Grilling & Busting Chops…

I’ve been real lazy of late and I apologize. Just taking care of the aging body and making the doctors wealthier. It’s probably wise as well to keep my mouth shut lest I put my foot in it….

On the other hand I have a few brainfarts…

I’m really surprised a manufacturer hasn’t put together an “Instant Rock Star” package that includes detector, shovel, camo outfit, video camera and selfie stick.

You got to love the YouTube tekkies who have so many followers they can say the most mundane thing and get 500 immediate “we love you anyway” responses. 

Then there’s the come on videos with titles like “You Will Never Believe This” or “Finally a Bucket Lister” (usually prefaced with a photo of the hunter/video producer looking like he or she was just goosed). When you finally succumb and watch the video all you see is a lot of digging, a lot of pinpointer jabbing (or stabbing) and the discovery of an encrusted, unrecognizable item which in the end always turns out to be an encrusted, unrecognizable item. But it’s old…

When you say you never sell your finds it’s because you’ve never had a bill collector beating on your door…

Be honest now – which do you think about more…finding treasure or making that video? 

If you missed it and if you’re interested…


Great Post from Detecting & Collecting (John Howland)

Grave Concerns


Bad Links

I’ve been writing this blog now for 8 years (11 including the old website) and I’m aware there are links that no longer work. It’s just the nature of the beast…articles, websites disappear and I simply cannot go through 830 posts looking for them. On the other hand if there are bad links in the “club websites” or the “links” page please let me know and I will make the correction. I will also soon be removing any blog or website that hasn’t had an update in over a year.


Okay who the hell decided that…

…to be a collector today a coin has to be enclosed in plastic and have a pedigree. I mean  what happened to G, VG, F, VF and Unc?  Who was it that decided we needed:

Fine F-15 – Slightly more detail in the recessed areas, all lettering sharp

Very Fine VF-20 – Some definition of detail, all lettering full and sharp

Very Fine VF-25 Slightly more definition in the detail and lettering

Choice Very Fine VF-30 – almost complete detail with flat areas

Choice Very Fine VF-35 – Detail is complete but worn with high points flat

I saved baseball cards when I was a kid and we had to buy bubble gum packs to get them.  They came out in series, one in the spring and another later in the summer. Today you can just buy the whole schmear without the gum and oh yeah, no more flipping or placing on bike spokes.

And of course they’re now graded too…

“Beckett grades their cards on a scale of 1-10 with sub-grades (.5’s). They grade a card based on these factors: Centering, Corners, Edges, and Surface. They give each attribute a grade of 1-10, then combine those to give the card a final grade of 1-10. Anything above a 9 is worth book value or greater, as a BGS 9 (known as a “Mint 9”) is the condition expected of the card out of the pack. A 9.5 is Gem-Mint, which is a card that is nearly flawless, this is the condition most collectors shoot for. Then there is a “PRISTINE 10” which is the holy grail of cardboard. Pristine 10’s are rarely handed out, a Pristine 10 can turn a $10 card into a $1,000 one. PSA Grades on a flat 1-10 scale and SCG Grades on a scale out of 100, which they then use to give the card a grade of 1-10”.



Okay, enough of this….I’m grilling! Happy Hunting (don’t forget your selfie stick).




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16 responses to “Grilling & Busting Chops…

  1. We have a great problem on our club social media sites in that many people who want to join the group join for one thing only…to post their video channel, looking for subscribers. I’ve looked at other social groups and more and more I’ve seen in their rules “NO VIDEO CHANNEL POSTINGS!.” Our rules were if you were a group member who interacted within the group, you know, “What is this I dug?” or “Let’s meet up and go detecting!” type posts, it was okay to post an occasional video of their adventure. Soon after, I noticed people asking to join the group would post a single “Lookit’ what I found in my backyard!” type of thing THEN started the video channel posting every post. Even had one member who out and out said he needed 40 more subscribers to make 1000 and get monitized! I deleted him from the group. In the beginning there were some interesting stuff coming out, and that was years ago. New channels missed the boat (it sank anyway) and have nothing new but encrusted bottle caps and iron scrap. The occasional nice coin or find they make, I suspect was planted before the camera rolled. What happened to just going out and having fun, not making a major epic with surround-sound and a bright red powder coated shovel?

    • “What happened to just going out and having fun, not making a major epic with surround-sound and a bright red powder coated shovel?”….

      Beats me Jim, things have changed. I’ve always thought it was somewhat pretentious that someone thinks others want to watch him or her detect? I honestly don’t know how they’re able to knock out one or two a week.

      Hope you are feeling better

      • Yea, times have changed as they always do…I am feeling better, thank you Dick. But not enough to go out detecting…wasted two absolutely beautiful days that would have been prime detecting weather. I sat on my porch and watched the neighborhood kids playing a game of baseball. Who knew kids still played baseball! You and Fay be well, my friend!

      • Jim sometimes sitting on the porch is not all that bad…rest up.

  2. Frank Blazi

    Hey Dick,
    I recently found an 1812 classic head large cent with great detail. I did not even attempt to clean it. My plan was to have it professionally cleaned an graded. People on FB were saying it was worth thousands!! Brought it to my local coin store and the guy says “it’s corroded” !! Of course it is, I found it with my metal detector. He says “they will clean it but they won’t grade it”
    Makes me wonder why I bother going out detecting at all. (it’s because I love it I suppose)

  3. Ed B.

    Most people on FaceBook have no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to coin values. They might “THINK” it’s worth thousands but most of us know better. A few years back I dug an 1808 Classic head that has VF details and the “book” (depending on which one you use) says it’s worth around $800 retail. It has only a small amount of corrosion and if someone offered me $50, I’d take the money and run.

    • You’re absolutely right Ed. There are so many variables it’s hard to put a price on anything. The key words are “value” and “worth”….value is what the seller understands and worth is what the buyer is looking at.

  4. john taylor

    just one “twenty” will do! let’s not get greedy ..dick! ehe! heh! he!


  5. john taylor

    grading services will determine it’s “environmentally damaged” thus reducing considerably, it’s worth, however,that should NOT subtract from the fact that it would still be considered an exceptional find.


  6. Hey Dick:

    I found a couple of what looks like state quarters with extra leaf dated 2004 (Wisconsin) near a US base over here in England at a Pick-your-own (strawberry) site last year. They worth much?

    A collector offered me around $5 for each of them…a good deal or what?

  7. Tony

    I was lazy too….I just read this today!

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