Never Get So Busy…

…that you lose track of friends.

I received an email the other day from Rosalie Ray. Rosalie was the first secretary of the FMDAC and her husband Archie was our legislative chairman. The email said “Dick,  I don’t know if this email address is right for you.  If you get this please let me know”.

It had been a little over a year since I heard from either Rosalie or Archie and I had a feeling the news was not going to be good. I was correct. Rosalie informed me that Archie had passed away last May with non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Archie with a few of his finds, late 70s

Archie was a detecting buddy, dear friend, and a dedicated advocate for the treasure hunting pastime. He and Rosalie spent hours, days and even weeks when it came to the FMDAC, often taking days off work when we spoke at congressional committee hearings in Washington.

Archie and I after speaking before a Senate sub-committee meeting in D.C. mid-80’s

Archie’s passing got me thinking about all the great people I worked with when the FMDAC was in it’s heyday – like Archie they were unheralded, taking time out of their busy lives to try and make a difference for others. Sadly many are no longer with us…..

Archie my friend, we accomplished a lot and had a helluva lot fun doing it. RIP, you will be missed….

An oldie and one of my favorites…Archie & Rosalie taking a break from relic hunting, circa mid to late 70’s


Just the Facts Mam…

Hadn’t seen a whole lot online about the Minelab Vanquish but found this overview/comparison and really liked it. It’s not an in-the-field test but whomever authored it did a nice job explaining the differences and I especially liked the “What the New Vanquish Series Is About” part. Important sometimes to understand the “why’s”and wherefores”…..

Minelab Vanquish Metal Detector – What You Should Know


Another review and field test that I really enjoyed – this time from XP.  Yes it’s two products from the same company but how about more videos like this when new products are released?


Whoa, hold on…

…don’t dig it!  Forget the beep, the readout, whatever…. Go home, you have no right to be doing that…..archaeologists only! Not to worry though it’s on their schedule listed under ‘some day’.  They will locate it, recover it, decide what it is, store it, display it before the bulldozer, tractor, construction crews, and before the site becomes a high-rise, highway, shopping center, reservoir or housing development. Yup, you can relax because someday, once upon a time, over the rainbow, it will be out there for all mankind to see and enjoy.

Of course if you live in Texas –

Typically, artifacts collected or excavated by professional archaeologists come from public lands or result from projects mandated by law. These materials follow a clear path from recovery to analysis and reporting and then to permanent storage at a curatorial repository. Such facilities permanently store artifacts and other types of important archaeological information, including photographs, original field notes, analysis records, and final reports. These materials make up evidence about the past and are maintained in secure, controlled conditions where they are available to scholars in perpetuity. Curatorial repositories also may accept artifacts and associated records legally obtained from privately owned sites.


Facebook Farts Facts

It’s one thing to like a particular brand and promote it and quite another to continually promote it and say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Of course if you are getting paid to do it or if you happen to have one to sell…..


Tada!!  Here’s my finds, my detector (brand prominently shown) and my neatly laid out (hour-long deal) photo. Isn’t it wonderful?


Just an idea but if someone shares a link to a story that affects the pastime why not give it a go. It might enlighten and make you more attuned to what’s going on in the world.   And hey who knows if you are lucky there just might be a few photos…..


I’ve definitely aged out and the definition of ‘cool’ has changed….


And finally, If you’ve seen one you’ve seen ’em all….well at least I have!








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3 responses to “Never Get So Busy…

  1. john taylor

    jeeež dick! no wonder ya gut cooked by the sun! hell’s a fire! at least wear a fedora of some kind! if not, then maybe polish ya bean with some turtle wax?..i’m just sayin’ sorry to hear of archie’s passing!..i do vaguely remember references to him a long time ago!


  2. I met Archie at the AC bash in ’86 and took an instant liking to him. He struck me as a genuine kind of guy, the sort who always give their best and lend a hand. I’m saddened by his passing.

  3. Tony

    Dick, sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like a terrific person to have know in our lives.

    That Vanquish review was very well done, thanks for pointing that out. I enjoyed reading it. One thing I heard folks use this machine for is hunting in a wooded area. It is easy to use. Doesn’t have all of the screens of an Explorer or CTX which adds to a decrease in set up time and lightweight.

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