Bob Buttafuso sent the following:

As to the purchase of Whites by Garrett, Centreville Electronics has been contracted by Whites to continue repairing their units, both warranty and out of warranty, for the next few years. We have around 90% of the parts available, and what we are low on we plan to outsource. If folks are closer to Oregon than Virginia, we recommend they send their units to Todd in Lebanon, Oregon.

For more info our website is while Todd’s is Centreville Electronics NW ( Any questions can be sent to myself and my partner Paul at

Hope this answers the questions you and many others will have.



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13 responses to “Garrett/Whites

  1. John Devereux

    Sad and glad at that news. Having only been in the hobby a few years the machine I felt at home with was and is the White’s V3i. I sincerely hope that Garrett further develop/update that model as I believe it is still one of the best machines out there. With the faster processors now available I think it could be flagship model.
    I like the fact that there is a family behind the Garrett brand not just some faceless corporation. I hope they prosper with the added knowledge that they have acquired and hopefully there will be some recognition of White’s contribution in future products.

  2. Tony

    Wow, I am glad that the Garrett company completed the merger with Whites! Now folks will rest easy because the Garrett company has terrific service, and great products.

  3. Ken

    Can I get 3vi parts now from garret? It is a great detector for parks!

    • If I read it correctly the Garrett post indicates two repair stations. Ken I will try and find out more on all of this…

      • john taylor

        i can vouch for centerville electronics. i just sent back a pair of whitey’s “pro star” headphones. he’d these for a while “brand spankin” new in the box. took ’em out of the box to use them, and the plastic headband “snapped” sent ’em to them, and they issued a brand new set of pro stars..ehe! heh! he! to be truthful, i am afraid to use them!…maybe i will just set ’em on a shelf, and look at them instead!..ehe! heh! he!
        i’m just sayin’


  4. It’s great that the Whites brand-name lives on and in safe hands.

    • john taylor

      right john! many happy years tooling around with whitey’s equipment! found a “ton” very well made, and outrageous customer far as the acquisiton is concerned,(not patting myself on the back) this is what i thought kenny white would do. keep it here, and allow garrett to play with the designs, possibly bring some of them back with up dated boards, and such hope springs eternal!

      i’m just sayin’


  5. Joe Patrick

    This is great news! Both White’s and Garrett are great companies with great products and customer service. I am sad to see the original White’s company go but very pleased that its legacy is now in good hands. Long live White’s and Garrett!

  6. Tony

    Dick, sorry to hear about the hand surgery, hope your better soon.
    I do remember Joe Cook telling me to call Garett service and asking for you. When you got on the line I knew I was in good hands. Thanks again for being there back then and Now.
    Rest up – we will be here when you’re ready!

  7. john taylor

    all it means is, he has to “always” imbibe with the right hand now, until the left big deal,dick’s right-handed anyway, and the “rooster” on the bottle doesn’t know, and could care less!..i’m just sayin’


  8. heavymetalnut

    get well soon Dick! try writing with your feet maybe?

  9. Bob Sickler

    A lot of detectorists have probably been wondering if Garrett’s new Multi-Frequency technology is the same as Minelab’s. I think the guarded Garrett’s technology focuses on accurately identifying metals through returned frequency data. They still use an automated method to eliminate ground minerals from their motion discrimination. If they were using frequency to return ground data, I doubt they would employ a static ground balance control. I believe Minelab transmits frequencies to more accurately remove ground mineral interference from conductive response. My first impression about Garrett’s MF system was they licensed the Fourier Domain Analysis 2-frequency (5Khz/15Khz) system found on the successful CZ-6 introduced by the former Fisher Research Laboratory of CA. But knowing now that Garrett has purchased White’s intellectual property and plan to “rigorously defend” any infringements, my opinion now is that Garrett may have procured White’s V3i 3-frequency technology prior to White’s retirement and have improved on it to produce their 4-frequency system now found on the new Apex. Perhaps White’s licensed their technology originally from Fisher? This is only speculation on my part and has been formed mostly by “educated guess”. Anybody know different?

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