Savvy Shopping!

brown leather wallet using blue steel clap

Shopping has long been thought to be a female thing but that’s not really true. Men shop too. The difference of course is in what they shop for. Women like to shop for clothes and jewelry. Men? Things like golf clubs, fishing gear, tools, grills and oh yeah…. metal detectors.

For whatever reason we can’t wait to part with our money and drool over every new detector that comes on the market, believing it’s the machine that will finally put us on easy street. After all it’s guaranteed to go down three inches more than the one we have now and it has that locked on, never in doubt, right on the money, you bet your ass target ID! And get this….it weighs one ounce, fits in your hip pocket, can be upgraded via download, comes with a camouflage field team cap and you can put more than 25 different searchcoils on it.  I mean damn, what’s not to like?

You can’t stop thinking about it…

…and you bite. You somehow find the money and you buy. You are happy as a pig in sh*t. You tell everybody at work, on Facebook, Twitter and you get antsy waiting for it to arrive. When it finally comes you just have to take a photo of the box, and if the rest of tekkiedom is lucky you make a video of the unpacking and share it on YouTube. You show it to your friends, you take it to the club meeting, you fiddle with it in the john and you sleep with it.

Then reality sets in…

….and you actually attempt to use it. You try to figure out what all those pads and labels mean and you try to get past page five of the 500 page manual (that’s where the assembly and battery insertion stops). You figure what the hell, I’ll go with the presets and take it to that park I’ve pounded the hell out of. You know, the one you’ve hunted 500 times in the last two years.

You get there and you go ever so slow because you’re not comfortable with the new detector and because you just know this puppy is going to sniff out those rare and very valuable Barbers, Liberty Seated, and Bust coins. You dig every signal because you’re not sure how your new detector responds, what it’s audio responses sound like. Then BAM… you find an oldie, a nice one and you’re convinced you made the right choice. Greatest detector ever, best damn investment you’ve ever made and you’re quitting your job in the morning!

Okay, I’m done bustin’ chops….

There’s some truth in the ole “where there’s smoke there’s fire” so taking that new toy to a known old coin producing site makes some sense, but understand that old coin you just found was more the result of you having slowed down and having listened than it is the new detector. After all you knew diddly squat about it when you arrived there and you were using presets so don’t go off the deep end.

The moral of this story?

…“IF” you kept going slow, listened intently AND really learned that new toy you just spent an arm and a leg on you ought to kick everybody’s ass when it comes to finding more. Add in some good ole fashioned research and you could be on top of the world.

On the other hand….

….you could just keep your old machine and do the same thing – slow down, listen carefully, research and give that money that you would have spent to the wife. She will love you for it, she will go out and spend it and while she’s doing that you’re out detecting!  Never forget….if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!


Throwback Thursday Photos

Hawking the Garrett line with Bob Podhrasky, Treasure Expo 1988
(photo courtesy of Paul Tainter)

l to r; Rosalie Ray, yours truly, Gerald Costello and John Howland – first World Council meeting, Longleat Castle, 1986

Looking for that hidden stash – early 80’s




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26 responses to “Savvy Shopping!

  1. john taylor

    (hot damn!) dick! and the “reverend” at the same table!let me think! (a slow process) ahhh!..discussing where we are going to “imbibe” after the meeting!..ha! ..”hawking” the “boing-boing!”back when “jesus was little” definitely, a study in determination! all kidding aside, you deserve “accolades” for all the years you spent ”supporting” the hobby. thanks for “giving a damn dick!”.your books should be “required reading”,especially the “digging deeper coins”..”dead nuts” right, and a very informative read! time for another “pint run” run for some “purple jubilation!”..ha!


    • Er….JT, let’s have that again, this time in English. I have no f*****g idea what you are talking about.

      i’m just sayin’

      • John, you looking a little like James Bond sitting there in the bow tie in the castle library…looks like a meeting with Money Penny and M…and maybe Q.

      • In a tuxedo no less…. We were smokers galore too.

      • john taylor

        “reverend!” apparently “overindulgence” doesn’t treat you kindly!
        read it tomorrow!..should make more sense! ..dick says you need ”glasses!”
        as for me?..i say! if you can locate the “business” end of a “wine bottle”
        then you don’t need glasses! ..i’m just sayin’


  2. Tony

    Dick, I too love the Unpacking the box videos….but I ask myself why do they do it…do they have too much time on their hands?
    My old friend Harry Nichols, (he owned GEO Quest in NJ), said – “you are walking over it, slow down and listen”, you all are detecting way to fast.
    You and he are right, thanks for the reminder!

