20 Reasons to Read This Blog…

Because the last post was kind of “crappy” and because it’s “Throwback Thursday” here’s a repeat….

20 Reasons to Like Stout Standards

  1. Everything here is made from scratch.
  2. Stout Standards plain white T-shirts are available all over the world.
  3. Stout Standards is camo free. My military tour ended in 1966.
  4. No self promoting videos or photos…just a lot of honest, heartwarming bullshit.
  5. Every post is a crapshoot. You never know what you’re going to get.
  6. Stout Standards is equally liked and hated by over 1,000 detectorists.
  7. Unfair and unbalanced news for every tekkie.
  8. All detector brands can be mentioned, praised and trashed without retribution.
  9. Stout Standards is archaeologist proof.
  10. You’ll never get invitations to meet me and get my autograph. Ain’t going nowhere.
  11. I have cleavage too.
  12. There’s no “Stout Boys” group.
  13. I won’t ask you to like my twitter account to win a “Dallas Dick” pin.
  14. I don’t get paid to promote a brand of detector.
  15. You will never see detector reviews here…the manufacturers hate me.
  16. I’m more handsome than John Winter.
  17. You get to hear from John Howland (yeah well….).
  18. You always get hard-hitting, valuable, important, lessons straight from the heart, the field, the bar and the john.
  19. I’m an equal opportunity insulter.
  20. You’ll be part of a select few who understand that Stout Standards is an acquired taste!!


Throwback Photos

Fay hunting Port Sullivan, Texas, circa 1985

Michel Tocque and I trying to get a permission, Guerande, France, early 90’s

Captured by the rebs, Texas Council Convention, Bryan, Texas, early 80’s



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15 responses to “20 Reasons to Read This Blog…

  1. James Wdzenczny


  2. gurnie

    Again you have hit the mark and could add 20 more. one of the first should be what’s on my bucket list ([6 months detecting, under 60 years old) needs to go. No one needs a bucket list enjoy what you find.

  3. DougF

    21. I’ll never title a post “You won’t believe what I found !!!”

  4. Roy R

    Port Sullivan gave up plenty of good relics.

  5. I lurve ’17’…I mean I just luuurve British archaeologists living in Poland….couldn’t eat a whole one though!
    16? Nah!

    i’m just sayin’

    • john taylor

      wish i could travel to “france”..need a “good” credit card for that! don’t work for no ‘tector maker neither! faye definitely has the look of a “southern belle!”
      i’m just sayin’

      • JT our trips to France were NOT paid by any detector company. When I was with Garrett they sent me to England once. Fay and I fell in love with France and the French people. We thought about moving there but never did. We regret it now…

  6. Ed B.

    All by itself, #12 is reason enough to keep reading your blogs. As for #3, you state that your tour ended in 1966. Mine began in 1965 at Fort Dix NJ, for basic training (Papa Company) and ended at Fort Belvoir, Virginia….Army Engineer School where they taught me to be a “soils analyst”. That knowledge however, didn’t help me find more silver coins when I took up detecting.
    Were you at Fort Dix?

    • Yep. Was at Dix for basic training, Jan & Feb 1964. Coldest damn winter I ever remember. After basic I shipped to Fort Bragg (126th Artillery). While in that unit I was able to hook up with the band and spent the next year and a half playing guitar/bass. I was very fortunate….had couple of friends who went to Viet Nam and didn’t come home.

      • Ed B.

        I, too was fortunate. I finished third in my soils analysis class and by good luck they were looking for three people to replace the instructors that were being reassigned. The top three finishers were asked if they wanted to become instructors and we all said yes.
        Spent the rest of my time at Fort Belvoir. As for basic…..I arrived in Dix on December 19th and my time was like yours……outdoors in January and February.

  7. john taylor

    went down to the boston army base in ’69 on the bus with 2 other amigos all of us just 19 years old. i went 1y due to flat feet, the other two went 1a.they got infantry.was over there about 6 months, one stepped on a “bouncin’ betty” the other fell into a pungi pit.i think the man was lookin’ out for me.he done me a favor!

    i’m just sayin’


  8. john taylor

    dick! you seriously should have gone! the wife and me are wanting to move to the philippines.we can live like kings over there on “short money!”..just gotta “know” where to live.as i tell my wife, don’t cost nuthin’ to think about it!..still may happen, we ain’t gettin’ any younger! i’m just sayin’


  9. “Stout Standards is camo free. My military tour ended in 1966.” Indeed! Strangely enough, detectorists still wearing camo are the easiest to pick out and most metal detecting targets are hard to scare away when you are sneaking up on them. Never seen one get spooked and run off, so I still stick with florescent orange shirt and hat. People think I am trimming the grass and don’t even turn their head. Maybe I should keep that quiet, now I think of it.

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