Detectival 2019 – Mermaids & Metal Detectors

Detectival 2019 (photo courtesy of Regton, Ltd.)

Well Detectival 2019 is over and how good or how successful it was depends on who you talk to or whose social media comments you read. While there were a few complaints about the lack of finds most ‘seem’ to have had a great time. Having not been there all I can add is that I love the overall hype and promotion that is Detectival.

Detectival has apparently become “the”event to attend in the UK.  It’s the “be there or be square” experience. You’ll meet other detectorists, well known YouTubers, see all the latest in equipment and be royally entertained in the process. Sky divers, pirates, horses, mermaids, live music, beer… name it! Don’t know of another event that offers more.

Night-time aerial view (photo courtesy of Searcher magazine)


So What’s New?

Well we can now put to bed all the guesses and suspense surrounding what new detectors are coming (at least for a few weeks).  The Minelab Vanquish line of detectors finally saw the light of day and it’s apparent that it was designed to compete with the Garrett Ace grouping, both feature wise and price wise. The Vanquish 340 retails for $259, the 440 $363, the 540 for $480 and the 540 Pro Pack (2 coils) for $649.  Whether or not they actually do compete/compare remains to be seen. You can rest assured however that hard line Minelab users will proclaim it’s ten times better.

Detectival also saw Notka debut the Simplex+ and as I said here before I’m impressed. Haven’t seen one first hand but what they’re offering at $299 is substantial. Its waterproof up to 10 ft., comes with an 11″ DD coil, built in wireless module, retractable shaft, frequency shift, LCD back lighting, ground tracking, manual ground balance and weighs only 2.9 lbs. Oh and it can be updated online. The 2nd  Simplex+ package adds the 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones and retails for $399.

I still think one of the US manufacturers will release a new model this year, perhaps at the “Pound the Ground” event in October. Too many hints and rumors out there.

Speaking of Pound the Ground, might this be America’s answer to Detectival? Not sure of who all is behind it but they’re doing a good job of promoting it. I hope however they keep all the manufacturers involved and keep it affordable for the average tekkie. Oh and a wine bar would be great!


A great read from John Winter 

Bob the Scottish Bard


On the opposite side of a bookmark from Half Price Books



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21 responses to “Detectival 2019 – Mermaids & Metal Detectors

  1. Bob Sickler

    I guess if you can’t “Vanquish” them, you copy them! Looks a lot like the Garrett AT-MAX to me! I guess if I was a fireman I’d like the red. I will probably never get used to VCO pinpoint audio. At least competition is still alive in the industry!

    • While the Vanquish doesn’t necessarily fit the category I think we’re going to see a lot more “look alikes” given the new light weight designs.

      • Bob Sickler

        I really like the way Garrett markets their detectors, not over the top. They do their homework slowly and spend little time later making revisions or facelifts. I’ve owned three Minelab detectors… The Sovereign, Etrac and Safari. Very good detectors, but poorly ergonomically designed. I moved back to a Garrett AT-Max for reasons of weight, simplified interface, wireless/waterproof capability, field replaceable power source, audio characteristics, and processing speed. Has the reduction to single transmit frequency made any difference in my finds? Haven’t noticed any yet! (Nobody paid me or asked me to say this, in case anyone is wondering.)

    • john taylor

      thing looks “cheap” hence the “low” price point, however,the “juice” may be in the electronics!true simultaneous multi-freak technology!..just sayin’


  2. David

    Might be $299 USD but they announced in the video £299 pounds or about $375 USD. Just noticed as I was listening to the video you linked to.

  3. Ricardo:
    Re: Pound the Ground. Yeah, a wine bar is ok, but perhaps a mobile cash point would be great? Where say, someone who owes someone else twenty Bucks from say,1986 (in circumstances I cannot go into) could draw the cash and settle the debt along with a bottle of Talisker (single malt) as a token of goodwill?

    i’m just sayin’

  4. JT, you’ll be left waiting at the Pearly Gates if St Peter is a Scotch drinker. ‘Talisker’ is arguably the king of single malt Scotch. It’s ALWAYS downed at room temperature and ALWAYS with a dash of spring water (or Branch Water as you ex-colonials call it) to loosen the oils therein. ‘Talisker’ is only worthy of a connoisseur and recreational user, and I am a connoisseur and recreational user.
    You seem to be one of those hooligans who refrigerate Scotch single malt, or worse still, a fine Medoc. I am appalled!

    i’m just sayin’

    • john taylor

      don’t be appalled john! i’m of scotch heritage, and absolutely dis like intensely, the stuff! obviously, you are far more learned about scotch, than i am. it definitely IS an ”acquired taste!” i doubt sincerely if st peter is kickin’ ass and takin’ names!’ my wife insists i will make “sainthood” and i’m in complete agreement with her!,all this has made me “thirsty!” and the mad dog awaits!
      i’m just sayin’


  5. Ed B.

    Regarding “Pound The Ground”………on one of the detecting forums I’m on, it’s been mentioned. The price for the seeded hunt and a “natural” hunt is $150. Entries are “limited” to 1250 people !!! So far approximately 800 tickets have been sold. Additionally, someone has stated that the site where the “natural” hunt will take place has supposedly been hunted by the promoter and some of his friends……if true then it’s NOT really a virgin site. I don’t know if these statements are true, they’re only what I’ve read.

    • Wow, 800 people times $150 is a lot of shekels…hope it’s reflected in the finds/prizes. I thought this event was sponsored by a club as well? Maybe someone will respond here.

      • Ed B.

        It’s sponsored by a group known as Rhode Island Relics. They have a website.

      • Ed just looked at their site and I guess I’m wrong. Didn’t see anything about meetings, etc.. On their FB page there was this:

        Rhode Island’s largest metal detecting dealer, club and event planner.

        I will pass on any criticism since I’m obviously out of the loop. Hopefully those attending enjoy it and find it worth the price of admission.

  6. Tony

    Dick, so tell me I was wrong, I said Wonder Woman for the new Detector release, but I should have mentioned – she would be Aqua Woman….I know close but no Cigar!

  7. Joe

    Dick, how about doing a post regarding Youtube videos? Like many, I enjoy watching them – the better ones anyway. But I have one pet peeve…

    Let us hear the damn signals!!! I want to go along for the ride, and listen to what the hunter is listening to. The full immersive experience. Yet, so many bypass that and skip directly to the hole with the prize inside.

    The best channels, IMO, let you hear the signal, see the screen, and get us (as viewers) involved in the process.

    I realize this has nothing to do with Detectival, but it’s been on my chest for awhile now, and wanted to vent. Having to wade through dozens of videos until I find someone with the common sense to film the entire dig from signal to retrieval is becoming a chore.

    I realize we can’t ALWAYS record every good find in its entirety, but what’s the point of simply showing me what was found after the fact?

    Anywho…rant finished!

    P.S. – As for the Vanquish & Simplex, I’m assuming it’s Minelab’s & Nokta’s response to all of the newbies entering the pastime now, hoping to get rich after watching the Youtube videos mentioned above, or maybe those knucklehead detecting shows on T.V. They’re smart enough to realize that a beginner can’t/won’t spend $500+ for a more advanced machine, and seem to be going after the Ace 250 piece of the market. Didn’t work so well for Minelab on the Go-Find series, so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare this time around.

    • Joe, just might do that…thanks for the suggestion.

      I offered the following sometime ago (in “brainfarts”)…..

      Not a big fan of all the self-produced videos out there but it sure would be nice if all you Cecile B. DeMilles would share what detector and what size coil you are using along with any other “useful” information. You can still breathe heavy and grunt though…..

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