Be Smart, Be Careful…

Where we’re at – March 18, 2020

Well what a difference a few days make. Things have gotten crazy and we’re all now preoccupied with stockpiling toilet paper for a rainy day. As a result I sit here on my ass with a large glass of Cabernet and wonder how I’m ever going to make it through the week with only 20 rolls? 

On the plus side those of you who are now forced to stay home can spend more time digging or at least that’s the way it is as of now. I just saw where a few cities and counties have closed parks. That I don’t understand but have to assume the reasoning is valid.

On a more serious note please don’t ignore the many restrictions that are being put into place. You may question them and call them BS but they’re for your own good and well being as well those around you. This old man is very concerned about getting this virus. It’s not a game, not a joke and we all need to do our part.

Stay well, happy hunting and if you have any extra toilet paper I’m paying top dollar….



Here’s an old post from January 2015. Holds true today…

Psst! Over Here Please…

I thoroughly enjoyed John Winter’s recent blog post about forums.  It was on the money, and the aftermath or follow-up was true to form with John being banned from two of them….despite his comments being light-hearted and humorous.  Gotta love social media!  Where else can you say something and instantaneously be famous, banned or exiled?

On the plus side social media has become one of the most popular advertising mediums going today and that’s not just me saying it.  You can spend your money on newspaper or magazine ads, radio and TV but nothing goes further or reaches more people than social media. Just throw it out there, attach a catchy subject line, or better yet give something away and you’ve got ’em by the cojones..

The ‘giving away goodies’ thing has also become the everyday norm for detecting blogs, websites, FB pages, forums and podcasts, of which there are thousands today. Good or bad…the ‘numbers’ are all that matter, or at least it seems to be the case. “Tune in tonight and you win a detector”, or “like my page and win a pinpointer, cap or pouch” – doesn’t matter what you are giving away….the ‘I wants’ will show up en masse, totally oblivious of the topic or spiel you are spouting.  It’s the ole…“I am only here for he food”.

So here I sit with my blog, a glass of red and nothing to offer. Fame and fortune awaits and I haven’t a damn thing to give away. Nada!  What am I to do?  My books are old hat, I have no T-shirts, caps, patches or DVDs and I don’t care to give away any of my finds right now.  I thought about asking Howland if he had anything to offer but hell he still owes me $20 from 1984….

So please, if you are reading this and you have any ideas on how I might attract more tekkies here please let me know. Remember though I have nothing to give you in return unless you want an autographed, used pair of Jockey shorts.

I am a failure, a SOB and a cheap one at that.  Poor me….




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16 responses to “Be Smart, Be Careful…

  1. Bob Kerr

    Hey Poor me. Don’t run out of red. Be careful be safe and post more blogs.

  2. Bruce Hazelman

    Thanks dick for the laughs needed them today,  you and Fay also stay safe we’ll get thru this.  

    Bruce 🏈


    Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 9:37 AM

  3. john taylor

    hot damn! dick! ya guts plenty to offer! ya gut 20 rolls!.that’s 19 more than i have! howdja get so lucky?.this virus thing’s scarin’the sh*t outta me!..i ain’t greedy,5 rolls will do me! stay safe richard! it’a long way to cleveland!.. flush twice!


  4. Tony

    Crazy times for sure with shortages of TP and stuff. I heard a few Liquor stores are running out of beer… can that be? Wine on the other hand is ok except from France and Europe. Oh well, you’ll need a California brand.
    Stay well and safe!

  5. john taylor

    “dog’s” in short supply right now!..with people being laid off,”short money” buzz is in vogue!..went for the mad dog instead of the crap paper.hope i don’t regret it!..i’m just sayin’


  6. Bob

    Please be careful around people what a comment wow never thought I’d say something like this please …wash your hands as much as possible stay home if you can only people like….nurses….Drs… personnel….police … personnel …….emergency response. Please be safe out there and use the six foot rule when talking to people.

  7. Packrat

    Good time to grab the latest von Mueller book or one of the older ones and do a little research reading.

    • Yes indeed Larry. Hope you and your family are doing well in the great Northwest….

      • Packrat

        Everything good up here in Eastern Washington. Worse on the other side of the mountains. Been reading the new von Mueller book. Very good, thanks for mentioning it

      • Yes been hearing a lot about Washington of late and it’s not been good. Hope you’re saving the outside adventures for another time.

        Glad to hear you’re enjoying the book. Randy Bradford did a great job putting the KVM stuff together. If I remember right he was hoping to get Volume IV out in the fall.

  8. john taylor

    the “exanimo” answer man..himself! he forgot more about
    treasure hunting than most folks would ever know!

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