Detecting Diva – on the Money!

Haven’t had much to say of late and then Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. the Detecting Diva, shared her views on hunts – in particular hunts that set you back a few bucks before you even leave the house. Understand I’m probably the last person to ask about this now given my current status (broke) but it’s something that gave me pause as well when I wrote about it here five years ago.

Click on Diva’s smiling face to read her blog post and be sure to share your thoughts with her…

Hunt Free or Hunt Fee’s?

Today it appears a lot of the heavily advertised hunts are profit driven and while there’s nothing wrong with that it would certainly give me second thoughts. I also see labels like “largest hunt in the US” and I wonder why not just make it affordable, fun and memorable?  Nothing wrong with having the “BEST hunt in the US”….

Thanks Allyson for a great read and for getting me off my butt and for giving me something to talk (complain) about.  I’ll be sure to have one for you!

PS: Here’s a LINK to the Q&A session Diva graciously did for SS two years ago….


My Take On the Subject From April 22, 2014

Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

I still receive newsletters from a lot of TH’ing clubs even though I stopped doing the WET column years ago, and while I enjoy reading them they are a constant reminder of how much things have changed and just how out of touch I am.

One recent newsletter contained a flyer for a forthcoming club hunt and while I no longer attend these events I couldn’t help but notice the cost. It was a two-day hunt and if you wanted to participate in the main events it would cost you $165 in advance or $250 after a certain date. Now I am not adverse to spending money but damn that’s too rich for my blood and these prices did not include gas, lodging or meals.

Now I know there’s always the chance you “might” win a metal detector or dig up a few silver coins, but when all is said and done wouldn’t it be a lot easier to take that money and buy the detector you really want or invest it in a few key date coins that over time will increase in value?  And please, I know all about the camaraderie thing but unless you can spit nickels or pay a few of my bills no way I am spending that kind of money.

Another item I saw that blew my mind was a for sale ad that read “Need to sell… wife says eight detectors too many”. Really? Only eight? Why not ten or twenty?  I mean hell you never know when the first seven might break down!  Call me old school if you want…I just don’t get it…sorry!

Guess you can never have too many....

Guess you can never have too many….

So tell me.  How much you are willing to pay for a seeded hunt and how many detectors you own?

 Come on now,  at least I didn’t start this post off with “when I was a kid”…..




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24 responses to “Detecting Diva – on the Money!

  1. Avery Marder

    Ain’t that the truth !
    Gonna start a “Go Fund Me” page

    • Prices for the first two FMDAC Atlantic City Treasure Weekends (86 & 87) – $5 for the all day seminars, $25 for the banquet and $20 for the hunts on Sunday. Fifty bucks for the entire weekend if you wanted. AND we put every single penny back into the hunt.

  2. Roy Rutledge

    I have been going to seeded hunts since 1969. I used to go to 8 to 10 a year, Living here in Texas you could go to 7 or 8 a year and never leave the state.
    Cost was reasonable back in the old days.$50 would get you into 3 to 4 hunts a day.
    Lots of good prizes were given away back then. Garrett was always a great supplier of prizes. Aprons, digging tools, and of course several detectors. If the detectore were not donated then they were sold to the clubs at a discounted price.
    I was lucky and did win my share of detectors over the years..
    Now I just go to 2 or 3 a year and never leave the state. And even at that the cost is certainly going up each year. You are looking at $150 to $200 per hunt plus the hotel, meals and gas. So a weekend hunt is close to $500 per weekend
    Fast approaching the no go time.
    Did enjoy the times with the people I met and still see several of them from time to time.

    • Hi Roy, remember the events from the 70’s and 80’s….lots of familiar faces and all bargains. Those days apparently are long gone….

      • john taylor

        charlie garretts “show” in north hampton ,mass back in ’80 comes to mind! what a well run affair. the fair grounds had never been hunted before.the fair was started in 1845.anybody who was anybody was there.many give aways from “all” manufacturers, and what a fun day. never forget it. many great finds, to include gold was pulled that be truthful, you will never experience something like that ever again. “perfect storm” of an 1845 “virgin” fair grounds, coupled with an industry right smack in the middle of it’s “hey day”all original stuff being found (nothin’ planted),with the all the “movers and shakers” together at “one” location.lest i forget, super “short” money to get in, as garrett picked up expenses. fantastic event!


