Interesting Stats…

Relic Recoverist – Jocelyn Elizabeth

I check my blog statistics almost daily and they’re very telling. The one post that ALWAYS gets a lot views? The Q&A with Jocelyn Elizabeth. Likewise search terms that directed people to my site are frequently…

“is Jocelyn Elizabeth married”, “Jocelyn Elizabeth husband”, “Jocelyn Elizabeth age” and “Jocelyn Elizabeth photos”

Jocelyn you’re a rock star! And guys I know who you are and I’m telling your wives…



people on pedestrian lane

Apparently I have a lot of fans in Hong Kong and I’m a little baffled. The number of daily visits some days outnumber those from the states. The guys at WordPress however assure me nothing is amiss and all is well.  If you’re in Hong Kong and reading this tell me more. And oh yeah thank you….


Most Popular Post…

continues to be the April 14, 2017 “Is It the Detector or is it You?”


 It’s a fact!

Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives and it’s getting WTF ridiculous. The simplicity and the sheer fun of being involved and interacting is being sucked out of every thing.

photography of people using smartphones

When I see people staring at their phones I wonder how they will feel when technology puts them in the unemployment line!


A Short TBT

Well come on now, it is Thursday! Here’s a throwback from June 2013


Still trying to come up with a unique name in order to be cool on the forums out there.  I am at a disadvantage now with the basic “Barnum” in that it’s  much too simple, not catchy nor descriptive enough.  I am still leaning toward “Needabeer”, but have a few more to think about. Here’s what I have so far….

2old4dis – Mannytabs – MustBnuts – Ymidoindis – Oldigger – Imgreedy – DidIpay4gas – 2old4tabs, Overdahill – DownNout & MedicareDick.

Had a few others come to mind, but couldn’t share them here (any other first name but Dick would have worked). Oh well….stay tuned.




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22 responses to “Interesting Stats…

  1. relicrecoverist

    Thanks for this, Dick. ☺️

  2. I’m doing some serious research into whether female detectorists are more capable than their male counterparts. In order for me to complete my very important archaeological research, could you tell me : –
    a. Whether Jocelyn is a single lady? (Just for my report)
    b. Does she prefer Bourbon, Scotch, Champagne, or Thunderbird? Does she pay for her own drinks? (Just for my report)
    c. Does she hunt in the evening? (Shift workers do)
    d. If Jocelyn would like to ‘research’ with me, she can phone, but tell her if a woman answers…Hang-up!

    As you know Dick, I am a serious kinda guy and my academic research is vitally important, not too mention, hands on! (If you follow my drift?)

    • John, I can answer some of those questions, a. Yes there is only one Jocelyn as far as i’m aware, b. She prefers all of the above, the question should read does she like alcohol, c. Often found hunting till all available sunlight has been extinguished, d. Joc (see I do know her), doesn’t research, she meditates prior to any hunt, 3 hours minimum followed by a gallon of coffee & then goes detecting with her partner, oh sorry was that Q a. ?

    • relicrecoverist

      I think Nigel answered these questions better than I could have. He knows me so well.

      A. Yes, I am only one person. However, I could probably get a lot more work done as two people.

      B. Beer. Nigel can attest. Beer.

      C. I have a very large collection of headlamps.

      D. Would you believe I get these offers all the time? I must look like a good researcher. And I am a stickler for doing my own research, but I do appreciate the offer! ☺️

  3. Ed B.

    #1….I vote for MustBnuts, YMIDOINDIS is a close second.
    #2….At least those young folks staring at their phones aren’t in a bathroom stall talking on their phones like a few I’ve noticed.
    #3….Seeing as how you get so many inquiries about Jocelyn Elizabeth maybe you could start a Detectorists Only Dating Site. Could be a windfall for you.

  4. Ed B.

    After they see you in that Duck Dynasty lookalike picture with your camo on, how could they not?

  5. john taylor

    second coming of ”jesus!”
    sin, and go down no more!


  6. Funny about the phone-thing, Dick. I was sitting in the waiting room with Patti for her Doc appointment yesterday, when I noticed out of the 15 people (excluding us) in the room, 13 were “head-locked” in the stare-at-my-tiny-plastic-device positione. The 14th guy was reading a magazine, looked up and said “Hi!!” If there had been a fire he was probably the only one who would have looked at the evacuation plan on the wall, while the rest searched for it in the smoke and fire filled room. It’s gotten so bad, that some towns in Germany have put up automatic stoplights for cars when a head-downer wanders into traffic. Man!

  7. john taylor

    must a’ been you in them there woods “reverend!” tryin’ to score a date wit her! you should be payin’ attention to your ‘financial obligations” to your fellow man first, then indulge in “extra curricular” activities…i’m just sayin’


  8. C’mon JT ….that gal has made a happy man …very old. Not me in dem dare woods..”.extra curricular activities”, wot dat den?

    i’m just sayin’

  9. john taylor

    yes! john! you are correct! she IS a ‘knock out!” unfortunately, a married one! ..(hot damn) wish i was 30 years younger! i would be “honored” to dig in the woods with her! ..dreamers unite!..just sayin’


  10. Our club, The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club, has hosted Garrett Metal Detectors and relicrecoverist on a few hunts down here in Central Florida. Jocelyn bravely hunted in the 105-degree weather in a very hot and humid jungle, a WWII military base that was burning up in intense Florida sun being re-developed into oblivion, and several parks we have access to. Jocelyn is a head-down, methodical hunter. She found a fantastic piece of NAVY…I think it was literally a silver spoon…dinnerware in an area we had hunted many times before. She is quite tall, something that does not come thru in all the photographs, and she does not like large, camouflaged (camo again) spiders sitting on top of her backpack. I have lived here in Florida my whole life, and THAT spider scared the heck out of me! She was a pleasure to hunt with, and maybe one day she’ll visit us again.

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