It’s All Good Sport…

Interesting the chatter and excitement regarding the forthcoming Garrett Apex.  Not only did the pandemic allow Garrett to fine tune things it allowed them to capture potential buyers by announcing a release date and putting out two teaser videos, one showing a silhouette of the detector and the other with it hidden behind a pickup somewhere in “hill country”.

And now of course tekkies are debating the merits of the Apex and from what I gather they can’t get their money out of their wallet quick enough so Garrett you better get it right from the get go. Funny things happen when hundreds and thousands of die hard tekkies do the real fields tests….

In days of yore you found out about a brand new detector when you saw it in a treasure magazine. No YouTube, Facebook or Twitter hints and in fact no one knew what a PC was. Likewise there weren’t that many features or specs to remember – it either had some new function you had to have or it you bought it so you could strut your stuff and be on the, don’t laugh, cutting edge. Now you find out ahead of time and the manufacturers cleverly persuade you to hold onto your hard earned cash until they’re ready to ship.

With the Apex it seems “multi-frequency” and “wireless” are the big pluses but my likes are the design and weight (I’m an old dude). Will I buy one? Nah, don’t have extra money anymore plus I’m having fun playing around and regressing with my Garrett Groundhog.

I understand and remember all too well the urge to want the next big thing on the horizon. It’s a pastime we live and die for and gaining the edge is what it’s all about. I still enjoy getting out in the field but whatever extra cash I find I now invest in books. Books allow me to sit on my butt, experience adventure, travel and more often than not make me a smarter person (no big feat there). Best of all I can sip a little Rex Goliath while doing it.


It’s Heritage Harry Time!

I’ve explained many times why I won’t ever work with archaeologists again and this bastard’s latest blog post just reinforces my reasoning. You can drool or get excited all you about the possibility of working with arkies but I refuse to play second fiddle to their guesstimations…

The Heritage Journal course for detectorists wishing to work on archaeological projects


This Memorial Day weekend…

…remember to lift a glass and honor all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live free in this, the greatest country in the world.

A special shout out and thank you to Viet Nam vets and those who lost their lives in that conflict… 




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11 responses to “It’s All Good Sport…

  1. John

    Hi Dick. Just read your old post about the arkies. Very good. I’ll let you know my experience if I get to aid them. 🙂🙂 Let’s face it, detectorists are the ones who mainly find the really interesting stuff, that is, the valuable hoards of gold and silver. Who really cares about broken pots and old bones??😂😂
    All the best from Eastbourne.


    • John if we only knew where they lived we could deposit all the trash items we found on their doorstep. They could then sort it and record it.

    • john taylor

      hi john! no reflection on you, but that is exactly why they don’t like us! the ongoing study of past civilizations are the main”thrust” of all that they do, and ANY,and all artifacts discovered paint a picture of a particular people.personally,i could care less if they don’t respect, or like what we do. we are not pillagers and we don’t desecrate, we are looking for “specific” items. their point of view is different.they believe “strongly” that we nothing more than thieves, and looters. we both need to work together to dispel these worthless innuendos, and share a level of cooperation that benefits the greater good…i’m just sayin’


  2. Ed B.

    At age 74 the detectors I have will probably/definitely outlive me so I won’t be buying any new ones but if I were in the market for one I’d definitely consider the Ace Apex. That said, I’d wait a year or so because it seems that more often than not a new detector hits the market and has one or two flaws that need to be corrected on the next batch they manufacture. The light weight would be a factor as would the wireless. I have a wireless setup on my AT Pro and love it. I’ll lift a glass to all the vets out there on memorial day. I had two uncles who both served honorably in the Air Force. One served in WW2 and the other in the Korean War. They both saw action and the Air Force was at both their funerals.

    • I can tell you about two rush to market detectors that caused me grief…the Garrett Grandmaster and the AT4. The joy of working for a mfg.

      Cheers to all the vets!!

  3. Hah! Work with arkies? What? These arkies? The CBA’s former Director, Mike Heyworth is in my opinion, a joke figure. He gave his tacit approval to the loathsome Swift and Barford’s ludicrous, and widely derided, ‘Artefact Erosion Counter’.

    Bear in mind, that Heyworth has yet to condemn Barford’s utterly vile comments that COVID-19 by infecting the detecting community would solve what he sees as an ‘archaeological problem’. I suggest that Heyworth – if he wants to be taken seriously – straps a four-foot length of 4″x2″ timber to his spine to help give him the backbone to say so. I won’t be holding my breath.

    If there was a national body representing the hobby in the UK, then it ought to be that body inviting arkies to work with us. In the current scenario, the tail is trying to wag the dog. Those who want to kiss archaeological arse can do so.

    I hope they like the taste.

  4. Bob Sickler

    Dick… Your nod to Viet Nam vets… Sadly the number of deaths from the Covid-19 virus is now greater than the number who died in the Viet Nam war. Ironically it is killing many of us who grew up during that era. This weekend, please remember all our service men and women from all wars. When you are outdoors, have respect for those essential workers currently on the front line of defense against this silent and deadly killer by keeping a safe distance from each other and wear a mask! There is no cure for stupid.

    • Agree wholeheartedly Bob. Thanks for the reminder….

    • john taylor

      hey bob!
      not sure if i told you! i read your book on discrimination years ago, and what you pointed out then, is still true today! the basic concepts have not changed! wonderful educational tool!


  5. john taylor

    couple of good buddies of mine rode in to the boston army base with me in a bus back in ’69. we was kids, couple years out of high school 19 tender years of age, all of us. they went 1A me? went 1Y. best break i ever got, got on the first bus out of park square and went home. they went to ‘nam. 6 months almost to the day, found out both of them got killed. one stepped into a “pungi pit” and the other stepped on a “bouncing betty” shipped ’em both back in pieces. every “memorial day” i raise a pint of mad dog in their memory, and for the memory of “all’ our brave fallen warriors. may god (in his infinite wisdom) bless the united states of america!.never take our freedoms for granted.there are always sacrifices to be made, freedom is NOT free!


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