Come On Now, Really?

I’m sitting here looking at the Simplex leaning against the wall and thinking “maybe tomorrow”. Been saying that now for two weeks, well aware that the great fall weather we’re now experiencing won’t last forever.

It’s been eight days since I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand and doing everything lefthanded is frustrating. I’m still experiencing the pain and cold but crossing my fingers that things are still healing. I had the same surgery ten years ago (left hand) and it was instantly successful. Just maybe the body parts warranties have run out?

Poor me

Anyway I’ve been sitting here in front of the PC reading and taking in all the detecting news, chatter and BS and a couple things jumped out at me (and I knew you all would want to know what they were😜…)

First was this ad from the UK’s Searcher magazine.

What next? Camo jockey shorts with a pocket for your better stuff (or your junk)? Don’t worry, not going there….

Just seems the accessory market is growing by the day and getting more ridiculous at the same time. All kinds of must have thingys to “supposedly” make you a better detectorist. Shovels, diggers, headphones, pinpointers, caps, gloves, pouches, harnesses, backpacks, boxes, squeeze bottles, brushes, cameras, screen covers, stands, stem wraps and last but not least, shafts (appropriately named). Blows my mind!

The hip detectorist 2022

Then again who knows, maybe if the guy in “Expedition Unknown” or everybody in “The Curse of Oak Island” had Searcher detecting trousers they might finally find something?

I wonder – if all you had was a carpenters apron, a screwdriver and cheap pair of headphones would you be able to find anything?


Down & Dirty

Next, what is it with all the photos of dirt encrusted detectors? They look like they were dipped in a swamp and rolled in cow dung? I understand you’re one rugged, hard core SOB, working hard to justify that camo outfit but give me a break. My detectors used to get dirty too but I never let them get that bad and yes I know, they’re waterproof, submersible, kickable, droppable and eatable! Just take better care…

That’s all, done venting…




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37 responses to “Come On Now, Really?

  1. john taylor

    man’s “best” days are ahead of him! ehe! heh! he! get ya self healed up, masked up, and git out there dick! it don’t snow much in texas anyway!..i’m just sayin’


  2. john taylor

    don’t matter dick! you know the “good” stuff is just hiding, and it “wants” to be found!..just sayin’


  3. bayleroy

    Good evening, Dick! You & KVM said it best…”It’s not the equipment—it’s all about the operator!” Just make sure to have a spooky story to tell about your scary wrist scars! Good luck, good healing, and good hunting!

    • Yup, that and the location. Just funny that so many today care about what they’re wearing, how they look and what they are carrying. Seems the finds are secondary. Guess too it’s just an old guy’s take on today’s tastes and fads.

      • john taylor

        like little kids, some just need attention! or maybe, they believe they might get “shot” in a public park. these days, who can be certain!..i’m just sayin’


  4. Yo!
    Where can I get them camo jockey shorts? A fashion statement or what? They’d go well with them there detecting trousers especially if they’d make them in camo pattern.

    I hope that hand of yours is soon on the mend. Your Doc ought to prescribe a little ‘gold-lifting’ therapy, say starting with 14Karat, then moving up to double eagles. i’m just sayin’

  5. Ah, they were the days…real pubs, real ale, and real barmaids. Chuck in a few finds. Happy days.

  6. Hi Dick,
    I’m doing something similar. The brand-new Simplex is sitting there next to our other machines. I powered it up once after charging it, and powered it up and actually used it for a CFMDC club hunt last weekend. Other than that, it’s all clean and quiet in the corner. Someone brought a new member over to me during the CFMDC club hunt, and said he was a total newbie, and would I spend some time with him and show him how to use the Simplex? A guy about my age, nearly 70 or so, looked at me expectantly. I said “Look, this is the very first time I’ve had this machine out, so I’ve got a total of maybe a half-hour on it…so I don’t have much to tell you other than read the manual and follow the directions.” He said “I’ll try and find a YouTube video on it!” and left. Apparently reading, even for us older citizens, is no longer in vogue. Anyway, a week from now, I’m undergoing a serious bit of cancer surgery down in Miami, during the coming asteroid strike, a hurricane and apparently another civil war. I probably won’t be using the Simplex in the near future, but when I do, I’ll certainly keep it clean!

