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Yesterday the door bell rang and when I went to the door I found a package lying on the porch. A package from my good friend Randy Bradford and inside was Volume 3 of the series “Selections from the National Prospector’s Gazette & Treasure Hunter’s News (Karl von Mueller)”. 

I wrote about this series back in August of 2018 and can’t wait to start this latest addition.  It’s titled “Exanimo Exposés” and at 300 pages it’s twice the size of volumes one and two.  A sampling of the topics – Building Searches, The Lue, Rural Bonanzas, Leads, Anatomy of Treasure Research, Treasure Business Methods, Antique, Artifact & Relic Hunting, Beale Mystery Solved, Sham, Deception & Fraud and Treasure Signs & Symbols. 

From the back cover –

“The NPG demonstrates the timeless quality of Karl von Mueller’s writing, every bit as relevant now as it was when first published. Like Karl von Mueller’s Treasure Hunter Manuals, the NPG captivated readers and now the NPG is made available to a 21st century audience” 

If you’re familiar with KVM and the least bit interested in the early days of the metal detecting pastime you would do well to add these publications to your collection. They can be ordered direct from Randy by phone (913-683-9426) or email They are also available on Amazon.

Volume I, “Exanimo Looks at Books” and Volume II, “Ask Exanimo” are $20 each. Volume III, “Exanimo Exposés” is $30.  Randy is hoping to release volume IV in the fall…


Gonna Be Rich!

Haven’t felt all that great of late and as a result spent a lot of time going through my rolls of wheaties, looking for all those million dollar error coins that I keep reading about. In the process I somehow wound up on the Etsy site and found out that I’m a very wealthy man!

Various Pennies 

1950 Wheat Pennies

1944S Mercury Dime 

Tell me please….what gives with this site? Certainly people aren’t that gullible…or are they?


Sound Off, One Two, Sound Off, three four….

Saw a blurb from Regton Ltd promoting a new backpack from XP.  After looking at it I had flashbacks to the mid-sixties when I was employed by the US Army, saving the world.  The pack looks well made but it’s a little too much unnecessary and a whole lot of expensive for this old digger. Hell I can’t stand up straight as it is….

Don’t forget to trench that tent soldier….

Looking back at how things were in the 70’s this cracks me up….I mean are we at war or what?

The XP 280 backpack & finds pouch will retail at 149.95 pounds sterling or approximately $195 US dollars, but hey if it’s that rough,tough military look you’re after the sky’s the limit right?



I want to mention something that you really need to start thinking about and that’s your exposure to the sun. We know about and talk about ticks and Lyme disease but please give a little thought to your skin as well. For many years I didn’t and now I’m paying the price. I spent the month of January having surgery, cryosurgery and cauterization to remove cancerous and precancerous carcinomas.  Not a lot of fun and a whole lot of scary…

I was told that after these 17 stitches are removed this will start looking better in about six weeks…

You may be young and think you’re invincible but things like this will catch up to you.  Be aware and be cautious especially if you live in areas of the country where three digit temps are the norm over the summer. Consider sunscreens and protective clothing, especially hats that offer protection for the entire head. Baseball caps might keep the sun out of your eyes but they do little for the sides of the head and the back of the neck.

Okay, that’s all. I’m done lecturing. Go make videos…

PS: If my photo looks gross to you be thankful I didn’t share the pics of my head…..




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22 responses to “Musings & Mumbo Jumbo…

  1. john taylor

    dick! it’s ok if ya gut a ugly head!’s what’s inside the head that counts! i’m just sayin’


  2. john taylor

    yeah! that’s cool! my wife thinks i’m nuttier than a sh*t house rat, and after all these years, there’s an element of truth to that! i’m just sayin’


    • Well I’ll second that JT.

      Incidentally I saw this online and now I’m going to think twice about your replies….

      • john taylor

        interpretation is everything! .i’m just sayin’
        don’t think twice!.it’s alright! ain’t no use to sit and wonder why!..babe!


  3. Aw c’mon Dick, its improved your handsomeness tenfold. Well, maybe not.

    All the backpack needs is the parachute pack for a night-time HALO jump onto a Celtic site.

    I hope you’re on the mend soon.
    Best wishes

    • Bubba I’ve started feeling really old of late and after looking at that photo, plus a few I won’t share here, I don’t see a lot of positives in the days ahead. I’m getting beat up….

      • john taylor

        dick! as the french proclaim!’s an event phsycological! it’s “all in your head!” down to the “pig” and get yaself a pint of the “dog!” your outlook, and disposition will improve considerably! i’m just sayin’


  4. David

    Get one of the hats that have the long flaps on the side and back, look like the French foreign legion films. Have been cut on and its no fun

    • Dave I’m heading out today to look for one of those “round brim” hats (a.k.a. retired senior specials).

      Have had a few surgeries in my life but these “head jobs” seem worse because you have to look at yourself in the mirror and that was already painful enough.

  5. Ed B.

    The Etsy site is a joke as far as prices asked is concerned. Far worse than Home Shopping Channels. Of course they do offer “Free Shipping” which is a plus because after paying for one of those “rarities” who’s got money left for shipping?
    The backpack is what’s trendy today….IMAGE rather than necessity or convenience. I’m wondering what the big red thing is on the right hand side of the backpack….a water bottle ? or a fire extinguisher ?

    • I never realized there were listings like that…had me double checking coin sites/forums/prices…

      Ed I’m thinking the red thing on the back pack is a flame thrower. The final part of the video just blew me away.

  6. Ed B.

    I just got done watching the video……..totally insane. By the time you pack everything into the knapsack and then get to the site and start to unpack it, it’ll be time to head home. I wonder if there’s a “DELUXE” version that comes with a parachute.

    • It’s like you’re going on an expedition. I’d be wiped out just packing… And yes after looking at that you can imagine one with a built in parachute but I believe Minelab is the only company that sky dives.

      I guess there are few tekkies who would use this but thinking back to the 70’s this is kind of funny.

  7. Tony

    Wow, glad you are on the mend and they caught it early. I wear a hoodie in the winter – that covers me but summer I use a ball cap. Now I’ll get one of those hats with the back flap and a brim!

    Those coin prices are just nuts! Buyer beware for sure!

    That back pack looks like it is for overnights at the desert nugget hunting. Karl Von Muller would have loved it for his adventures. Maybe I’ll order that third book, it looks and sounds interesting.

    • Tony not everyone will have skin problems but I do and the dermatologist says it usually results from a lot of exposure to the sun. I did spent a lot of time outdoors especially when I moved to Texas where 100 degree temps are frequent. As for the backpack it’s just a lot of overkill to me.

      I think you would really enjoy the volume III. LOTS of reading and most of it topics you would enjoy.

      • john taylor

        dick! volume 3 sounds like a worthwhile expenditure.i’m a little tight right now, can you buy it for me, and i will send you the money when my financial situation improves some? you know i’m good for it! how much was that again?..$20.00?

        i’m just sayin’


      • As soon as I get that check the UK…

      • john taylor

        only “mad dog” and englishmen go out in the noon day sun!
        i’m just sayin’


  8. “It shows nobility to be willing to increase your debt to a man to whom you already owe much.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Yeah, right!

  9. john taylor

    dis guy “cicero!” do believe he was a first class passenger on the titanic when it foundered, shouting “i got this” as she slipped beneath the waves!
    i’m just sayin’


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