Another Must Have…

Just when I think I’ve seen it all something happens to prove me wrong. Case in point? Snake Skinz!! Now I know they tout it as extra protection for your cable but I’m guessing it’s just more eye candy for the gullible tekkie who has to have everything. Then again what the hell do I know….

Anyway it reminded of an old, tongue in cheek post from 2015 – “The Bare Necessities” (Throwback Thursday)…


If you wanted to go metal detecting in the 70’s and 80’s you needed to buy (1) a metal detector, (2) cheap headphones, (3) a carpenter’s apron and (4) a long-handled screwdriver.  Shazam! Done! Get your butt out there and start swinging.


The good ole days….easy and inexpensive!


…it’s become a bit more complicated.  You see we don’t just need a metal detector. We need an expensive metal detector! Why? Because the more they cost the more they find, and of course the more complex they are, the more expert we will look (or at least it will appear that way to others).  Also if the famous “Lucky Larry” is using a certain brand and model, its hands down THE best on the market.  Why just look at what he’s finding!!  Finally if it’s available in camouflage, all the better, because camo machines go deeper, and make us look cool and macho at the same time.

Then after we make all these thorough and well thought out decisions, we need accessories.  Maybe a cover for it in case it rains or snows, a bag or hard case to store it in, and let’s not forget coil covers.  Don’t want the bottom to get dirty or scratched. If we are lucky these too will be available in camo. That way we can lose them from time to time and have fun pissing and moaning about it.  No big deal….we can always buy more and “put it on the card”.  It’s only money!

Next we absolutely have to have extra searchcoils. Big, small, wide, narrow and yes, even imported because the folks in Abbadabba, Slovenia know how to make coils that are ‘perfectly tuned’ and ‘made to last’ whereas the manufacturer of our detector is stupid and doesn’t care about either of those things.  Here’s hoping too that they come out with camo coils in the not too distant future because we all know they will go deeper.

Hold on now we are not done yet.  We “have” to have a pinpointer.  Doesn’t matter what it cost as long it has some orange on it (so we don’t lose it) and is waterproof to 10 feet (never know when we might fall in a lake or pool). Then of course we will need a holster for it or a holder that attaches to our detector. Yeah, that would be real cool. Next comes a digger or shovel, perhaps both, so we can recover coins, buttons, beer cans and bombs.  Actually the shovel is very cool to have when you are knocking on doors. Homeowners just love ’em.

Finally if we are going to really look hip and macho we need a camouflage outfit, hat and a GoPro camera. That way we can hide from the public, maybe get shot by a hunter, scare the hell out of everyone in the neighborhood and if we are really lucky, get it all on film.  The downer of course is that we can’t spend a lot of time detecting because we will have to get home to edit the film, post it on YouTube, and share the link on the 200 detecting forums and Facebook pages.  If however we don’t find anything cool we an always re-post the video of the gold ring we found last year. Hell no one will remember after all this time.

Last and not least we’ll need camouflage snake boots – ain’t nobody taking care of those tot lots anymore…




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27 responses to “Another Must Have…

  1. John Devereux

    But it might attract snakes. :):):) I think I can do without.

  2. Joe

    When I bought my used Explorer 2 a couple months back, I tore open the packaging and hurriedly put it together like a barbarian after it arrived. In my haste in threading the cable through the shaft, I nicked it and damaged the outer rubber casing. Still worked fine, but to prevent it from getting worse I simply wrapped a piece of electrical tape around the area. No Snake Skinz needed. Guess that means I’ve become a cheap old fuddy-duddy!

    P.S. – They’re targeting the wrong market. Would be an INGENIOUS name for a condom brand.

  3. Tony

    Some folks like flash items – to each his own – but yeah not something I need.

  4. The Reverend

    Hey Dick:
    There’s more flies and lures been tied/invented to catch anglers than trout/bass/perch. Never give a sucker an even break!

    i’m just sayin’

    • I will admit though that I used to buy a lot of lures. Used to make them too.

    • john taylor

      hi reverend!
      my guess is you ain’t given’ many “hell fire and brimstone” sermons these days! god how i miss those great “orators of wisdom!” knocked my ears back some!..make me tow the straight and narrow!

      i’m just sayin’


      • The Reverend

        The last sermon I thundered to my congregation was about stealing. I told my Verger that my bike had been stolen, and that my next sermon would be on the Ten Commandments, and that I will linger on ‘Thou Shalt not Steal.’ At which point, he was to look at the faces of the congregation and see who had a guilty look.

        I did the sermon and the Verger asked why I din’t linger at ‘Thou Shalt not Steal.’ “Ah, well,” I replied, “When I got to Thou shalt not comment adultery, I remembered where I’d left it.”
        May the cammo go with you!

        One is just sayin’

  5. David S Levine

    I didn’t see them dig anything. in the video and suspect these cable protectors block the signal from the coil. Anyway, I have a Deus so no cables/wires.

  6. john taylor

    hey dick! what ever happened to using the coil as a pin pointer? tough to lose too, no matter the color!..(w.t.f.!) what do i know!

    i’m just sayin’


    • I’ve never had much of a problem pinpointing with the coil. Then again I’m not a fan of large coils. As for what you know, I’ve been wondering that myself.

  7. john taylor

    concentric small coils will pinpoint just fine!..did it for a long long time before the advent of (so called must have pinpointers!) as for what i may know?.well! much as you, and perhaps a wee bit more? ehe! heh ! he!..(lol!)..just picked up a matching number of 1 ply. tryin’ to get to l.a.every time i flush! wish me luck! spect’ i’ll need it!..wooooosh! ..stay safe ! dick!

    i’m just sayin’


  8. Ed B.

    I saw a video of a similar item a few days ago and my thought was “are you kiddin’ me?”.
    Then I realized, no they’re not kiddin’ me….they’re trying to sell this piece of junk to gullible people who are either trying to look cool or think they actually need this thing. Looking at the guy in the video makes me wonder….with all his camo gear and shovel on his shoulder, why isn’t the “Snakeskin” camo colored? If you’re out there camouflaged, the bright green color defeats the purpose of camo. What’s next?…a snakeskin cover for the shovel?

    • Good point Ed. Hadn’t picked up on that. I guess it’s one of those products for detectorists who want all the frills, good or bad, useful or not.
      Putting it on didn’t look like fun but pretty much anything looks like a lot of work to me anymore. Need to get off my butt.

      Stay well…

  9. john taylor

    can’t find much sit tin’ on your ass dick! weather’s here!..push yourself out! you can do it, just make sure ya more than 6 feet from that tree in the park! bugs everywhere!


  10. This made me chuckle. SO TRUE! It’s like people that say the ACE250 is a toy yet finds equally the same as £$1000 machine. Truth is use what you have and get out and enjoy it.

  11. If it plays that music for me while I’m detecting, then I want the pink one!

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