A Quick Update…

I received a couple of comments this morning from someone who for whatever reason has decided to come back and complain about my blog. He supposedly was through reading it five years ago but apparently just couldn’t stay away.

In reply to a comment I made under “Go Ahead You Knock Yourself Out” he replied….

“All the time! Anyway, same ole same ole from you, didn’t you say the same dam thing 5 years ago? Running out of things to talk about that are RELEVANT?”

In reply to someone else’s comment under the same post….

“Maybe he should get with the times and learn something new instead of repeating the same drivel post after post to his 12 followers LMAO…anyway thanks for making yourself blockable too!”

(He’s referring to the fact that he blocked another detectorist on Twitter for sharing a link to a post of mine)

So here goes (again)…

If you find Stout Standards boring, offensive or depressing I am sorry.  I will not however change things just to make you or anyone else happy.  It’s my blog and it’s a personal blog. As for current technology…other than passing along information I receive from my friends/contacts he’s right, I can’t be much help.  Just old school tekkie here and yes I repeat myself often. After seven years and 804 posts I’ve indeed run out of fresh things to say.  If you look at the top of the page you will see the sub-title:

Musings from and old Beeper”.

You are welcome to disagree with things I say, to correct me when I’m wrong but please, please, please don’t complain over and over again. There are a zillion other metal detecting sites out there for you to find what you are after.

I’ve said this a few times before and I will say it again. If you don’t like what I have to say here that’s fine. No big deal. I understand. No one is “forcing” you to read Stout Standards. The mouse is in YOUR hand, not mine.

Have a great day everyone…



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51 responses to “A Quick Update…

  1. huntergt

    A street-wise person once said these memorable words….haters gonna hate. Here is to 804 more posts and 7 more years, if not to only torture their eyes, my enjoyment as well.

    • Thank you, appreciate it.

    • john taylor

      dick! i agree! it’s not fair to ”attack” you for providing a public service! i am happy that you consider the input of others, and that you do NOT have a “cavalier” attitude.thanks for allowing others to rant,OR to render their opinions on various subject matter.yours sincerely,
      “the pain in da ass!”


  2. michael sanders

    Hi, old bleeper keep the blogs comeing and tell them to stick the mouse were the monkey sticks he”s nuts love you

  3. Bob Sickler

    Dick… Relax… I think the amount of people that like you and respect you for what you have to say far outnumber those who don’t. It’s been said the truth sometimes hurts… Why else would someone come back 5 years later to complain again… Jealousy? Keep doing what you do Dick, your friends love you, those who don’t, too bad!

  4. Take heart, Dick. The whole point is that SS is being read! Never mind the fact that someone takes exception to parts of it…it’s being read…considered…you’ve achieved what you set out to do – to make people think. Even the complainer is thinking!
    Great! We’ll done. More please.

    • Thanks Bubba…you are a big part of this fiasco too, LOL.

    • john taylor

      some people have great difficulty “thinking beyond their noses” everyone comprehends at a different level.just a “fact of nature!” i agree with john’s assessment,getting people to analyze what’s being said in a thought provoking manner is an accomplishment in itself, and cannot be overstated.your effort in accomplishing this task is noteworthy, and appreciated.


  5. Paul Southerland

    Obviously someone jealous of your stellar carrier in metal detecting and all the friends you have in the industry. Or maybe it’s one of those uptight metal detecting hating archeologists trying to push your buttons by commenting on your site. It is after all YOUR site and you can say anything you want which has always been very informative information and insight on current issues in the metal detecting industry. Keep up what you’re doing Dick. Many of us appreciate it and enjoy reading your blog. I do not post my finds on social media nor will I make the foray into video and trying to be a video star on the internet. I was a photojournalist for 42 years and it would be easy for me to do so but will not. I, like many, enjoy metal detecting for the simple pleasure it provides and friends that can be made. Keep up what you’re doing. After 5 year the person keeps reading because your unbiased and correct. Oh, and probably out of jealousy like Bob said.

    • Thanks Paul. I need to remember “old tekkies never die they just lose their pin-pointers”.

      • Roy Rutledge

        I have never used a pinpointer and don’t plan to start using one.
        Get a good signal, detune your detector over the target and there you have it, pinpointed.

      • You didn’t like the “old tekkies never die they just lose their pinpointers” did you Roy, LOL.

        Have to agree with you on the pinpointing. Just one more thing to buy, to tote and to lose.

  6. Linda Bennett

    It is a shame that people love to make negative comments. I was taught – only make comments that are necessary for truth and even then, there are tactful ways to do so. In other words – it is okay to agree to disagree. If you don’t like a person’s blog – you can choose not to read it.

    • Exactly Linda. Guess that’s what bugs me most. Just move on if it’s not your cup of tea.

      Thanks and good to hear from you…hope all is well in sunny Florida

  7. john taylor

    and their “marbles!” ehe! he he!
    “the ship is sinking!..jump boys!.while we still can!



