Better Safe Than Sorry…


In a little over five weeks I will turn the ripe old age of 79 and I have to say 2020 has so far been a wild ride. I’ve lived through a few extraordinary events but nothing like covid-19.  Here’s hoping that nothing comes along to top it.

Who would have thought or imagined that a virus would turn our lives upside down the way this one has. Things like this are only supposed to happen in a book or movie but hey here we are – house bound, quarantined, stranded and getting more antsy by the day. Worse yet we are fighting among ourselves over corona’s legitimacy, as though 155,000 worldwide deaths are just an infinitesimal blip on the radar. We’re a strange species sometimes.

I know a few of you are out in the field detecting and I envy you. I miss swinging a coil but it will have to wait for this virus to pass and for my aging body to feel better – if it ever will.  With few remaining years left I prefer to err on the side of caution and listen to the medical experts/scientists. You see I can’t shake this feeling that they know more about this virus than Radio Ralph, Reverend Randy, TV Tommy, Conspiracy Charlie and Know it all Nick.

Be cautious, be wise and be safe…

Today’s inspirational quote – “Don’t be a Dick!”


The Garrett Apex

Be sure to sign up HERE for a chance to win a Garrett Apex at the time of it’s unveiling – May 15th. In the meantime…. 


Detecting Diva’s Latest

Loved the latest blog post from Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. Detecting Diva, titled “The Aging Detectorist”. All I can say Diva is just you wait…..

Allyson Cohen


Since the new Garrett machine is called the Apex will the new contest be the Max vs. the Nox vs. the Plex vs. the Pex? 




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14 responses to “Better Safe Than Sorry…

  1. Ha ha-No doubt I’ll know soon enough. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it though. Stay safe!

  2. Stay safe my friend it will soon be over 🙏

  3. I hear ya’ Dick. I’m trying to figure out how to make it to 70 in a few years…79…wow! I have been out detecting a few times since the world ended, but it seemed like finding a gold coin would not be such a big deal considering the Grade-B Science Fiction movie we’ve been all starring in lately. No zombies yet…but I’m trying to keep my head low just in case. You take care, Mr. Stout and have a happy birthday my friend…Patti says “Hi!” to you guys too. Hang in there!

    • Jim appreciate the BD wishes but it’s still six weeks away. I have days when I’m not sure I’ll make that. Then I pour a glass of red and…

      Hi to Patti

  4. Ed B.

    Common sense should prevail in a crisis like this but it seems the “anointed ones” are trying to outdo each other with more and more rules and regulations so that no one will be able to accuse them of not doing enough. Politicians are making it a political issue and some are even trying to inject race into the situation.That plus a constant barrage of misinformation, disinformation, exaggerations, speculations, and bogus “facts” have us all wondering who’s telling the truth. Wear a mask, no don’t wear a mask, then wear a mask. Get exercise but don’t walk in the park etc, etc,……
    Have a happy and safe 79th…….

  5. john taylor

    egads!…now they are saying it’s ok to “diddle!”..simple truth is if ya diddle, ya can’t hurt anybody else!..well! damn! ..ya think?..unless,of course, ya diddle,and inadvertently spray the cat, then ya got big problems!..meow! on to da next! ..i’m just sayin’


  6. Jeez! 79 huh? Just make sure the candles on the cake are not a fire hazard as the cake will probably be the size of football (English) pitch. When ya blows out the candles and make a wish, think ; “I’ll send my best friend 20 Bucks.”
    Keep safe Old Timer!

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