Joe Grasso recently commented

Dick, how about doing a post regarding Youtube videos? Like many, I enjoy watching them – the better ones anyway. But I have one pet peeve…

Let us hear the damn signals!!! I want to go along for the ride, and listen to what the hunter is listening to. The full immersive experience. Yet, so many bypass that and skip directly to the hole with the prize inside.

The best channels, IMO, let you hear the signal, see the screen, and get us (as viewers) involved in the process.

I realize this has nothing to do with Detectival, but it’s been on my chest for awhile now, and wanted to vent. Having to wade through dozens of videos until I find someone with the common sense to film the entire dig from signal to retrieval is becoming a chore.

I realize we can’t ALWAYS record every good find in its entirety, but what’s the point of simply showing me what was found after the fact?

Anywho…rant finished!


Okay Joe here goes…

First off in case you didn’t know I’m not a big fan of YouTube detecting videos and for a number of reasons.

I think YouTube videos have almost become an adjunct of the pastime. i.e. you need a detector first, a camera second. It’s one more thing to do and one more thing that takes away from the task at hand…finding treasure.

Initially these videos were a way to get noticed thanks to American Digger, Dig Wars, Diggers and Dig Fellas, TV shows that featured everyday detectorists. Never mind the plots were lame, metal detecting was on TV and everyone wanted in. Now? You need to wade through hundreds, if not thousands of videos to find one or two that are worth your time (IMO).

I know I’m in the minority but I find most YouTube tekkie videos boring and repetitive, i.e. dash cam chat…swinging the coil…digging…probing and “lookee what I found“. There’s also a few YouTube videos out there that are not doing the pastime any favors.

Today it’s a game of numbers and dollars & cents. Tekkies are knocking out videos fast and furious. All pretty much the same mind you but that doesn’t matter because it’s about followers, friends, views, likes and shares. The more the merrier and the more the money. From what I’ve heard a few detectorists are making a living doing these videos.

How many times did you see “help me get to 5,000 followers” and I’ll have a give away” 

So what would I like to see? How about

  1. A little history of the site to be searched, how it was located and how was permission gained
  2. What detector is being used, what coil, what settings and why
  3. Like Joe said audio responses and visual readouts of the various targets
  4. Showing not only the good finds but a few that aren’t and relate them to the audio/visual indications

Having said all this it’s quite possible that had I started out in this hobby just a few years ago I’d be knocking out YouTube videos too. Hard to say. It’s a different era.

Finally please don’t ask me to name my favorite Cecil B. Demille productions (If you don’t know what that means, look it up). I don’t really have any. Most of the better ones I’ve found were by chance.

Older observations from the Brainfarts page:

Where are all the YouTube videos with the rusty finds, pull tabs, bottlecaps and curse words?

I’m thinking that you tekkies who post photos and videos daily (or hourly) are either retired, unemployed or slackers who deserve to have your asses fired.

How long before detecting videos on YouTube wind up getting someone in trouble?

Curious. Who was the first tekkie to take videos of their “in the field” experiences?  I mean who was it that decided others would want to watch “them” dig a coin, button, whatever?  Kinda pretentious wouldn’t you say?

Not a big fan of all the self-produced videos out there  but it  sure would be nice if all you Cecile B. DeMilles would share what detector and what size coil you are using along with any other “useful” information.  You can still breathe heavy and grunt though…..

Remembering how much I yearned to be out in the field detecting, I have to wonder how much time today is spent making videos vs. actual searching? Have a feeling the difference is huge….


Throwback Thursday Photos

A Garrett photo shoot, late 80’s (photo by Mel Climer)

Detecting Scout Camp, Stanton, New Jersey 1984(?)



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26 responses to “YawnTube…

  1. Ed B.

    Liked the picture of you with the Garrett Master Hunter. I gave one of those to my then father in law for Christmas around 1989 or 90. He learned how to use it and enjoyed the hobby until he became too ill to detect any more.

  2. john taylor

    garrett!..shmarret !..that barber half was a “plant!’..ha! ehe! heh! he!
    give away is you hunting in college kid loafers! ha! damn publicity shot if there ever was one! ..ha!
    ohhhh! the days of wine and roses!..hic! cats seem super interested! (gut ’em on cat nip!)..ha!


