Just Ramblin’ on About Nothing…

Last night was a somewhat scary one with the potential for nasty storms. All the ingredients were there and we were in the enhanced area –  a 4 out of a possible 5.  Having learned our lesson five years ago we readied the safe room, a.k.a. the laundry room – portable radio, flashlights, wallet, purse, clothes, first aid box, phones, medications and dog bed.

The storms were scheduled to hit around midnight and as we were tired we went to bed, or at least tried to go to bed. We made the mistake of turning the TV on and there were so many alerts and warnings that we wound up lying there, wide awake waiting for the inevitable to arrive.

Right around 11:30 Mother Nature did her thing and it poured, hailed and blew hard. Fortunately that was all it did. No tornadoes, no sirens going off and no visible damage. At midnight it had moved south and east of us.

We have lived in tornado alley now for 32 years and you would think that we’re used to all this but it has only gotten worse. Surviving an F4 in 2015 was the deal breaker. In ten seconds our whole life was turned upside down and starting over again when you’re in your seventies was not easy. So yeah we’re nervous now and will continue to be as long as we live in Texas.

I know what I am about to say will go in one ear and out the other but please think about what YOU would do in an emergency, be it a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, a fire, whatever. Have a plan and prepare. Most important, take photos or videos of your home, inside and out. After losing our home we had to give the insurance company a list of everything we lost and after fifty years of marriage it was extremely difficult. Our kids helped but trying trying to visualize each room and it’s contents was hard. Many items of course were irreplaceable.

Taking photos will not take long and it will be one if the best uses of time you will ever make, and don’t forget your finds/treasures. To this day I still think of something I found and cherished that probably wound up in east Texas or Louisiana.

Okay done preaching….have a great day.


I’m always amused at the “what did it ring up as” question that seems to comes up over and over again. Amused because it really depends on the item, it’s metallic composition, it’s shape, it’s position in the ground, how long it’s been in the ground, the soil composition, the detector, it’s settings, headphones, the angle of the swing, to just name a few.

Now having said this I’ll admit that years ago we would ask “what sort of audio did that give off”. Yeah we weren’t really thinking either.  Everybody wanted (and still wants) a tip, a clue, a leg up and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

Be practical

There’s a lot to be gained by asking others for help and for ideas. For instance how they like to set up their detectors, what adjustments or tweaks they might make under difficult or adverse conditions, what headphones they use and why, etc.. however trying to utilize nefarious readouts/signals across the board is not really practical. Kind of like the ole “does a coin continue to sink in the ground” debate. No one really knows and who gives a rat’s ass?

Trying to get the upper hand is part of any competitive endeavor and metal detecting is no different. We don’t want to envy Bubba’s coin find, we want to better it and we’ll stop at nothing to do it, even spending ten times more on our equipment than the total of what our finds are worth. Ultimately though your treasure hunting success will not be so much about what you are using or how you are using it but about WHERE you are using it.  Yeah it’s the ole location, location, location…

A tip from an old beeper

Think about the places you take your detector. What makes you go there and what precisely are you expecting to find? Is it simply an old park and thus SHOULD hold old coins, or is it an old park that has already proven itself by giving up a lot of old coins. The difference is that if you’ve found old coins there before you will in all likelihood being digging ‘every’ signal no matter the audio or visual readout.

Forget that silver bullet -there isn’t one. If it’s old give it the old college try and see what happens. Dig ‘em all for a while and like good Texas BBQ work it low and slow….


Well hell, why not?

Someone on a forum asked about everyone’s favorite YouTube videos and someone mentioned Rocks Cousteau.  I almost choked on my wine….bottom line there really is a Rocks Cousteau. I give up!!




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17 responses to “Just Ramblin’ on About Nothing…

  1. Joe

    Glad to hear you’re okay, Dick. 2020 is proving to be a royal pain in the rear end so far with everything that’s going on 😦

    As I’ve mainly been holed up indoors due to the coronavirus, I put together this helpful list of potential forum handles, in case you ever decide to get back into the posting game. (Don’t shoot me, it’s all in good fun!)








    Take your pick, no royalties needed! Now for a question…or maybe a poll for your readers…

    Does anyone actually use the pinpoint button on their detectors? Almost everyone I know just X’s the target area out and digs a plug. Curious to see how many do, and how many don’t. Also…

    Same question for the armcuff strap. Aside from water hunting when big waves are possible, don’t think I’ve ever wrapped the strap around my arm. Am I alone?

    Not important questions, just curious. Yes, being homebound is starting to get to me!

    • Didn’t think I was pissing and moaning here but whatever..

      • Joe

        You weren’t, Dick! As I said in my post, just busting chops. I think we’ve all been besieged with so much bad news lately we could use a laugh. Feel free to bust mine right back.

        You know I love you and your blog, but yes, not being able to detect lately is obviously affecting my last few marbles 🙂

      • You need a field or wooded area….

        Anyway I shared a few of my forum names here a while back – Cantgetup, IBhurtin, Gottagobad, Needabeer and Damnihurt.

  2. Rosalie Ray

    I am so glad you and Fay are safe, Dick! I saw on tv that strong storms and possible tornados were headed your way, and hoped that you both and your home would be safe.


    Sent from my iPad

  3. DonM

    Just curious…being in a tornado prone area like Texas….why don’t they make it mandatory for every new home to have an underground tornado shelter…it sure would save lives.

    • Don, I’ve asked similar questions as well. I’ve been told it would add to much to the home price and deter sales. Bottom line – everything here in Texas runs according to the “good ole boy” philosophy. If it benefits the rich it’s okay.

  4. john taylor

    can’t help but wonder dick if after the garrett ”gig” went bust, why didn’t ya bail and head back to jersey! just curious is all. don’t believe i could live down there, what with some of the “good ole boys” still fightin’ the civil war and such. should be plenty of mad dog around though, and that would help, especially when dem “big ass” storms light up the countryside. stay safe dick!..the “invisible” enemy is all around us!


    • JT we’d move back in east in a heartbeat IF we could afford it. The cost of living back in Jersey is ten times more than here in Texas and taxes are through the roof. Likewise our kids and grandkids are here. We’re here for the duration, which at times doesn’t seem all that long.

      Most definitely no mad dog or red stuff when a storm is due – need my wits about me.

      • john taylor

        yeah! i hear that dick! of course!..didn’t want to comment about finances as it’s none of my business but yeah!..that’s exactly what i was thinking.it must be one hell of a lot cheaper there than jersey. don’t believe i could live there either, unless it was “south jersey” where all the open blueberry fields are. it truly must be a freakin’ nightmare to hear one of those “freight trains” bearing down on ya!..you definitely have my sympathy.’tis nuthin; i would ever want to experience..stay safe dick! have a taste! settle your nerves! i am!..i’m just sayin’


  5. Another great read with some seriously good advice. Who knows, you might one day get back to NJ.

    As for a posting ‘handle’ as Joe suggests, how about “Iowemymatetwentydollars”.

    i’m just sayin’

    Stay safe.

  6. Hope you and the family are safe and well. Coming from the UK the worst we get is rain and a gust of wind so can’t imagine living life on the edge, not knowing if you’ll wake up with a house in the morning.

    Stay safe my friend

    • Gaz I had always wanted to see a tornado (from a safe distance) but never, ever thought I would experience one up close and personal. We’re lucky to be alive. You take care as well….

  7. Every time things get hairy in Texas, I think of you and hope you’ll not have a repeat of 2015 ever again.

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