  7. Packrat

    Hi Dick. 2 things. First lucky you on the weather. Just got 6 inches of snow already up here in the northwest and single digit temps. As far as if I could find anything with an apron, screwdriver, and a pair of earphones, only difference is I use a pouch instead of an apron and I am going on 50 years of detecting lol.

    • Come on Larry, sure you don’t want those trousers? Stay warm, stay safe and have one for me.

      50 years? Damn you old!!

      • Packrat

        Yeah I’m old bursting love every minute with my detector. Oh by the way started detecting when I was 18 but dug bottles and hunted treasure before that

  8. john taylor

    hot damn! you been ‘tectin’ since christ was an altar boy
    i’m just sayin’


  9. Up at the BONE hunt, as cars were lined up alongside the road, and people were milling about, a young girl stopped and asked what was going on. She was told it was a metal detecting hunt, and her response was “What’s with all the camo?” 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t know if it was game hunters, cellar hole hunters or stealthy diggers that started the trend, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t beach hunters. Camo pants, with their utilitarian value, and ability to withstand briars, rough terrain, and the occasional brush with barbed wire, are the perfect accompaniment for the hard core, woods & cellar hole hunters. Plus, they’ve got lots of pockets to store all the GW buttons, shoe buckles & oxen shoes found once you bushwack your way through swamps and overgrowth into one of these sites. That’s probably where all the mud comes from.

  10. john taylor

    no argument here dick! gotta figure anybody who’s been at it that long, got to know what he’s doin’..monte berry, and the packrat are “true hobby survivors!”..i’m just sayin’


  11. Ed B.

    You can tell the ad was from a British company because those “pants” were described as “Trousers”.
    The “trousers” won’t help the Expedition Unknown or Oak Island treasure hucksters one bit unless they received royalties for wearing them on the show.
    I’m surprised the ones with the filthy muddy detectors don’t hunt with a half gallon sized squirt bottle…..could be used to get the mud off the detector while they’re in the field. Just supersize the little bottles they use for cleaning coins in the field.
    Just an apron, screwdriver, and headphones ? You might find something but it would sure make for a very boring YouTube video.
    Wish you a speedy recovery with the hand so that you can get out there with the Simplex and dig a few things.

    • Yup, trousers are the giveaway, LOL….

      Thanks for the well wishes Ed. Going for post op appointment this morning and to get sutures out. Hoping he will offer some hope on when the soreness will go away and how long it will take for the hand to start working again. Little worried this time around.

      • My thoughts are with you and good luck. A friend on mine has had the same operation and recovered well and was soon buying a round!

      • Well had the stitches removed and doc said things looked okay but it could take a month or two or over a year before things felt normal. Claimed I was too old to guarantee anything faster. So I will just bide my time. He did say to use the hand, no limitations so there’s that.

        As for thoughts I appreciate it, but my procedure was not that big a deal. What Jim Fielding will be going through next week is and he’s deserving of our thoughts, prayers and vibes. One tough guy and the pastime owes him a lot.

  12. john taylor

    best of luck on your procedure jim fielding! may god hold you in the palm of his ever loving hand.


  13. john taylor

    good luck with the hand dick! take a few “extra” tastes! help numb the pain!…just sayin’


  14. Tony

    Dick, glad your on the mend and hope Jim gets better too.
    Now two questions – were you able to lift the wine glass with your other hand? How were you able to butter n your camp pants after surgery?

    • Glass was no problem….your last question “How were you able to butter n your camp pants after surgery?”….I have no idea what that means?

  15. Tony

    Blame it on spell check –
    Button your camo pants….

  16. Tony

    Oh right Camo pants have Velcro

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