Location, Location, Location…

To whose who have asked I’m still around…just been a little busy with life – you know that other world that you discover when you’re not detecting…

Have to tell you though I took a tour Saturday of AT&T stadium, a.k.a. “Jerry World” and being the Cowboy hater I am I put a hex on them. Yup, right there on the fifty yard line in the middle of that damn star and you know what? They lost last night!! So there, put that in your pipe and smoke it Jerry! Ain’t no Super Bowl in the stars this year…

Finally I’ve been entertaining family from Jersey, eating, drinking and trying to make it from one day to the other, something else you discover when you’re not detecting (and getting older).  Anyway onward, upward and up yours….

It’s the Where and Not the How…

Fay called me into her office this morning to show me a photo that someone in her camera club has posted online. It was a fabulous photo of what appeared to be a dilapidated old mill perched high on a cliff. We chatted about how great a photo it was and how nice it must be to find places like that and when we were done I got thinking that so many endeavors, pastimes and passions are made that much better by being in the right place at the right time. Photography, art, hunting, fishing, camping and of course, metal detecting!

Doesn’t matter what detector we have or how well we know how to use it – our success ultimately lies in the ‘where’ and not the ‘how’.

In the 70’s I used to have a hard time deciding on where to spend my time detecting. I had access to parks, schools and athletic fields that always gave up a few silver coins and old homesites (cellar holes today) that would sometimes give up a large cent or two. I had the fairgrounds where I could find a lot of old silver IF I wanted to work long and hard clearing trash or I could spend time at the boy scout camp three miles away.

The list was long and the options many and I would have never imagined that 40 years later we’d be happy searching a cornfield with no pre thought as to prior use, traffic or reasonable return on your time but here we are and a few are even promoting and charging for the privilege.

Now I’ll be dead and gone fishing by the time all the available places are used up, hunted out or off limits but the outlook is not all that rosy.  The newbies today are hunting (practicing) wherever they can, getting frustrated by their lack of success and worse, doing just enough damage to cause problems for everyone else. Likewise not having that many options it seems everyone is happy with everything and anything they dig. I’ve seen photos of finds and lengthy followup discussions on social media that have me scratching my head. Apparently they make us “relic” hunters and validate our expertise (or lack thereof).

I’m not sure what or where the next frontier will be when it comes to metal detecting but the manufacturers better give it serious thought lest they have a lot of well equipped, pissed off  hobbyists with no place to go.





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14 responses to “Location, Location, Location…

  1. Spot on Dick. Decent sites are getting harder and harder to find, seems like a lot of door knockin’ is in the future. And traveling an hour or two to a site now seems normal. Was much easier to just hit a park, the woods or a local cellar a few years back, always seemed to come home with a pouch full of goodies no matter where I went. It’s still out there though, just a bit harder to find.

  2. john taylor

    curb strips! seems like nobody hunts ’em! found my share, and continue to do so! highly recommended! and occasionally “get lucky” with a yard permission. as diva proclaims “it’s still out there!” i’m just sayin’


    • JT I hunted those areas way back when and yes depending on the part of town you were in they could produce. Today I’d be leery of digging those areas without permission, especially here in Texas.

      • john taylor

        it can be a problem depending on locale dick! here in new england,i have never experienced issues, and have been “at it” for a long time, however my continued “good luck” in encountering zero problems, may be, due to a large extent, my impression of being a “harmless looking,(and acting) representative of the “great unwashed” with a “funny looking” weed whacker in tow! of course, this overall impression becomes advanced when i stop for a moment, and gleefully take a “hit” of the glorious “nectar” of the gods,(m.d. 20-20!!)

        i want to take this opportunity to wish all our “beloved” veterans a very joyful veterans day! may god,in his infinite wisdom bestow his blessings on them always and forever!…i’m just sayin’


  3. Tony

    Dick, Good post your right, good detecting sites are hard to find. I agree that some additional time traveling is needed these days. Our club went to an old gathering place where they met to talk about the Bible. It had old coins and was a long drive, but the club members made it a fun day. The current Pastor enjoyed having us and talking about its history.

    Stay active, positive and well my friend.

  4. gurnie

    Dick your last paragraph says it all. Here in Delaware deer hunting is now allowed on Sunday and its not safe to wander my own property and detect. And going to some of the older city parks some punk ass homeless drug thug wants to rob you. Guess the days are going to be tougher . Maybe time to start Beekeeping I have been told most every one likes Honey……

    • Unfortunately gurnie only older detectorists realize how things have gone down hill. Those starting today won’t miss what they never had….

      • john taylor

        “dead nuts ” accurate dick,however.an alternative DOES exist.we “older kids” can take a few courses in “human relations”, and start knockin’ on doors,(if we haven’t already) thus gaining access to “virgin” property once again. hittin’ ’em with a “shit storm” has
        merit,however, it is NOT for the “faint of heart”. you could liken the effort to be the “final frontier” of exploration,so to speak! to be perfectly honest, we need to wish ourselves “good luck” in this most promising endeavor,as it has the potential to “pay off” very well, if we all want to “push” it while we still can! ..i’m just sayin’


  5. njfella007

    Dick, you need to find a nice lass like Diva or Jocelyn to go swinging with. Trust me, your aches & pains will magically disappear…fast!

    Ever notice how many hunting spots these female Youtubers get invites to? Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s done out of kindness lol.

    The future of this hobby lies in shacking up with a comely woman and making bazillions pumping risque detecting videos out!

  6. My wife, who is terribly cute and personable, is my metal detecting asset for gaining private permissions. If it were just me at the door, the National Guard would have been alerted and helicopters with searchlights would be circling the porch..

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