  3. I’m desperately sorry Diva seems to have been shafted by scammers. These scamming assholes are out there and prey on Tekkies who for one reason or another cannot find hunting grounds. It’s a lucrative market and one that Tekkies should be aware. For the ‘organisers’ it’s an easy buck.

    • They scammed a lot more than me. Probably 50 or more people, and half paid for motels and meals. It’s a crap shoot, and you take your chances at any site or hunt, ‘cause you never know what your going to get, but to be dishonest to make money, well shame on them.

      • john taylor

        diva! be somewhat positive about it, it IS a good time attempting to find some good stuff, along with the camaraderie one experiences. the friendly competition is what makes it work, but as you stated, the allure, if you will, of the opportunity to empty one’s bank account is definitely a turn off.


      • Well…..I did mention a few times that I do go to all these hunts for the fun, friendship and camaraderie. I’m just afraid that myself and others won’t be able to go anymore because they are getting so darn expensive.

  4. Frank Lawson

    Roy, I’m going to kick ur butt (in my dreams). Gosh, Dick, those were fun days. Tulsa, Van Fossen, etc. These days I have to hock my car to enter. If I wasn’t so old I could compete but now I compete with myself. Hunt prices, silver prices, quality of prizes, and collateral expenses have driven most of us old timers out of this phase of the hobby. What a shame-was the Golden Age of seeded hunts.

    • Frank I know we must sound like text book old timers but they were indeed good times. We were fortunate to have experienced them. Add in the lack of in-the-field competition, the abundance of silver and personal friendships (as opposed to internet) and we have a lot to be thankful for….

  5. john taylor

    sucker’s game, and as dick has mentioned, save your scratch, and buy your detector, or invest in some numismatically valuable coins. like everything else, costs have skyrocketed, and these hunts are turning into a rich man’s folly!….definitely in favor of the sponsors, and not so much the average schmuck tryin’ to get by! believe there are some hidden forces in play here in that because of escalating expenses, people have to demand higher entry fees, along with the dwindling participation factor,doesn’t bode well for the future survivability of these events…it’s disconcerting for sure.but there it is!

  6. Seems I’m not alone in my rant Dick. Thanks for posting.

  7. Frank Lawson

    Dick, have a glass (or two or three) of red and I will have a glass of sweet tea for you. To paraphrase an old tv program. ‘Those were the days and we were there’.

  8. john taylor

    sucker’s game! back in the olden, golden days of the hobby, short money got you in…today? like everything else, gotta practically float a second on the house to afford entry fees.only real winners are the sponsors trying desperately to hang on to market share…i’m just sayin’


  9. Ed B.

    I’ve been going to seeded hunts for quite awhile and there were some good ones with lots of coins and tokens to find for a reasonable fee. The best one locally was in Westfield, Mass…..$35 got you TWO hunts on Saturday and TWO more on Sunday. Additionally they had a hunt field set up for the kids where they could hunt all day long and keep whatever they found NO CHARGE. Loaded with silver coins and tokens for GOOD prizes like silver bars and rounds, silver dollars, and of course metal detectors and equipment. There were also a few stinkers back then where you got almost nothing in return for your entry fee. Most notably a hunt in Belmar, N.J. Now, I go to only one a year and I’m seriously thinking that this year’s hunt will be my last one….high entry fees that were increased again this year and my suspicions that very little is put in the ground versus the high entry fee. Dozens of hats, oversized T shirts, and cloth pouches for prizes but those are all donated. People burying the coins and tokens are allowed in the hunt !!!! For what the entry fees cost me for the two of us I could have put that money to good use on camo gear, a shovel, and a camera for YouTube videos.

  10. john taylor

    dick! sorry to break the news!..your ”jesus” audition failed
    you get an “a” for effort though! just sayin’


  11. john taylor

    attempting to be “smart” and ”cute” at the same time
    is not one of my considerable attributes..please excuse the remark!


  12. groundskeeper52

    Our club doesn’t do seeded hunts. We all agree it is “made up” metal detecting. I prefer to do research on sites. Look for old foundations. Try under big trees or untouched beaches etc. Find things that weren’t planted a day earlier. I pay enough for gear I don’t need to pay someone else to “let” me find something.

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