December Daftness…

The holidays are upon us and shoppers are going bonkers, spending money they don’t have, buying gifts for people who won’t use them or who will return them. The older I get the crazier it gets. Ho ho ho…

Not that you care…

Detecting Diva recently did a review of the Simplex and I urge you to read it. Her comments, like the Simplex, are easy to understand and free of all the frills and BS.

Apparently the rumors about a new US made detector coming this fall were just that – rumors. I don’t understand why we can’t seem to get our sh*t together like the folks overseas.

Well I got rid of the Sport and I’m now down to the MXT with 5 inch coil and my three vintage machines. I don’t get out much anymore and the Sport was just too heavy (and you know how I feel about push pads).

Noticing a few of the more popular online tekkies are cutting back on their YouTube videos and self promoting. Could it be because the constant pressure to stay relevant is sucking the fun out of it? Just a guess…

Still baffled by the lack of progress in the wireless offerings…

Cracks me up that the two notorious wannabe arkies are being banned from even more forums and websites. You would think that at some point they would figure it out.

Not hearing too much about after market coils any more…wonder why?

Looking back now I wish I had saved all the corks…

When I see some the detecting finds on social media I’m hoping the poster doesn’t quit his or her day job…

Has the Vanquish vanished?




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8 responses to “December Daftness…

  1. john taylor

    dick! diva’s comments on the “simplex” appear to be “dead nuts” on!..initial feedback from the field is extremely positive.additional field trials are ongoing.may possibly have a genuine “dragon slayer” of a “sleeper” in our midst.”local” talent beware! i’m just sayin’


  2. Tony

    Thanks for Diva’s review, it sounds like a winner so far. I also wondered why there aren’t more after market coils out there. There definitely is a need in some areas.

    How about the pin pointer attached to the internal circuit? They were a big deal a few years ago.

  3. Good review from Diva. And it IS that time of year again when the gushing “I’m new to this great hobby…!!!” or “I got the detecting bug and I just bought a metal detector…!!” or the favorite “I’m new to the hobby…where are the good spots to hunt?” after the Christmas gifts turn out to be metal detectors. This is followed by more gaping holes in local parks and schoolyards as the newbies ply their “new” hobby, making YouTube videos, and getting us banned from even the few parks we have left, then after tons of rusty cans and old nails, they decide golf really WAS more fun and never use it again. Happy New Year and all that. Sorry…I’m a bit crabby this week, but I’m no fan of the “Newbie Year” that’s coming in a few weeks. Merry Christmas to you and Fay, Dick!

  4. Hi Dick:
    Yeah, Diva did a great review proving it’s always a case of ‘horses for courses.’ Seems as though the Simplex is built on the Russians’ WWII premise of …”make it quick, make it simple, make it work.”

    Their T-34 tank fitted with the 85mm gun was arguably the best tank of the war – as was their Lavotchkin 7 fighter plane which was more than a match for the technically advanced German FW190.

    I’m just sayin’

    • john taylor

      that’s correct john, and let us not forget the kalishnikov. best damn assault rifle on the planet.
      i’m just sayin’


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