  3. Yep…agree with much of what you say. But, social media attracts the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and that goes for all pastimes and hobbies. Some of the angling videos for instance, are appalling. Others of course are well produced. Even archaeology has some ‘howlers’.

    Go to YouTube and type in …..Bruiser – Archaeology. It’s a comic sketch taking-off the Time Team programme. It’s very, very, funny especially the bit where ‘Tony’ finds a pebble. Enjoy!

  4. Joe Patrick

    To this day, I still think that the early Treasure Search videos produced by Bob Trevillian and Frank Carter are some of the best ever done. They are no-nonsense true-adventure videos that are entertaining, interesting and helpful. There are a handful of current YouTube detecting videos and channels that I also like. Some others are abysmal!

    One thing that I find very useful, as Joe Grasso has mentioned, are the videos that have the audio signal sounds of the detector as it responds to various targets… both good and bad. I can tell you that when I am considering the purchase of a new metal detector (new or used) I search for videos online so that I can listen to the audio sounds that the detector makes. In more than a few instances, I have passed on buying a particular metal detector due to its sub-par audio and in particular penetrating, annoying, screeching “cry-baby” sounding VCO pinpointing audio. Who wants to listen to that all day long? Not me!

    As in any endeavor, there are those individuals who stand out from the crowd. I continue to periodically watch their videos as they have something worthwhile to offer; whether that is entertainment value, adventure and/or technical information.

    I for one appreciate that we have so many detecting videos and metal detector/detecting available at the click of a mouse. Don’t like what you see or hear…. Click off to another video. There are some really good ones out there!

    • “I have passed on buying a particular metal detector due to its sub-par audio and in particular penetrating, annoying, screeching “cry-baby” sounding VCO pinpointing audio. Who wants to listen to that all day long? Not me!”

      Yup, agree.

      “Don’t like what you see or hear…. Click off to another video. There are some really good ones out there!”….

      Joe I’m aware I’m in the minority.

      • john taylor

        dick! they ARE fun to watch, especially the “farm permissions!”..the guys ”scoring” most of these permissions are NOT in new England..liability issues are a problem here, perhaps not so much in other parts of the country. also attempting to temporarily hunt a “farmers” property, (without permission) especially in the most northern 3 states,(n.h.vt,and maine) can have the most severest consequences some “fantastic” colonial finds are possible can be found in the correct locations…i’m just sayin’


    • Ed B.

      I had one of those Trevillian/Carter videos back in the day. The one I had, showed them hunting in and around an old barn. The first time I watched it my thoughts were that it was all set up and therefore not realistic. Sort of like a lot of today’s YouTube videos.

      • I hadn’t thought of these two in some time. Met them once back in the 80’s and read their books. They invested a lot of time and money in their videos…

      • john taylor

        you mean some folks actually do that these days? (set up)
        good breath of the life,whoda thunk?..just sayin’


  5. njfella007

    Dick, below is a link to an example of videos that I consider well done. And by “well done” I mean the following…

    *No drawn out 15 minute opening sequence to put me to sleep before the action begins

    *No tomfoolery or hijinks involved to get more views

    *No filming JUST the targets once they’re found, but the entire process from signal to retrieval

    I don’t know this guy from Adam aside from enjoying his channel and leaving a few comments on there, so this is in no way an endorsement or a plug. I just think more videos should skew the way he does them, which is very simple & straightforward, while at the same time being highly informative.

    This fella does ramble a bit at times, but it’s his way of explaining what he’s encountering while hunting.

    P.S. – I also think The Hoover Boys do quality videos, as well as a few others. My only complaints would be that they’re a bit too long, and I can personally do without all of the excessive joking throughout. Not saying fun cannot be had when hunting (because that’s a big part of what makes this hobby so enjoyable), though I don’t wish to sit through it when all I want to do is see history dug up.

  6. john taylor

    i’m with you! the hoovers! like to yuck it up in the field!.it gets a little aggravating, but they want to inject a little humor in their vids to make them more appealing.they do find some quality stuff! ..i’m jay sayin’


    • Ed B.

      I just wish the Hoovers would take the time to learn how to dig plugs that aren’t the size of manhole covers…..….

