Diddly Squat & a Throwback…

 Life during Covid – 19

Seems every morning I wake up determined to tackle some in house project that needs to get done. One of those “damn I really need to get on that when I have the time” jobs. Of course that’s bullshit because I’ve had the time but I prefer to give off the appearance that I’m a really busy guy. Anyway these daily up and at ‘em, energetic plans always seem to fizzle right after I have breakfast. Maybe I need to double up on the vitamins, have only one piece of toast, one glass of wine?

A typical day here at the Amesbury house starts at 5 AM. Just the way it is when you are in your seventies, plus it’s the agreed upon time for Digger’s first of two insulin injections for the day. Been doing that now for four years and thankfully the little guy just keeps on going. He’s a trooper. Next it’s breakfast and a read of the morning newspaper which without a doubt gets smaller and smaller every day. After that it’s off to our respective offices to check email, messages, social media and to write.

After getting cross-eyed and becoming brain dead it’s ‘okay up and at ‘em’, I’m raring to go time except of course there’s nowhere to go. So it’s off to take a shower (yup I’m one of the few remaining tekkies), brush my teeth and get dressed- well kinda. Thanks to Corona it’s just much too easy to put on those raggedy ass shorts and T-shirts that are way too big and comfortable. No need for anything else when you’re not going out or seeing anyone.

Then comes the time of the day I love best…thinking about what to do next. If it’s sunny and mild I might take a walk. If it’s cloudy, cold or rainy I’ll complain about not taking a walk. If for some reason I’m not feeling up to par I’ll piss and moan about not taking a walk (and blame it on the dog). It’s called the “old guy, get off my lawn, you’ll all understand some day” syndrome. Yup, love having days with absolutely nothing planned – allows for sitting on my butt, eating, drinking, sleeping, watching TV, playing with Digger, working on the lawn and yes metal detecting though right now I’m not in that frame of mind. I’m taking Corona very seriously. I do have a few chores that need tending but I’m putting them off till tomorrow because I have nothing planned then either.

Finally because I care about all of you and because I’m scared shitless of contracting the coronavirus, I placed my very first online grocery order, which if all goes well I will pick up shortly. If you’re thinking of doing the same I have to warn you sitting at home, leisurely looking at photos of all the various foods works on you and because I anticipate being stuck in the house for the next five years the process was a costly one. What was supposed to be a small, tide me over order wound up costing $85. All necessities too like Cheetos, bacon, Kit Kats and wine.

Stay Home!


New Detectors Delayed?

Was aware of one manufacturer’s plan to introduce a new model this spring and now Garrett announced it too has a new model for 2020 however when all this happens is anyone’s guess. Spring has always been the ideal time for new products but I’m guessing now it will be sometime in the fall. The big unknown  of course is whether tekkies will have the money? Will unemployment be high? If so you might see an even longer delay in releasing new models. Time will tell….


It’s Throwback Thursday

Who Are the Best Hunters and Why?

February 2014

Okay, so who are the Indiana Joneses in our pastime?  Who are the experts…the best of the best? The successful tekkies who always seem to bring home the bacon?  Do you know any?  If so what sets them apart from the rest of us?  What do they know that we don’t?  What’s their secret?

Well first maybe it’s a mistake to even throw such a label or designation out there?  I mean how do we define success within the pastime?  Just what sort of criteria would we use to determine that?  I know in my case success is just being able to swing a coil and find a coin or two, especially the older I get.  How about you?  What is your definition of success?  What keeps you going?  My guess is most of us are weekend warriors, just looking forward to spending some time in the field, looking for that one neat find that will make our day or better yet, put us on easy street.

I think it’s important too that we always remember that what we do is a hobby.  Some people love to fish, play golf, tennis or in the case of Paul Barford, piss and moan and play victim.  We tekkies just happen to like finding treasures big and small and we all know the Mel Fishers within our ranks are nil and none.  It’s a fun pastime that offers outdoor exercise, a little mystery and a lot of excitement.  A manufacturer pretty much summed it up when he said….”we sell dreams”!

Chicago Ron

Chicago Ron

Now having said that there are detectorists out there who are very successful in finding the better treasures and on a regular basis. They are few and far between but they exist. They exist because they have patience, perseverance and the time to pursue their dreams.  They’ve been there and done that a lot more than you and I. Chicago Ron is a good example.  He has pounded the beaches near his home day in and day out, and he knows when to hunt, where to hunt and how to maximize his time.  He is also fortunate enough to be able to spend a few weeks hunting Roman, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon treasures in the UK.  No question Ron lives and eats treasure hunting.

Ron is not the only successful detectorist out there.  There are a few others I can think of but I won’t throw names out there lest I leave someone out.  I use Ron because he is probably the most recognized name in the pastime.  There are others who are also well-known for mastering the sand & surf and some who do themselves justice hunting old homes, cellar holes and Civil War sites . Their secret?  In my mind it’s their durability, their perseverance, and their ability to keep at it day after day after day, no matter the obstacles or setbacks. They also know how to research,  how to ask the right questions and how to follow-up after the fact.

Now before some of you start getting discouraged remember that Terry Herbert, the finder of the Staffordshire Hoard, was unemployed at the time of his discovery and while he had been detecting for almost 18 years he was hardly an Indiana Jones kind of guy.  He merely happened to be in the right spot at the right time and as a result discovered what is considered to be the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure found to date (He no longer needs to think about working). I also doubt that Mr. Herbert was consumed with having the latest coil for his 14-year-old White’s Spectrum or a camera to stick on his head.  I suspect he, just like you and I, enjoyed the thrill of the search and nothing more.  So keep on keeping on – you never know what tomorrow might bring or what that next beep might be…

Charlie Parker, one of the greatest jazz saxophonists ever, used to say….“You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice.  And then, when you finally get up  there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail….”




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12 responses to “Diddly Squat & a Throwback…

  1. Randy Dee

    I am much like yourself Dick, I wake up with full intentions and my mind stationed on me going to break eggs with a glass hammer and get stuck in to some outstanding essential jobs but somehow my plans go all to hell by the time I have finished doing all of the house work due to my wife’s severe ailment. then reading the daily newspapers, then preparing lunch all I feel like is having a snooze. I then feel wrecked so nothing gets done. I think that there is more work in a “Iron Lung” than in me. Think it must be something to do with the 77 candles I am burning.

    Keep your doors locked to prevent entry for folks with that horrible virus.

  2. john taylor

    dick! i how can you possibly in good conscience, feel that way, what with those “20 rolls” you got stashed there! some fine treasure ya got there! ..damn! i’m envious!.. ahhhh! nuts! gotta order in some “dog”!..out again! ..stay safe!..keep the “nasty” away from ya!


  3. Tony

    Yup, sounds about right for me too – want to do more things around the house but then something else takes over and I don’t….perplexing to me for sure. Stay well my friend….

  4. Tharg

    Seems you have communicated with us extra-terrestrials somewhere along the line? Amazing!

    i’m just sayin’

  5. john taylor

    dick! perhaps you can play the sleuth as you contact your friends at garrett to get ’em to reveal the particulars about their new toy!..


  6. John Howland

    To ‘JT’
    I’ve no idea what they are planning. I only hope it’s equipped with corkscrew/bottle-opener and a GPS map showing the nearest pub.

    i’m just sayin’

  7. john taylor

    “multi-freak” disguised as a “groundhog” for that “throwback” look, and included in the box,a complimentary certificate from the mogen
    david wine company. i’m just sayin’ saluuuute!


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