A Repeat and a Reminder…

I’ve been busy working on a project and decided to share an oldie from 2017.  It’s also a reminder that my lack of offering anything new and exciting is not such a big deal…..

And yes I know I harp on the same ole, same ole….it’s what I do. I drink and I know a lot.

Saved by Social Media

Writing this blog has become somewhat therapeutic in that it gives me a place to vent (bet you didn’t know that) but I’ve somehow gotten to the point where I start feeling guilty if too many days go by without posting and that is something I need to deal with and get over. For five years I’ve pretty much shared all I know about metal detecting and despite claims to the contrary it’s not rocket science.

I will say however I found myself feeling less guilty this morning as I perused the various social media sites. You see no one else had anything earth shattering or useful to offer either. Just the usual sharing of one’s day to day routine. Then again I guess this is why it’s called “social” media. It’s the neighborly chat over the fence isn’t it? Jeez did I just sound a little British with that?

apps business cellphone cellular telephone

I read about someone’s plans to go detecting. Sort of a “I will be heading out” and then I saw a few photos of finds, all pretty much the same ole, same ole. There was another one of those seemingly trending videos of a tekkie running (picture bobbing up and down) to his detecting partner ten miles away (took up 75% of the video), who apparently had just found the Hope Diamond, but alas after the heart pounding dash it was just a button. The best button ever found though, despite it being run over by a tractor.

There were a few Cecile B. videos on FB that had music and titles and even a chance to win something if you liked the effort and wanted to be a groupie. These vids always get my attention because I am an avid movie nut and love a good production. Today’s offerings though were a little disappointing. I was also reminded that I ‘needed’ to listen to a metal detecting podcast that was coming up this week. Apparently it’s important to hear the detectorist who was just on five other podcasts saying the same things all over again. Marked it on my calendar!

greyscale photography of condenser microphone

Finally there were the usual questions about which detector to buy followed by fifty expert responses from every Tom, Dick and Harry whose detectors could find a penny at twenty inches, were waterproof, came with a 19 inch piffwanger coil and went deeper if you were wearing camo. Love too how that detector that hasn’t come on the market yet is by far the best thing since white bread.

Now all this over the fence stuff is fine and I know it’s of interest to a great many of you. I just don’t get it. It does however make me feel less guilty about not routinely posting here because it’s a reminder that no one else has anything really important to say either….




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12 responses to “A Repeat and a Reminder…

  1. “And yes I know I harp on the same ole, same ole….it’s what I do. I drink and I know a lot.”

    YEAH, and you owe a lot too – if ya follows ma $20 drift!

    But as ’tis the season of good (-ish) will, I now after nearly three decades of utterly fruitless debt-chasing seek no repayment of the $20 loaned in AC in 1986 for dubious purposes (my lips is sealed).

    • john taylor

      mr howland! don’t let this out.but i believe dick is the guy who gives a “shiny $20.00 gold double eagle to the “army bucket” every year! what a “swell fella” really! i wish he would drop it in MY bucket, but he hasn’t yet,cuz he’s too far away i’ll just keep ringin’ dem bells, and gettin’ those donations.just wish i didn’t scare the little kids though!that bugs me, especially when i “pull my pint” of m.d.-20-20.oh well!.it’s all for a good cause. i’m just sayin’


  2. Joe

    Dick, my Etrac can hit a dime at 22”! But that’s only when the ground is wet, the grass is precisely cut, the moon is full, my underwear is on backwards, and my flask is half full with the good stuff.

    P.S. – Is it true that a man of your stature would rather kick the bucket than drink a layman’s wine that has a screw-on cap?

    • “Is it true that a man of your stature would rather kick the bucket than drink a layman’s wine that has a screw-on cap?”

      Well I wouldn’t go that far….

      • john taylor

        dick secretly enjoys a taste of mad dog every now and then!.just don’t want admit it is all! most definitely “has” a screw on cap! i’m just sayin’


  3. Ed B.

    Do you mean to say that those Elitist NOX users haven’t posted anything better than a common date silver Roosevelt dime that us mere mortals who use other brands are finding ? I’ve been waiting for the SUPER DUPER EARTH SHATTERING finds from those guys.

    • Well Ed this post was from 2017. Back then I guess it was the Etrac elites (sorry Joe and Allyson) but it’s okay, we’ve found our fair share over the years.

    • john taylor

      you got ’em ed! they is all over the ‘net! the real deal ayuup! coppers, reales,gold,you name it! the “aussie” gets it done! just wish i didn’t have to float a second on the house to buy one! i’m just sayin’


  4. john taylor

    diva! !..still believe i will enjoy watching your videos! educational from the standpoint that we can all learn from each other, and i must say, easy on the eyes too!


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