Oh, and by the way…

…I’ve been thinking about a couple of comments that were made regarding my review of the Simplex and want to address them.

First off despite my age I’m not adverse to or uninterested in today’s detectors. In fact far from it. I hear about them (sometimes before you do), talk about them with friends and give their features/specs a good look. I also share “what I can” here on SS (most recently the Apex).

Would I love to have one or two of these newer models? You bet!  The reason I don’t is money, or lack thereof. Same problem I have with so many other wants and desires in my life. I’m well aware that technology is constantly advancing and one has to keep up, but in my case it’s proportionate to the $$$ in my pocket.

What I do talk a lot about and what you might construe as new detector snobbishness is the “gotta be the first” trait with so many tekkies. I know a lot about it because I used to be the same way. Just that I grew up, wised up and finally realized that it really didn’t matter so much what detector I owned or used. What did matter was what was I finding and truth be told it all depended on where I was searching.

I was also the “gotta have” guy early in my music career. I wanted every top of the line guitar and amp I played.  I had to have this set of strings, this strap, this kind of pick, these effect pedals, this gig bag and what I should have been doing was spending my time practicing, playing scales, exercises, learning new tunes and just being a better all around musician.

Play guitar? You “have to have” a few of these “enhancers”…

The manufacturers are going to tell you every new detector they come out with is guaranteed to go deeper and find more than the one you are using now. It’s called marketing and the good companies know how to do it well. Just keep in mind that every new “anything” is bound to have a few glitches, faults, flaws, bugs, setbacks so why not wait a month or two and get a read on in-the-field feedback, problems, upgrades or updates? That new model detector might well be the next seventh wonder of the world but I’m betting it’s not going to make you wealthy when you take it to the same three or four places you’ve been hunting for the past ten years.

2nd point of contention – It did take a new detector for me to “get off the couch” BUT being on the couch is not something I’m happy about, not something I planned. It’s just the way things are at this point  in my life. I wish I could go back, even just five or ten years but I can’t. I wish I had feeling in my feet and hands but I don’t and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. I wish my arthritis wasn’t so bad, but it is and it’s not going to go away. I wish I didn’t have to be concerned with exposing my skin to the rays of the sun but I now must. I could go on and on but I won’t. Suffice to say my body is no longer a temple. Hell it’s not even a fixer upper.

You’all just need to accept the fact that ole Stouty, is not the detectorist he used to be. Time in grade has worn me down and out and I need to make merry whenever I feel spry and agile.

Finally, I am excited about the Simplex . There’s something about it that reminds me of my early days of detecting. Not sure if it’s the crisp audio responses, the target separation, the spot on pinpointing or what. It just feels right for me at this time. I’m anxious too to get the new smaller 8″ coil, but I desperately need to find a few more productive sites first (The bane of today’s detectorist).

I promise to keep you updated on my “in-the-field” adventures and trust me every time I leave the house to do anything it’s an adventure. Cheers!


And the latest on the Apex





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20 responses to “Oh, and by the way…

  1. The report you did on the Simplex was superb…honest, and straight to the point; far removed from the usual BS magazine fare masquerading as ‘informed’ copy.

    I’d like to know how the 8″ coil performs – warts and all – over sites where it should come into its own. I rarely believe what I read in BS magazine articles. I want that info from someone who knows the game and what they’re talking about and these are thin on the ground.

    If Nokta have any sense and faith in their products, they’ll let you test it and publish here! Then we can decide.

    • Be patient Bubba, it will get done. Been a pleasure dealing with Nokta…

    • john taylor

      yes!..dick! you were too candid in your assessment of this fine instrument.guys who have hunted for many, many years will appreciate your ”down to earth” comments.perhaps in years gone by,w&e should have let you do the testing of new instruments to allow a more honest approach as opposed to a “biased” opinion designed to sell the instrument.of course as a “mouthpiece” for garrett,this would have presented an extreme ”conflict of interest” and therefore would nullify you as a “test mule” so to speak.

  2. Randy Dee

    Dick I know how you feel with this ageing thing I am not far behind you I’m 78 in a few weeks. My wifes great aunt Charlotte Hughes lived until she was 115 on her 110th birthday she was a guest of the British Government and invited by then Prime-minister Maggy Thatcher to spend the day touring the Houses of Parliament and had tea with Maggy on her 112th birthday she flew from the UK to New York in Concord a guest of British Airways she was the oldest person to ever fly the Atlantic but she had a saying which she said to me “Randy getting old is a tragedy”. oh how true her words were.