      • john taylor

        why ed?..because it’s the ”right thing to do?”..unfortunately,like some others, they don’t care “two sh*ts”
        what you or anyone else thinks! obviously,this can, and does cause repercussions in the hobby! i’m just sayin’


    • njfella007

      I don’t mind a little humor at all, but not 25 minutes of it. If they cut out all of the needless excess, their videos could be a much more easily digestable 10 or 15 minutes, instead of the almost 30 they currently are. Probably not gonna happen though, as the new Youtube algorithm places a heavier emphasis on watch time, and longer vids = more $$$.

      As for the finds, it’s no secret, location, location, location. Not taking anything away from them, as they’re very good hunters, but it’s WHERE they’re swinging that counts more than anything else. They definitely deserve their due, as they put in MANY hours in the field & aren’t afraid to knock on doors. I’ve hunted with guys over the years who’d shake in their boots at the thought of door knocking (because it’s intimidating), and I always have to laugh. Yet these are the first guys who usually complain about the lack of good places to hunt.

      Like The Hoover Boys, you have to CREATE your own luck & put in the work.

  7. john taylor

    this is a fact no denying this,especially in light of just about all public places being “cooked!”
    knocking on doors is generally a difficult approach,(but possible) because of property liability issues.it is still a very worthwhile endeavor.but you have to get past a ton of people suspicious of your motives..i’m just sayin’


    • njfella007

      Door knocking is not for the faint of heart, JT. I’ve been turned away from far more properties than I’ve gained permissions for. But that’s the way it works. And I’ve experienced both the good & bad. Case in point…

      Was sitting in my car waiting for my buddy to meet me for a planned hunt about 2 months ago. Real swanky neighborhood. I see someone drive past me and pull into the driveway of an OLD house, with a great big grassy lawn. Well…

      You can guess what happened next. Approached the owner, asked the magic words, and was met with the following; “I’d rather you didn’t.” After an awqward silence of a few seconds, we started making small talk about the history of the school across the street, before I left with my tail between my legs.

      Walk back and settle into my car, and about 6 or 7 minutes later I see 2 patrol cars coming down the street. They slowly roll past while staring me down, then both hook u-turns and pull up directly behind me. I knew what was coming lol.

      Male officer approaches and asks me for i.d., because “I fit the description of a suspicious person that was called in, and was going door-to-door with a metal detector.”

      After a good laugh, I explained to the officer that it was indeed me, however, I was absolutely NOT going door-to-door, nor was I brandishing my detector. The old game of telephone, with the changing story!

      After politely showing the now 2 officers in front of me my Etrac (which was in the trunk), along with a bagful of silver coins I had, it quelled their fears and we all had a chuckle about the situation. Almost on cue…

      My buddy pulls up (who’s not a fan of door knocking) and asks if everything is okay. The look on his face was priceless, almost like, what in the hell did you get us into this time?!

      It doesn’t ALWAYS go according to plan 😉

  8. john taylor

    yeah! ehe! heh! he! been there done that my man!..you know we chuckle about it,and it IS humorous “to a degree!”,however it’s STILL a “‘gigantic pain in the ass” to have to go through that horse sh*t,which i am sure you will agree.again,it is STILL WORTH DOING,as long as you don’t get discouraged.the point is, if you have “plenty of time”,then it can be worthwhile, but “time” as we are all aware has a tendency to be “fleeting”,and speaking for myself, can be a “limiting” factor. to be blunt, the last thing i want is a confrontation with the “gendarmes” when i am simply attempting to enjoy the hobby.there is still a lot to be said however, for the “no balls, no glory” mind set.
    i’m just sayin’


  9. Frank Blazi

    I hope you are not waiting for my latest you tube video or even my first. I don’t want to spend 20 minutes filming my flat button find or Indian head.I’m out there covering some ground.. Feel free to use your imagination..

  10. john taylor

    houston’s too strong! ..yanks will have to “pull a rabbit outta da hat”
    to win!…just sayin’


    • John I’m a long time, die hard Yankee fan but you’re right they are indeed a strong team, especially when it comes to pitching. I will cross my fingers that my Yanks can find that rabbit.

      Frank is a big Red Sox fan so had to rub it in a little….

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