Guess What Day It is…

 Well it’s Thursday and you know what that means…here’s a throwback (“Unadorned Fundamentals”) from three years ago…

Want to be a successful detectorist without a lot of fanfare? Well here’s my take and guess what?  You can do it alone. No need for a posse, fan base or groupies and in fact with all the new participants it just might be the way to go….


a.k.a.words and wisdom from a creaky old tekkie


The key word here is “decent”. Not expensive, not complicated and not too heavy. Just a model that is a notch or two above entry-level, that is comfortable  to use and is easy to understand and operate.

Price? Depends on your pocket-book (and past due bills). If you have to go into debt to buy it it’s probably not the one for you. Remember too it doesn’t matter how much you pay for a detector. What matters is where you use it.


This sounds like a “well hell yeah” statement but you must have a fire in your belly. A desire to find stuff and the will to do whatever is necessary to find it. Metal detecting/treasure hunting is often hard work, time-consuming and you must be willing to go where the leads take you.


Not everyone has access to colonial cellar holes or salt water beaches but I have no doubt there’s treasure where you live. It’s up to you to find it. Of course if you are happy with just hunting parks and schools then by all means buy a turn on and go and have fun. If however you want to find the older, more valuable treasures research is a must and with the technology available today there’s no excuse for not being successful. You can literally sit on your ass, go online and not only find clues, maps and/or sites, you can sometimes see them thanks to Google Earth. Years ago it involved time, gas and often a quick turnaround with a few curse words thrown in.


Owning a metal detector does not automatically mean you’re going to find treasure. It simply means you want to and the process that one usually takes to be successful demands patience and stick–to–itiveness. Remember too the more expensive your detector is the more complicated it is to learn and maximize its full potential.

If you are an easily frustrated individual you will probably not enjoy being a treasure hunter though many today just love being labeled one, no matter their finds or expertise. It’s called social media.


Best definition of humility is the urban dictionary’s “remaining teachable, knowing that you do not have all the answers….”  All of the successful detectorists I’ve run into over the years were quiet (for good reason), unassuming and down-to-earth. Today everyone’s a roaring success. Just ask them.

Wisdom is the ability to make good judgments based on what you have learned and honestly it takes time. Usually years. One day in fact you will come up with your own guide to being a successful detectorist. That is if we even have a pastime then….


What is your definition of successful? I’ve been at this hobby for over forty years and I like to think I’ve been successful but what baffles the hell out of me is how it ever happened without hashtags…..


A Couple Throwback Photos

with Jimmy Sierra, Treasure Weekend 1986

The Garrett years…



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11 responses to “Guess What Day It is…

  1. Tony

    Dick, those are all valid points for this crazy hobby! I like number two the most – “Have the will and desire”.To me this translates into staying positive if not and your negative when you are detecting then you won’t find diddly squat! I like number three as well – “Research” you need to look for leads on your own and run them down – you just never know they might pan out well.

  2. john taylor

    “just ask them!” ehe! heh! he! dead nuts right!..lot of “bullshitters” in this hobby!


  3. john taylor

    don’t think!..i know! ehe! heh! he! met my share!


  4. john taylor

    dick!..try this! “force” ya self out, .take the “groundhog” for a spin!..”pop” some shiny! you’re back!…nuff’ said!


  5. Hi Dick:
    I strongly suspect numbers ‘3’ & ‘4’ will fall on much stony ground.

    Perhaps the primary allure for some in this hobby has more to do with simply swinging (often the latest) metal detector in the hope that something is discovered, rather than regarding it as just another tool in one’s research.

    Put another way…”Got the gear but no idea.”

    Still nuthin’ from the mailman!!

  6. john taylor

    hey reverend! me thinks ya still got a long wait! dick’s gotta stock up on “red” first!..everybody gets in line!
    I’m just sayin’


  7. john taylor

    hey john!
    maybe you could get an audience with the queen!the ole’ gal ‘s had it rough lately.she can use a little physiological “boost!”..just sayin’


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