    • “Randy getting old is a tragedy” yes indeed and we both know John Winter’s “there’s no future in getting old”.

      Randy sounds like Charlotte Hughes was a neat gal.

  3. john taylor

    it’s a shock to grow old!..mr. russell fredric march to paul newman in the movie “hombre!” usually as one ages, things begin to deteriorate rapidly. one can forestall the inevitable by exercising,eating properly, and keeping one’s mind active. it is imperative that one does NOT succumb to psychological factors that undermine one’s ability to think rationally.do not be afraid, as “to thine own self be true” takes on special meaning when one is experiencing aging stress.the ‘paranoid delusions one experiences can be frightening, so one MUST stay “sharp” so to speak.best of luck to all of us as we continue to mature.

    i’m just sayin’


    • wintersen

      Good post, Dick. Yes, growing old is cruel. I am in the Florence Nightingale Hospice at the moment and have A carer looking after my wife. Not all doom and gloom – they give me a small bottle of Pinot with lunch. WiFi intermittent. Take care.

  4. James Bizzell

    I am almost 71 and I can truly understand where you are coming from. I seem to spend more time at doctor’s offices than anywhere else. I have the Simplex+WHP and the PulseDive. Pretty amazing detector, especially for the price. I did enjoy your write up on the Simplex+ and you nailed it.

    • Thanks James. Don’t like to complain but when someone tells me I need to “get off the couch” they need to know it’s not always that easy. Have a good one and have one for me…

  5. I have not yet read your review of the Simplex, but I have used one, which I found absolutely amazing, especially for it’s price point for a waterproof detector.I own a Nokta “Impact” as well as a Nokta-Macro “Anfibio” water machine. Nokta has sponsored several of our CFMDC events here in Florida,and I had dinner one night with Dilek Gonulay, VP of Marketing for Nokta-Macro, as well as her chief engineer, and I can’t remember his Turkish name. I spent about 10-minutes talking to him, while we were eating, with him nodding his head, concerning the fact most Nokta machines chatter quite a bit, and why do they do that? Dilek looked over at me and she said “He does not speak a whole lot of english.” He nodded. Dilek said “Our machines have extremely high gain, which makes them seem unstable, but they are just much more sensitive than any other metal detector!” I found that to be true on all my machines, but it can make you feel a bit twitchy about the sensitivity setting.

    Yea, the old age thing can really bite you in the a$$, as you say, Lately, as I slowly lose the feeling in my feet and hands, I notice it is hard to bend down to dig a target and suddenly noticing you can’t feel the ground any more, and you can’t get back up. And I’m thinking none of this is going to end well for me, then figure out I may be unlucky enough to live well past 100, I agree with you, going back 10 or even 5 years in time would help the situation, but if I did, I’d warn everyone about the things to come, create a paradox, and my Whites Electronics stocks would become worthless. I still play my Guild guitar a bit, as Patti also plays her guitar, but we find it easier nowadays just to go get a milkshake, and wear my old-man hat as everyone says “You have such a pretty daughter!!” I don’t even correct anyone anymore, and neither does Patti. Hang in there Dick! Cheers!

    • Jim I only noticed chatter once when I was hunting the vacant corner lot (actually 2 acres). Lot of trash – have a feeling it was a hangout for the kids attending the adjacent middle school. It was quite stable otherwise though I really need to find a few more places to put it to the test. So far liking it…

      I feel bad complaining about my health knowing all that you’ve gone through and are still going through. You’re one tough cookie and I wouldn’t bet against you living past 100. Drink that milkshake, play that guitar, forget what people think of your hat and give my regards to your daughter Patti (LOL)….

  6. Tony

    Dick, your age and your health didn’t get in the way of your latest review of the Simplex. You did a terrific write with your results. Thanks again for that work.
    Now getting off the couch for me in this quarantine times is difficult for sure, I have no get up and go….so I understand your issues.

  7. john taylor

    dick! upon review of the shot of you in your “simplex” hat, i cannot help but detect a sense of “peace” within yourself.you appear to be resigned to acceptance of your current state of mind and health.you seem to have achieved almost a “state of grace” which in and of itself is a very “noble” objective. the ‘rooster red” must be “some good taste! ..i’m just sayin’


  8. Sorry to hear about your physical limitations Dick. You are still sharp upstairs though! another great write up on your blog as usual. Be safe and enjoy what’s left of the summer!

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