    • Tony have no idea why. Too much time on their hands makes as much sense as anything else….

      We had a couple of federation meetings at Geoquest. Harry Nicholas was a funny guy and a real gentleman.

    • Ed B.

      Maybe the ones making the unpacking videos believe that they are helping to teach the newbies who are too dumb to know how to unpack a detector. Kind of a community service thing.

  3. I may have to go on oxygen now after reading this post…laughing so hard I couldn’t breath! And great pictures…wow!

  4. Ed B.

    It weighs one ounce and fits in your hip pocket…..kind of an offshoot of the “Popiel’s Pocket Fisherman”.

  5. Tony

    Thank you for that blast from the past photo of you Harry, his wife and two others involved in the Federation, very cool!

    • Tony. Harry’s not in the photo. Just shared it because we were in front of Harry’s store (Geoquest).

      In the photo: Sam Abramo (FMDAC attorney), Jerry Lenk (FMDAC secretary), Rosalie Ray (FMDAC treasurer), Harry Bodofsky (FMDAC Vice President) and yours truly. Sam and Harry passed away not too long after our trip to England….

  6. Ed B.

    I’m pretty much in agreement with your “Savvy Shopping” philosophy. Yes….men love to shop, for all those “guy” things including detectors. Many go off the deep end for whatever reason…..looking cool, having something “better” than the next guy or as you also said because they think it will automatically find more coins, jewelry, relics, etc. than their previous unit. Money spent that way may never be recovered from the finds it gets for them. Like most, I too was guilty of that form of self indulgent pleasure when I became involved in this hobby in 1983. My first detector was an “El Cheapo” Garrett that was at the bottom of the detector barrel because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in case detecting wasn’t for me. I found a few things with it but nothing to get anyone excited. After speaking to a coin dealer friend of mine who sold White’s detectors I bought a White’s 6000di and immediately started finding the good stuff and now I’m INTO this hobby big time. I bought all kinds of overpriced, over hyped “stuff” that I only THOUGHT I needed such as a Jimmy Sierra Bigfoot coil, a White’s hipmount kit, a White’s wireless “gizmo” (can’t remember what they called it), books, diggers, and things I probably no longer remember. After I became more wise I realized that I was spending hard earned dollars on things that weren’t really needed. BUT…the White’s which cost a lot more than the entry level Garrett, DID find a lot of goodies for me and if I didn’t accidentally smash it, I’d possibly be still using it today. That unfortunate happening led to my purchase of a White’s Eagle II in 1988 or 1989. I had the Eagle until 2014 when even though it was still in perfect working order and had never been in the shop I decided to “TREAT” myself to a new detector…a White’s M6. I didn’t need it but WANTED it. It didn’t find any more than I would have found with the Eagle but it was a bit lighter in weight which was a plus as I got older. I figured I’d keep this M6 until I retired from detecting but won a Garrett AT Pro at a seeded hunt and found that I really liked the pro which has already found some good stuff. Now, after much thought I decided to buy a Garrett Z-Lynk wireless system for it with some of my “disposable” income. Do I NEED it? NO…. but I wanted it. Will it help me find more coins? Not a chance in Hades ! ……but if I can’t spend/waste my money on something once in a while I may as well curl up in a ball and wait to die. HMMMM……let’s see now. I’ve got a credit card with lots of room on it, and a camo outfit and shovel might be nice…………

    • “let’s see now. I’ve got a credit card with lots of room on it, and a camo outfit and shovel might be nice…………”

      Don’t forget snake boots and bandolier…..

      Thanks Ed, all good points and let me know if there’s still room on that card. I’m running low on the cabernet.

      • john taylor

        dick! remember! can sip the dog, and “dream” it’s a cabernet!
        don’t forget that “event physiological” thing i mentioned before.
        ehe! heh! he!

      • Ed B.

        After the snake boots and bandolier, I just might have enough room left on the card to send you a bottle or two of the Cabernet. Oh Wait ! I just remembered I should get one of those cameras so I can make a YouTube video.
        Seriously, thanks for putting up with my long winded rant……..that alone is worth a bottle of wine.

      • Most definitely a camera…what would your detecting life be without one? I mean you’d have to JUST metal detect….

        Never a long winded rant here and always appreciative of comments from everyone.

  7. john taylor

    hi! ed b.!
    whitey’s m6 had a 10 year gig, got dumped, then brought back!
    interesting!.., outstanding coin and jewelry “sniffer!” still around! “sleeper!”

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