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It’s been a while since I’ve actually swung a coil and that alone should disqualify me from talking about the pastime let alone write about it. On the other hand I’m a firm believer in the “not seeing the forest for the trees” thing so maybe it’s better looking at things from afar.  After 45 years my angle (and we all have one) is a seasoned one.

I do my best to stay connected to the pastime via social media, friends and industry contacts. Sadly the friends and contacts are dwindling.  Many have passed away, others have moved on and a few have chosen to tell me to go to hell (Nothing new there). 

Dear Dick…

Q. “Enjoy your site. Why don’t you do videos?”

A.  I don’t have a camera, don’t want a camera and what could I possibly film that you haven’t already seen?

Q. “I would love to see photos of your finds?”

A.  There are a few interspersed throughout the blog but remember when I started out we didn’t have smart phones. We spent our time finding it, not photographing it.

A few finds in one fell swoop (mid 80’s)

Q.  “Can you offer this newbie some a advice?”

A.  Pretty sure I’ve already done that here via eight hundred posts over seven years but if you insist –

“Don’t go crazy spending money you don’t have, have fun and no matter what anyone tells you it’s not rocket science”

Q.  “Are you still working on a book?”

A. Yes but it’s when the spirit moves me and that spirit takes a lot of holidays.


Of course I do get the occasional “kiss my ass, you’re over the hill, I’ve found more than you ever will” and “you’re boring”. Excluding the KMA my answer to all is ABSOLUTELY! 

The blog gives me a vehicle and a reason to express myself. It also serves as a repository for my memories and photos – many of which were sent to me by friends and detectorists. Unfortunately for you not everything I share here is hobby related. 

I write when I see something that I think you’d be interested in or when I see something that concerns me (a lot of that anymore). Sometimes I write just to write. Sometimes it’s about family, food, dogs or wine. Sometimes it’s to piss and moan though I don’t think I need to tell you that. It’s a way to let off steam without getting punched in the face or get thrown out of the house. And yes I know I dwell too much on the “how it used to be”. Pretty sure not much will change in that respect. Someday you will understand….. 

So der ya go! WYSIWYG – bad grammar & spelling free of charge. Now go have one for me!


Nothing has changed…

Had thought our image had changed over the years but apparently not….



Saw this this morning and it reminded me again of how intent we are today to complicate and screw up (not my first choice of words) the simplest of things.

We’ve Talked to FBI     




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24 responses to “WYSIWYG, Warts & All…

  1. Hey, great advert! You look a lot younger. I reckon you was ‘Photoshopped’, not to get rid of the wrinkles, but to add the gold.

    i’m just sayin’

  2. Yea, I bet most people nowadays don’t even know what WYSIWYG means anymore. Wish you could get out more yourself, but I know how it is. I go out detecting for one day and I need three to recover…like for every hour of helicopter flying, the thing needs three hours of maintenance! That battery ad is getting a lot of attention (notice they even do a little subtitle that lets you know what kind of detector it is?) especially since they portray the older guy stocking up on gold chains by the pound…newbies everywhere rushing out to buy little yeller’ Ace 400’s now I’m sure. Hang in there, Dick!

  3. Ed B.

    Dick, Please don’t feel that you dwell too much on “how it used to be”. I suspect that many if not all us old timers in the hobby dwell on it as much as you and whenever you post something on that subject is gives those of us who remember the good old days another trip down memory lane.

  4. Packrat

    Hi Dick. Always like your site. I am one of the long time hunters (since 1971) that likes remembering the classic hunters from the past. Every time you mention one by name I usually remember them. Some I knew personally

    • 1971? Larry you’re one old tekkie, LOL. Those were the days when we found a lot of stuff and were having too much fun to screw it up. It took progress to do that.

  5. Tony

    Dick, you do a better job than most when it comes to connecting the hobby with insight and common sense. I appreciate that the most, Keep it Simple is something we forget all too often

    • That’s because I’m a simple guy Tony….

      • john taylor

        yeah! me too dick! i like simple! i’m simple! simple is as simple does! it feels satisfying to be “simple!” nothin’ wrong with that! hot damn! now where did i put that pint of mad puppy!…hic! i’m just sayin’


      • Um, simple is kind of an understatement JT….bat shit crazy might be a better fit.

  6. I’ve only been in this hobby about 11 years or so (don’t remember anymore), but even though it hasn’t been 20 years or more, I still remember how it used to be… most sites I went to were virgin sites, silver quarters, dimes and rings were normal finds, beaches usually produced gold, and coppers and buttons were plentiful at cellar holes. Hardly anyone detected or really knew what the hobby was about, but it didn’t take long for social media and reality shows to take over. The sensationalism made the hobby popular, the stigma was removed (mostly), and now everyone wants to be in on finding “treasure”. Seems every site I hit lately has the tell tale holes (usually uncovered), and unwanted iron targets from previous hunters laying about. The targets, and sites are not renewable resources, so they are much harder to find, and more challenging to hunt. There’s no moral here, just a sad sigh…

    • Early on I remember being pleasantly surprised if I ran into another detectorist. Now I run the other way.

      And if I remember right we (Ron Womer and I) started the Mid-Jersey Research & Recovery club in the early 80s and for a long while we only had about five or six members. We all lived about 20 miles from each other but when we met each month the topic of open holes/dead plugs always came up. It’s been a problem for years and years and as our numbers increase so do the problems.

      Thanks for sharing Allyson..

    • john taylor

      allyson, the compulsion to “get it while i can” cannot be over emphasized. free wheeling “teams” of relatively “new” detectorists are asserting their prolific desires to “strip” the land of goodies at “whatever the cost!”. long time hobbyists are lamenting the fact that once ‘pristine” well producing sites are being ravaged, and defaced with little regard for the definition of “what’s “right or wrong!” as you mentioned, and i agree, the proliferation of “social media” in all it’s various forms
      has literally turned our hobby into a “crap shoot” as to whether it can survive.only the “march of time” (as sites get “cleaned out”) will determine if the current “rush” to get it all” will be a “deciding factor” in the hobby’s ability to carry on, and stay the course…best of luck to you,and thank you for your most interesting comments! ..i’m just sayin’


  7. David

    Is it extra life or extra power?

  8. john taylor

    john howland and me would beg to ‘differ” with you! both of us are just “learned old fools!” and (b.t.w.) last time i checked,you had “zero” shrink” credentials! “let he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone!
    i’m just sayin’


  9. john taylor

    it’s ok john! i’m a “big boy” i can take it!..you have been excused! dick is just “funnin” anyway! i still don’t think he likes “bein’ bent over!” though! a rather “uncompromising” position..i’m just sayin’


  10. Yeah, me neither!

    i’m just sayin’

  11. I give up with the “Johns” …..have no clue what the hell they’re rambling on about.

    Comments closed….

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