Perish the Thought…

My Doppelganger

One of the perks of writing Stout Standards has been getting to know other writers/bloggers. One in particular stands out – John Winter.

John’s blog “John Winter – Outstanding in his Field – the Online Scribblings of an Ex-Metal Detectorist” is followed by tekkies all over the world and there’s none better when it comes to metal detecting in the UK.  Recently however John has had to deal with other issues and decided to take his blog offline. I’m hoping that my writing this will get him back doing what he does so well – writing, informing teaching and entertaining. Come back John, we miss you!

John Winter


When you write a blog…

…you are in essence sharing a diary with the rest of the world yet that’s not something I really think about.  I write and I think John Winter does too because (1) we enjoy the process, (2) it’s a way for us to stay in touch with friends in the pastime and (3) we feel we have something useful to say/share.  I know as well we’ve both had moments when we thought it was time to put our blogs to bed and do something else, but then we write and post something that results in numerous views, appreciative feedback and we’re back at it.

Yesteryear was quite different…

I communicated early on by writing articles and newsletters on my trusty IBM Selectric and talking with other detectorists face to face (can you imagine that) or on the ‘rotary phone’ (Google it). Yup it was the stone age. A time when the depth capability of a detector was determined by a head to head challenge at a club hunt and a time when there was no one else to impress with your finds except your family – events and happenings that could only be shared in articles, newsletters and dispatched via the next stagecoach out of town. As time went on the postal service came into being and would you believe it only took a month for the monthly magazines to arrive. Life was good….

Knocking out “The Quest”, circa 1983

Okay, okay, I’m done with the poor me BS but have you ever wondered what your life would be like without the internet? Without social media? Without Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?  And what would your metal detecting experience be like? Would you be able to function without your social media stars, groups, forums and podcasts? Perish the thought, right? 

Well here’s a novel idea..

…why not take a break from social media, give the ole GoPro a rest, sit down and write something. Be creative. Start a blog, a newsletter, website or hell write a book. Make it yours and make it all about you. It’s another way to tell your story and guess what? There’s no deadline! You’re the author, the editor and the boss!

Don’t mess with me, I know Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kung Fu and 20 other dangerous words…

Finally understand I’m just as dependent on cyberspace and social media as you are. I couldn’t write this blog or get out all these brainfarts without it. On the other hand I’m too old for the”Hi and welcome from Texas” bullshit and I refuse to be a fawning groupie. I know that makes me the exception and the outlier but I’m okay with that. It goes with my need for quiet time, my need for space and my need for honesty. Happy Hunting!


Thanks for reading and thank you John Winter for your friendship. Now I’m waiting for you and your “online scribblings” to return. You are indeed “outstanding in your field”! 


Sure hope there’s ‘something else’ brewing in Sweet Home…..

Just saw where Whites came out with a new gold machine, the GMX Sport. Same package as the MX Sport but with a six inch coil, new ground balance system, and a 48 kHz operating frequency. The down under tekkies will make or break this machine.




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9 responses to “Perish the Thought…

  1. Randy Dee

    Well done Dick you might just have the power of persuasion to get our good friend John Winter to make the endeavor to put pen to paper, I know John has some difficult problems to confront but he is such a big miss with his blog scribblings. Johns home village of his younger years is just 4 miles from where I live. Fingers crossed

    • Thanks Randy. I miss the old fart too….

    • john taylor

      yes indeed mr.stout!..collecting “mogan-david” wine bottles! huzzah! whitey needs an “engineering breakthrough” with respect to the “multi-frequency” concept. IT IS the way forward.the aussies have proved that by the number,AND quality of finds made by “multi-freak!” in super tough hunting conditions..i am concerned about whitey’s ability to stay competitive in light of the pressure being applied by “foreign” manufacturers.

      dick!.when you were in charlie’s employ,did you ever use the 2500?…the “talking detector?” i am curious as to what you thought of t…i’m just sayin’


      • I was not around for the talking 2500. It came along after I left and honestly never heard any feedback on it. I can’t imagine it was very accurate….

  2. john taylor

    hi dick!
    how about the 1500? brother bought a “closet queen’ and simply loves it! he claims the “target imaging” is “dead nuts” accurate!..he hardly ever digs any crap! believe this model 1500 was in the field a few years before the “talker’? any experience with it?


    • JT I was around when the GTA series was in the works and in fact the name GTA (Graphic Target Analyzer) was mine. Unfortunately I was not around when it went to market (1991 I believe). Never had one to field test, sorry.

      • john taylor

        that’s unfortunate dick! i told me bro that over the years i have heard very little abut this particular technology and don’t see one whole hell of a lot on it in either articles, or on forums. both me, and me bro, strongly believe (at least in the example of the 2500 “talker”,) that it was was “priced too high when new!”and therefore guys “generally” tended to shy went out the door around $1000.00 and change.the “g.t.a.”,apparently, wasn’t all that popular either, and that’s really too bad, because that technology,(imaging) works well, and is very bro and me will be hunting in the spring.i want to check this technology out.if it works as described in the field, then i will change my opinion of garrett,going forward.i have experimented with the 1500 on a test bench, and it is “very accurate”..just sayin’

  3. Let’s hop JW will be back with us soon, eh?

  4. Tony

    All the best to John and you as well Dick. I hope he is well and just gone offline to regroup to then come back with a blast of new material!

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