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Decided to make this comment from Joe Patrick (see An Offer You Can’t Refuse) a post simply because it’s spot on and worth a read.  Joe is another old timer (sorry Joe) and has shared a lot of his experiences here and I owe him a beer or two.

In response to “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”

OK Dick, now you’ve done it!

I suppose you’ve raised a sore spot of mine which is that for some strange odd reason many in this hobby/sport today think that success only comes with owning the “best” and most expensive top-end metal detector(s) available. Does it help… yes, BUT!

Let’s throw out a couple of valid analogies. Can buying the best baseball bat made make you star hitter? How about owning the best and fastest race car? Does that mean you will win every race? Likely, not even one if you are going up against professional drivers. How about owning a full line of expensive auto-mechanic tools? Does that automatically make you a master mechanic? I could go on and on with examples. But the bottom line is… are you ready? It’s not the tools but the education, training and experience that make one successful no matter what they do. After you know what you are doing, then the best tools become vitally important.

So then, why in our hobby do so many believe that success is guaranteed and only comes from owning the best and most expensive metal detector? I mean, really think about it guys. A concert pianist can make almost any piano sound great. A good mechanic knows how to fix almost any car problem regardless of the quality of his tools, but good tools do help. I am sure that you get the picture and I could name scores of other examples.

You cannot surpass and short-cut knowledge and experience by throwing dollars at the problem. Want success? Find good places to detect. Fully learn what each and every control does on your metal detector. Practice, practice, practice. No matter what metal detector you own. Learn its sounds and nuances.

You might notice from my recent comment that I own and use many very old metal detectors. Why? Because I have put decades of time into learning everything about them and have successfully used them for untold numbers of hours in the field. They truly talk to me. Although many new metal detectors are very good, at my age, I simply may not have decades of time left to learn to use them as well as my “old-timer” machines.

There is nothing wrong with owning the best equipment. But don’t make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse. For the most part, you will get out of this hobby what you put into it. I wish you much success!



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7 responses to “Joe Patrick Commented…

  1. john taylor

    hi joe! you and me have at least one thing in common! we both love the tesoro! the analog audio
    on that instrument is simply amazing…sooo telling! as you mentioned, and i agree, learn the audio nuances,
    and a king’s ransom will be yours! ..super article joe!


    • Joe Patrick

      Yes, I have been a long-time Tesoro user and proponent. They manufactured many great metal detectors and I am very sad to see their company’s demise. I think every detectorist should own at least one Tesoro!

      • john taylor

        i own the “mojave” and coupled with the bandido 2 max,are two of the “best” they ever made! seems somewhat ironic in that just before the demise, they would basically combine the silver saber,and compadre into one ‘juiced” detector (mojave)in an attempt to “hold onto” their “base” customers.a lot of scuttlebutt on the forums indicates that no more than 200 were produced before the unfortunate capitulation. in any event i was saddened to hear the news as well.hunting with a single tone tesoro is a unique experience.


  2. Hi Joe:
    Nice comment mate. That great angler Charles Ritz once said that success comes not from the rod, but the hand that uses it. So it is with our game.

  3. john taylor

    hey john:
    isn’t charlie the one who penned that wonderful ditty,”puttin’ on the ritz?
    smash hit in 1983,if i recall correctly!..i’m just sayin’


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