    Hi Dick. There are idiots like that everywhere online. So, though it’s frustrating just ignore the fool. You clearly have far more knowledge and life experience than they do and I expect he’s envious and doesn’t have a life. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.
    All the best from a very sunny Eastbourne, Best, John

    • I know John. Just woke up in a crappy mood and when I saw two more comments I got mad. He commented twice yesterday and I allowed them to stand and replied to them calmly. He than had the balls to get snarky with a gal who had shared a link on her twitter account and if that wasn’t enough he sent the two comments overnight.

      at 78 I should know better….

  9. Sonny

    Been swinging a detector since 1976 and after 43 years in our great hobby, I find everything you say and describe in your blog is the absolute truth!! Keep it up cause I tend to forget what it was like “back in the day”! I believe us old “swingers” really do appreciate what you have to share from your experiences. I know I do!

  10. John Winter

    You have my support, you old fart. Nostalgia is the name of our game. Like it or leave it. We all have an opinion, but this guy’s has grown into a vendetta. Using God’s words, “he’s a loser”. Just deleted him from my Blogroll . . .

  11. Gary Banning

    I’ve been detecting for about 50 years. I would choose reading your blog, over watching the new videos of every penny and dime found, any day of the week. The stories remind me of the good old days…and why I have enjoyed metal detecting. Things sure have changed.

  12. Sonny

    Does anyone remember a detector made by Jetco. It was a BFO with one knob. It was named “Mustang”. It was my very first detector and yes I found many coins with it at a school down the street. It had a depth range of just over an inch if the soil wasn’t too liberalized. At the time I was skeptical about metal detectors. However, it proved that metal detectors actually do work. I got it from a sporting goods store that was going out of business for the paltry sum of $18. I still have it to remind me of where I started so long ago. And, yes, it still works.

  13. Sonny

    Speaking of pinpointers, never used one until last year. My Garrett Ace400 came with the crazy ass DD coil. It ain’t my “cup of tea” for easy pinpointing but I have managed to learn it’s differences from the other coils I use. Got the pinpointer cause I figured it would help find the target a little faster. Plus, I guess I wanted to spend some more money on crap I really don’t need. However, it has been a real help in finding the target in the pile of dirt. But the greatest new thingy is my cordless headphones. No more getting the phones jerked off your head cause my knee is on the headphone cord when getting up. I’m old! I need all the help I can get!

    • Sonny have wondered why wireless took so long. I really thought by this time everyone would be offering it, that it would be on every model. Maybe soon but yeah I can imagine how great it must be not to have the cord working against you.

  14. Ed B.

    Dick…..just keep on doing what you do. I think we all enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to the next one.

  15. Tony

    Wow 804 posts! That is a ton of work to do and accomplish. Then you tell us about one blemish on such a stellar record.
    I always enjoy your work and the laughs and banter that comes along with it. Please keep up the posts!
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Bob kerr

    Duck just remember the saying you can’t please all the people all the time. Just keep your comments and posts coming. Your post are about what we do and love to do and you stay on topic. Great post KEEP the blog.

  17. john taylor

    dick! i ”concur!” don’t let the antagonizers beat you down! remember, stick to the ‘script” and continue to present your most experienced views on the hobby! we ARE all listening!i’m just sayin’


  18. You do a great job with the blog and I know you don’t give a darn who likes it and who don’t…and that is as it should be! I have to go board up the house now…Hurricane Dorian coming up to clean off the beach here in Central Florida. Should be some fabulous beach detecting afterward. Rock on, Dick!

  19. Packrat

    Too many detectorists today don’t care about the past hunters and hunting from 70 or 80s. When I started in the 70s I learned so much from reading about the earlier hunters. Little things that I have used for almost 50 years. Too many today feel like if it is not on YouTube then it has no value and yet they claim they can find all this old stuff with no help from us old guys. Their loss when we are gone

    • Larry it’s a different time, another era. Pretty sure they will be saying the same thing years from now IF the pastime is still around.

      Hope you are doing well. Say hi to everyone in the club. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

    • Hi Packrat:
      Brilliant mate! Bang on the nail. Newbies, and sadly some oldies who rely on YOOTOOB etc for experience, then I say let ’em run free…meanwhile we who know….ya follow my drift?

      For example, there’s a guy on my regular beach (which always comes up good for those who know) hunts with the coil at least 8″ above the sand(!!!!) who tells me…”The beach is worked out mate”. I always nod wisely and thank him for his wisdom.

      In short, if you think double cream is thick, wait until you meet some ‘know-all’ detectorists! Leave ’em to their own devices!!!


  20. Sonny

    Packrat, I agree 100% with what you say!! I was fortunate to start in the mid 70’s and reaped the benefits of the times. The newbies of today seem to think they really are finding the good stuff. They have no idea of what they missed. They better start to listen to us older guys before they have nowhere to go for experienced viewpoints and ideas.

    • john taylor

      and it will ”stay ” in the ground if some of these “so called experts” continue to
      tear up parks with shovels. i’m just sayin’


  21. heavymetalnut

    Just keep doing what you do! Screw Him!

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