’t matter, it was not allowed and that they had too many complaints. When I asked “about what?” he replied “holes”. I started to say show me the holes but decided against it and just packed up and left.

Just a little more than pissed I went back across the lake to detect a large soccer/athletic complex that I had some luck at (luck as in all clad) when testing the SP24 and SP22 coils.

I hunted about an hour, added maybe another twenty five cents to my previous total and sat down to ponder just where that hoard might be buried when lo and behold a groundskeeper drives up, gets out of his truck and starts walking towards me and I muttered “for sh*t’s sake, not again”. To my surprise the guy says “I’ve been thinking ‘bout getting one of those things, what are you finding?” I started laughing and told him about the previous encounter and he assured me I was cool (but you already know that).

I showed the gentleman (James) the whopping fifty cents in my apron and said “you ain’t going to get rich but you’ll have a helluva lot of fun”. I also took a few minutes and showed him how the Simplex worked, gave him one of my cards and told him to check out the blog if he wanted to know more. We shook hands and off he went.

I detected maybe another 30 minutes and went home, tired, achy and without a hoard. On the plus side I had earned 35 cents an hour, got a little exercise and just maybe made a convert to the hobby.


*When I got home I looked up the parks department regulations and found absolutely no mention of metal detecting? 


Just how bad is 2020?

A new season of “The Worst Curse of Oak Island” starts November 10th.


Coming soon – Q & A with Andy Sabisch 



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10 responses to “A Pandemic Day in the Life of an Old Beeper…

  1. Randy Dee

    As long as you enjoy it Dick with plenty of fresh air

  2. Well, even a bad day of detecting is still better than not detecting.

    • Wasn’t a bad day, just what I see as the norm now….

      • Yo Ricardo:
        Park Rangers fall back on the ‘Damaging the Park’ excuse. It’s all down to what constitutes an acceptable level of damage. An executive decision has decreed that holes dug (and filled) by Tekkies is not an acceptable level. Naturally enough, those who make these decrees never see fit to consult those local taxpayers affected by it.

        Now, if there was a local club, or a State representative body for the hobby, maybe things would not be so one-sided and Tekkies would get a fairer hearing.

        i’m just sayin’

        PS. Had you been properly dressed head-to-toe in cammo they might not have seen you!

      • Club, state representative? Surely you jest. The days of fighting city hall are over here in the states. Everybody is too busy watching YouTube.

  3. john taylor

    dick! me “bro” is gettin’ rid of his simplex!.Says it’s TOO simple.it don’t find nuthin’didn’t know what to say.told him to have faith and keep pitchin’,and those turks are on ta sumpthin’


  4. john taylor

    start knockin’ on doors dick! you gut a 50/50 shot of acceptance,seein’ ya an older fella, or you could emulate a woman, though in your case, you may encounter difficulty in passing. also, in attempting to gain permission on private property, it may be wise to ascertain IF your life insurance premium payments are current…i’m just sayin’


  5. john taylor

    dick says he is going to start using a “sampson” in parks.claims he wants the additional attention. i say “‘go for it” all they can do is say “no!” and confiscate the sampson,and the simplex.on the other hand, sticking with a screwdriver, and carpenters apron will “guarantee” he finds every clad coin in that park. i’m just sayin’


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