Slapdash Scrawl…

I’ve been working on my book and thought I’d share this little excerpt. Please don’t ask when it will be finished. I’ve got bits and pieces all over the place and need to somehow get my act together….


  • keeps a low profile
  • goes about his business quietly and professionally
  • knows when to talk and when to shut up
  • doesn’t need praise or adulation
  • knows the history of his locale
  • keeps detailed records
  • doesn’t need a posse or gang when he detects
  • spends his time detecting, not making videos
  • knows the various nuances of his detector and what it is saying
  • sticks with the tried and true approaches and settings
  • usually has an assortment of old sites at the ready
  • keeps his detector and equipment clean – ready to go
  • is not obsessed with every new product that comes on the market
  • has chutzpah and isn’t afraid to knock on doors
  • prefers great finds to likes, votes and followers
  • is able to recover a target without leaving a trace
  • doesn’t need five different searchcoils to be successful
  • spends his online time learning and researching
  • is good friends with the local librarian
  • usually has a plan of action for each site
  • never gives up on a site
  • will dig the signals you pass up
  • doesn’t need to wear camo to find the better stuff
  • knows to expand the boundaries of a productive search site
  • keeps his finds out of site at home and online
  • never brags about his finds
  • sends $50 every month to Dick Stout


The story of my life….



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19 responses to “Slapdash Scrawl…

  1. John Devereux

    Hi Dick. I love the last line. :):):):)

    On another matter entirely, how about this gentleman for raising money for our NHS (the service that is free at point of delivery).

    His original target was £1000. It’s climbing roughly £2000 a minute and is nearly at £2,000,000 …Amazing.

    Hope you are virus free.

    Best, John

  2. Roy Rutledge

    I was good on everything you stated until the last item on the list. You do have to draw the line somewhere.

  3. Bob Sickler

    Dick… You absolutely nailed it on the list my friend with the exception of the last line. If you put the last line first, nobody would read the list too far. Putting it at the end is both strategic and ironic or better yet iconic! 🙂 Maybe you should put “50 cents in silver”. Might be worth more in the long run!

  4. Bob Buzzard

    In these trying times would you settle for $25?

  5. John Devereux

    Dick I can send you toilet paper. Got loads here. :):)

  6. john taylor

    he don’t need any!..he’s got “20 rolls!” i’m friggin’ jealous! dick “20 rolls” stout! i’m just sayin’


  7. Ed B.

    You’d sell a lot more books if the title was “The Successful YouTuber”. The YouTube crowd vastly outnumber those of us who just “detect”.

  8. TreasurHawk

    I will send you one gold bar out of my hoard of gold bars buried in an undisclosed location I forgot to mark location with GPS. Only problem is my metal detector has covid-19 right now and has a slight temperature of 104 degrees and will not ground balance correctly.

    You are welcome to join me to recover the lost gold only if you keep your social distance and your metal detector wears the appropriate protection.

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