You’all Crack Me Up!!

Just when I think we tekkies have matured you all prove me wrong. I came across the following comments on a Facebook page and LMAO!

Hilarious comments from a Garrett Apex FB page…(spelling/grammar as used)

Where’s my damn detector!!!

“Anyone else pre-order in the USA and still have no idea when it will ship?”

“I am kinda upset that they have no idea about anything. I am about to cancel the order and buy somewhere else. Screw this. I have been waiting forever.”

“The bigger dealers will always likely get the stock first”

“Just my opinion I think it unfair to the ppl who preordered and bought and paid for theses apex detectors How They are sending them out only 1 or 2 to dealers at a time to send to there customers if a dealers only had let’s say 15 -75 ordered why not send them all there orders all at once instead of 1 or 2 because if a dealer has say 300 ordered when would number 300 get theres January ?”

“Not to take anything away from kelly co but is that fair they receive there’s to per fill there pre orders and the smaller dealers only receive 1 or 2.”

“That’s my issue. Garrett is shipping factory direct to kellyco and leaving the smaller dealers in the dark. As far as I’m concerned that’s dirty.”

“That’s where I’m at also I don’t think it’s right no matter how big the dealer is they should get there’s as well I hear Garrett sends to the supplier the supplier in return sends to the dealer so why isn’t Garrett sending straight to the dealer also”

“I suspect that Garrett is filling there major supplies first with there orders. Have patients yours will get to you soon.”

“I personally feel Garrett got the release of the apex very wrong. All that pompous ceremony and a drawn out waiting games.”

“My APEX just arrived.”

“Where are you..when did you preorder..from who? (Trying to guess my own eta lol)

“I got mine today”

“So jealous”

“Well my new Apex is missing the flap the covers the re-charge port. Check yours. It looks like it was torn off. Now what. First detector received by my dealer. We unboxed it in his shop.”

“Oh no”

“Did you get a hat with it?”

“I’d be kinda pissy”

“Did you refuse it ? I wouldnt take it without flap, as it will allow water in.” 

Sometimes you just can’t win….. 


(For the record  manufacturers usually ship to their distributors first, and they then forward the product on to their dealers.  Also from what I know Kellyco is not a distributor)



Look what just came!

Nokta SP-22 8 inch DD coil (for my Simplex+)

Now all I need a break in the weather, a new site and a few Tylenol…





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15 responses to “You’all Crack Me Up!!

  1. Joseph Friedman

    I don’t know if it was mentioned here earlier, but a lovely gentleman from Ireland died in June. He was Des Dunne.

    Des was widely known in the detecting community in the United Kingdom and on the Continent. He spent many years working for Minelab, field testing their detectors and making constructive suggestions about how they could be improved.

    In recent years, after he left ML, he reviewed detectors, made YouTube videos about them and wrote reviews that were published in industry publications.
    I met him only briefly, but we enjoyed an email friendship for well over a decade.

    He was a gentle man. He loved the hobby and spent a lifetime devoted to it.
    He died suddenly in Mid-June. He was a friend. I miss him.

  2. Everyone in society these days wants immediate gratification. Never mind that the world is in a pandemic that has slowed down every aspect of manufacturing…. sad

    • Yes, exactly Steve. I understand being anxious to get your hands on something new, especially when its hobby related, but metal detector manufacturers don’t have thousands on the production line and QC takes place before every new product goes out the door. Likewise because Bob in Oregon got his Apex right away he’s not coming to Ohio to hammer YOUR site. Sheesh!

  3. John Devereux

    If the guy is going to complain he should get his their and there sorted……..🤐🤐

  4. Tony

    Dick, who needs spell check on FB after you had a few brews and it’s late at night, been there and done that as you know.
    So it goes – now the Garrett folks are going through what the Minelab folks went through – need I mention the parachute into the field commercial.

    Glad you got a new toy – good luck with that and the weather.

  5. Ed B.

    Good luck with the new coil. As for the spelling……I’d say that there, their, and they’re are most likely the most common instance of incorrect grammar, but right behind it would be “a lot” which is often put down as “alot”.

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