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I found out yesterday that White’s Electronics is closing it’s doors – hopefully not for good.

The White’s name and brand goes back many years and is responsible for a legion of dedicated users/fans who I’m sure will continue to be loyal if the company can somehow find a way to get back on track. This alone ought to be attractive to a potential buyer or investor.

My direct association with the company goes back to the early 80’s when the late Ken White Sr. took a personal interest in my endeavors to form a national organization for detectorists (FMDAC). He and Alan Holcombe supported the effort in numerous ways and I will forever be grateful for that assistance and for having known and been in their company.

Since then White’s has continued to support the pastime, as well as a great many worthwhile causes (often without fanfare or publicity) all the while producing a great product. Today I’m saddened yet hopeful that down the road White’s Electronics will once again be the sought after brand it deserves to be.

Good luck and Godspeed to everyone at White’s Electronics.



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  1. “Good luck and Godspeed to everyone at White’s Electronics.” Amen to that.

  2. John Devereux

    That is very sad news. The V3i is the machine I chose after starting the hobby in 2015 and trying various other machines. Despite its apparent complexity I found it easy to navigate the comprehensive menus as I come from an electronics and computer background. Despite claims from Minelab that they bought to the market the first true multi frequency machine it was of course White’s with the V3i over 10 years previously. Truly an innovative company it will be a sad loss if it goes down without a fight. I still have my V3i and would be loath to give it up. God willing somebody will come along and revive the company’s fortunes. My thoughts and prayers go to all those affected by this turn of events.

  3. Tony

    Sad to see things like this keep happening – I guess it is a sign of the times.
    “Good luck and Godspeed to everyone at White’s Electronics.”
    Maybe someone will pick up their repair work and coil sales in the USA, that at least will ease the burden on their loyal followers.

  4. DonM

    I was afraid that this was going to eventually happen…sad to see this. Fortunately for those of us who have Whites units they were so well built that they hardly ever needed servicing. Although I am not as active as I used to be in this hobby…I will not be parting with my IDX Pro…it still does the job. Hopefully someone will step in and rescue the company.

  5. Ed B.

    This is terrible news and as previously mentioned, hopefully someone will come to the rescue and get this company going again. I used White’s detectors for over thirty years and my girlfriend is currently using a White’s. My Eagle II was in use for 26 years and never had to be serviced even once in that time. This feels like the loss of a good friend. At one time they were king of the hill and soon they may be just a fond memory…….

  6. Joseph Friedman

    Had a White’s machine when I entered the hobby back in the early 1970’s. Needed constant ground balancing every three feet you went. A bit frustrating, but it was a good metal detector for that time and it thrilled me. Went on to own two more Whites machines before I went for a Minelab.

    I had the pleasure of traveling with Ken White, several of his dealers (Chet Blanchard and Bill Smith) and two New Jersey metal detectorists (Gus Grabscheid and Dave Henkel) who had set up a trip to Russia to metal detect. Talk about virgin territory. I was invited along to shoot a documentary about this adventure. (Western & Eastern Treasures, Volume 28, May 1994)

    We detected around the city of Seratov, on the Volga River about 500 miles from Moscow, with the assistance of two Russian archaeologists. We found wonderful old coins and relics, many from the 12 and 13th century, and as far back as the Bronze Age. Some stayed in Russia and many went back home with us.

    We’re in very stressful times. I hope they can pull thru and prosper.

  7. john taylor

    i started metal detecting in 1977 with whitey’s 4 db high frequency t.r. found the world with that detector.
    it had wonderful audio modulation, and even though depth was basically capped at around 5 inches or so,
    most of the “war” stuff, and earlier seated and barbers could be found at that level during that time period.
    i also owned the wonderful xl pro and later possibly the “sleeper” of all time, the outrageously good m6.
    whitey’s customer service is second to none, and although i never experienced a repair issue, they helped me in other ways over time. in my view, this is a travesty, however,”apparently” they let their “guard down” and got caught in a technological bind, and tried to ”coast” too long.i am hoping and praying they can find the “guidance”
    and possibly the finances to continue to ”fight” and stay in the game,(so to speak),perhaps the acquisition of a top design engineer can make the difference.may god bless all those connected with this “outstanding” company

  8. Joseph Friedman

    I mentioned Chet and Bill as dealers. I gather dealers are not distributors.

    • Joe didn’t mean to make it confusing, sorry. Yes to some extent they are but distributors are usually the next tier under the manufacturer and are responsible for selling to and taking care of dealers in their assigned area. Not sure why I even mentioned it…has no bearing at all on your story. Do like my wife and ignore whatever I say, LOL.

  9. john taylor

    dick! your wife is very wise! she is to be commended!both blanchard,and smitty are distributors, and i am sure are not above selling a detector ,or two if the occasion warranted it…i’m just sayin’


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