The Anticipation is Killing Me…

Hmm, well not really….

Detectival is this coming weekend and we should be seeing and hearing about the Minelab Vanquish and the Notka Simplex+. There’s also the possibility that an American company will surprise with a new machine though that’s just a hunch of mine.

And of course I’m anxious to see how Minelab will introduce the Vanquish. Airmail delivery is a tough one to top.  Finally just how available will these machines be. Ask a Nox user who placed their order right after Detectival 2018….

So we wait…


Looking for old magazines, treasure books? 

My friend Jim Walker asked me to share the following:

For the serious collector of Treasure Hunting information, why not establish a library of Treasure related magazines/periodicals. I have been detecting since 1968 and started chasing treasure magazines as well as books on the hobby back in the 70’s, resulting in a lot of material on hand. I’m prepared to start sharing my issues/information on our great hobby, so my loss is your gain!   If cowboys/indians and the old west interest you, then I have most of the vintage non-fiction western magazines/books to share. Let me know if you’re interested in owning any or all of my 1000+ issues! Send me your want list(s) and we’ll go from there. I would love to sell complete runs of certain titles.

Jim Walker,San Diego, Ca. – jfwalker43@gmail.com


When is someone going to put out a gal detecting calendar. Have mentioned it many times in the past but apparently no one sees the market for one?


As if I didn’t already feel ancient…

…my old roommate from Berklee Kent shared the following on Facebook

Here’s the recap of that game. I was with my Berklee roommate, Dick Stout . . . https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BOS/BOS196004190.shtml?fbclid=IwAR3k26pmNwxA9kMFa_hW_BHvsEjyYODSvpzxXGxhgvmcgLTtLoGrzqwYosk

He also posted the program from that day….think it might be worth more than face value.

I remember we walked to the ballpark the day before the game to see about tickets and the guy in the booth said “go on in, look around and see where you’d like to sit and come back and tell me the section”. We walked around Fenway found a couple of great seats, paid $5.00 each and enjoyed opening day 1960. Think about it….$5 to watch Mantle, Maris, Berra and Ted Williams. Those were the days my friend!


“In my mind, I am this awesome, adventurous bad ass. But in reality I am just a bookworm that really likes wine”…..S.L. Jennings




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9 responses to “Randomness…

  1. Jim Walker

    Thanks a bunch Dick, We’ll see what happens! Your blog looks great! Jim

  2. Tony

    Dick, I hear that Wonder-woman will be flying into Detectival on a hover board with a new machine!
    Also I might just send your pal Jim an email on an old book that you suggested.

    • Hover board I can envision. Wonder woman? Nah, not with all those tekkies. Too risky.

      Not sure of the book you are referring to but give Jim a shout.I’m going to do the same…

  3. Hey I tried the calendar years back. I had a professional photographer and all. No one had the time or wanted to travel or meet anywhere for photos. Tried to collaborate with others and keep it simple, but the ideas never meshed. I’m too old for calendar photos now, maybe one of the newbies will bite…

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