Just Scattershooting Again…

Pound the Ground – Adirondacks

After talking with a few tekkies who were there it appears the “Pound the Ground” event was a success. One mentioned there were things that could have been better thought out/planned but over all everyone thought they got their money’s worth.   

As I mentioned previously it would be nice to see this event (or some event) become the equivalent of Detectival. An annual event that is the “must attend” get together for detectorists, dealers, distributors and manufacturers. It could be an event where the manufacturers debut their new products and the place where you get to meet the YouTube personalities/entertainers. 

It would also be great if the cost to attend were more affordable, especially for those who have to travel long distances, dig deep for gas, lodging and meals. Likewise location and scheduling should be factored in. Perhaps have it during the summer months when people typically take vacation and hold it in a more central location. I had to wonder about the wisdom of holding such a large event near the Canadian border this time of year but apparently they lucked out with the weather.

Having given my outsider two cents understand that I know what goes into holding a large event like this and it’s not an easy task. The planning, the logistics and unknowns are difficult/worrisome and no matter how hard you try there’s always someone who feel ripped off because he or she didn’t win five detectors, find six gold coins and find lodging at the Hilton for $20 a night.

If you were there, share your thoughts.


 Hunting  on  the  Hopper

Not sure how to proceed with this topic given some of the names I’ve been called but I’m going to give it a go and see where it ends up and please if you don’t like it don’t create a stink.

It occurred to me the other day that sitting on the hopper was not as much fun as it used to be. Yup, you heard me right and please I’m trying to be serious dammit. The problem you see was there wasn’t anything decent to read and a guy needs reading material to relax. You know, something to get the mind working too.

Now I know that smart phones are now the rage in public bathrooms but I’m not interested in chatting on the john at home, nor am I excited about hearing from you when you’re on the john and yes I can hear tell when you are. I’m also not going to sit there and watch YouTube tekkies though some of the ones I’ve seen would certainly get my bowels in an uproar.

Understand every place we’ve lived has had a magazine rack or old crock full of reading material in the bathroom and the current abode is no different. What is different now is the kind of reading material …seed catalogs, gardening and photography magazines and a couple of dog eared Western & Eastern magazines.

After pondering the predicament and getting red in the face it dawned on me that what I wanted and what I’ve missed was the big ole’ Kellyco catalog – that humongous comb bound publication filled with detailed information about everything you thought you needed to be a treasure hunter.

The Kellyco catalog debuted in 1969 and was the brainstorm of the late Stu Auerbach, Kellyco founder and CEO. It contained details, specs and discounted prices on most every brand of detector, searchcoil, headphones, accessories, dowsing rods, books and anything even remotely associated with the treasure hunting pastime.  There was always something to catch my interest and I found myself folding pages on items I was going to look into further and items I might order (but never did).  Such was shopping on the hopper.

The late Stu Auerbach

Though the company has gone through changes Kellyco is still around but that big ole catalog is not. It was one of a kind and it was literally “king of the throne” in the Stout household!

In the meantime I’ll just have to learn how to prune back roses….


Had cataract surgery on one eye last week and what a difference. I now walk into our house instead of annoying the neighbor all the time. Getting the other eye done on the 21st and looking forward to it. Who knows what I’ve been missing?




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15 responses to “Just Scattershooting Again…

  1. john taylor

    dick! i always look forward to my time on the “bowl” it truly can be an exhilarating experience (depending,of course on what, and how much i consumed the day before)…yes i remember fondly,the kellyco catalog!..seems like i always got one in the mail,(whether i wanted to, or not!) a fascinating read and a joyous time awaited me as well as i scanned it’s plethora of offerings.i always exited the bathroom feeling “relieved” and ready to take on the day after finishing my copy…

    dick! “there are none so blind as those who cannot see!”,and by god you will be soon a “restored” man
    god bless!..i’m just sayin’


  2. ‘Hunting on the Hopper’ conjured up nightmareish visions of you perched on…oh too horrible…

    Anyway Ole Pal, good luck with the cataract op, I guess you’ll be able to read the wine labels now?

    i’m just sayin’

  3. Tony

    Dick, best of luck with the next Cataract surgery.
    I too loved those Kellyco catalogues. There were days that I looked forward to receiving it because it had some stories as well as the technical listings of new improved metal detectors.

  4. Ed B.

    Dick, good luck with your next cataract surgery. My brother recently had both his eyes done and he can now see like when he was younger. Regarding the Kellyco catalogs…though I did some business with Kellyco in the past, I never had one of the catalogs, but I do remember the ads for them in the old issues of W&ET magazine.
    Browsing the current Kellyco website I noticed they have a detector selling for a mere $6,995. That amount of money would have bought a lot of detectors from one of those old Kellyco catalogs.

    • Thanks Ed, already loving the clarity and the colors of things. Anxious to get the 2nd done.

      You know I used to get all those big catalogs but never bought anything from them. Was always going to but never did. Just preferred local dealers. And….if I spent seven grand on a detector I’d be thrown out of the house. That’s a lot of clad…

    • john taylor

      hell’s a fire! buy a decent used car for that!.. should dig the coin for ya!
      hope the ‘stock splits” for that kinda scratch! ..just sayin’


  5. Joe Patrick emailed…

    Hi Dick,

    I just read your most recent post and it brought back my Kellyco memories. About 1984 or so, I signed up for their Dealer Sales Program and was selling some items. I did that for a very short time until I became a Tesoro dealer and later a full-time multi-line dealer. I too remember all of the Kellyco catalogs. The early ones were printed on newsprint, like a newspaper. Later they printed catalogs. I have attached a photo of but a small assortment of Kellyco catalogs from my metal detector archive. Enjoy!


    • john taylor

      made excellent “newspaper logs” if memory serves!..never failed to get one every xmas aways enjoyed them! jack gifford would never cut a deal with kellyco to let ’em sell tesoro. he didn’t care for big corporate entities movin’ his product .man was a “unique talent ” in the industry. after he expired, the boys cut a deal, which probably added a few more years to tesoro’s life expectancy. don’t know to a certainty though! ..i’m just sayin’


  6. njfella007

    Dick, if someone had told you 30 or 40 years ago, that we’d one day be paying for bottles of water, spending $5 for a cup of coffee, and that most newspapers & magazines wouldn’t be printed anymore, would you have believed it? Not me. By the way…

    How did you guys ever survive back then without “foo juice” to clean your coins in the field? Talk about hard times!

    • Joe I shake my head every day at today’s norms and peoples want/needs but I’m pretty certain they will be saying the same thing years from now. And we had foo juice back then. We called it spit!

    • john taylor

      we “spit” on ’em! worked fine!..still does!
      just sayin’


  7. john taylor

    that’s correct dick! jack was a good man!..as you mentioned, and i concur, he cared about the “small’ independent dealer, and yes, jack was also a “shrewd” business man.he did NOT want tesoro devalued. i’m just sayin’


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