Too Many Candles…

I have no clue how the aging process is supposed to work but I turn 78 today and I’m not all that excited about it. You see despite all my efforts to exercise, lose weight and eat better the aches and pains are gaining ground.

Of course I knew I’d have rheumatoid arthritis given my family history but I didn’t know it would be so damn debilitating. Not only can’t I play the guitar any more, I can’t even straighten my fingers or make a fist.

Ah, then there’s neuropathy…that invisible disease that I’ve become an expert in. I won’t bore you with a description of what neuropathic pains and symptoms are but suffice to say they’re not a lot of fun and there’s no cure.

On the flip side I can do a little detecting but times are such that finding a silver Roosevelt would be exciting and finding a Merc would be reason to throw a party with fireworks. Jeezus I miss New Jersey.

At the moment my connection with the pastime is pretty much online and even that is a boring constant. ‘Expert Eddie’ still knows it all, ‘Nobody beats Ned’ is still finding all those hard to believe finds, ‘Sexy Sally’ is still luring em in, ‘Learning Larry’ is still trying to ID that piece of metal from a sardine tin and ‘Producer Pete’ is still knocking out YouTube videos one after another.

Having said all this I’m a very lucky guy and grateful for all that I have. Have a great weekend and happy hunting…





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33 responses to “Too Many Candles…

  1. Many happy returns, ole pal!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dick! Sorry for all the pains…I’m an expert on nueropathy too…and I certainly will forward you the cure when I hear of it myself…I’ll even volunteer for the clinical trials! I wish you could get out more…and I agree on the silver finds. Not much left to dig,and I have no idea where these guys on social media dig all these coins…and by the handful no less! I got out myself for a bit with friends metal detecting last week, and set my sights on artifacts. Found what I thought was a very old artifact…an old lead fishing sinker I’d never seen before…and I told my hunting partner “Look at this antique fishing weight!” He’s got another 7 or so years on you and he says “Old, are you kidding? I used them fishing when I was a kid!” We both looked at each other and he started to laugh and said “Well, maybe it IS an antique now!” Happy birthday again and take care of yourself. Patti says “Hi!”

    • Jim knowing what you have gone through and still go through I have no right to complain. About anything!

      Glad to hear you got out detecting…hang in there.

  3. Randy Dee

    Dick getting old is a tragedy, I endure similar suffering with almost 77 candles on my cake.

    • As Mr. Winter likes to say there’s no future in getting old…. Hang in there Randy, we old guys need to be around to tell ’em how its done…

  4. Dominique Da Silva

    This techie wishes you a Happy Birthday along with many more!

  5. john taylor

    it’s ok! dick! i hear ya! you and your “merlot” and me with my (mad dog 20/20)
    we can over come anything life throws at us! i’m just sayin’ (hic!…hic!)

    • Doesn’t have to be Merlot….just has to be red.

      • john taylor

        good color choice!. has more “flavornoids!”
        ahhhh! the juice of da grape! the “dog’s” purple!
        not much in the way of flavornoids,but it’s got
        a whole lot of “other redeeming characteristics!”


  6. Joe

    Dick, if your candles are starting to cost more than your cake, then yes, you ARE getting old! JK 🙂 Have the merriest of birthdays ever, and be sure to enjoy a few glasses too while you’re at it!

  7. Ed B.

    Happy Birthday Dick…..may you have many more. Truly sorry to hear of what’s ailing you….it’s no fun. I’m 73 but have been pretty lucky so far with health…the only thing I’ve noticed for a couple of years now is my stamina is getting less and less. No more all day hunts, now it’s three hours and maybe four if the weather is cool. If that remains my only problem I’ll consider myself lucky. I love the cartoon… kind of says a lot about today’s “detectorist”…er’……..change that to “”TREASURE HUNTER””.

  8. Paul Southerland

    Happy Birthday Dick!

  9. Packrat

    Happy Birthday Dick. Keep up the good work of reminding all the newbies about what true treasure hunting was like back in the day. I enjoy remembering all those hunters and the days of old

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday, Dick.

    My father always said that the only thing worse than getting old is the alternative!

    It does have its advantages, though: it is amusing to think about the silly things one used to do when young that you would never now consider doing on a bet.



  11. Bob Sickler

    Happy Birthday Dick! I’m a “teenager” soon to be 67 in a few days and I can sympathize on the neuropathy side of things for sure, but I just keep playing the guitar. It’s an uphill battle trying to keep my A1C in an acceptable range and not succumb to today’s “wonder drugs” that cause worse problems than the inherent malady! What works best is walking 6 mile round trips on rail trails when I’m not walking behind a metal detector for 8 hours straight. Fact is the best defense is keeping that “teenager” mentality alive! Thanks for all you do for us! New Jersey is still waiting for you bro!

  12. Tony

    Happy Birthday Dick and thank you for keeping us in laughs and reminding us of the good old days!

  13. Ken

    Happy birthday Dick! Have a great day! Have you ever tried Apothic Red wine it’s my favorite and only around 10 dollars a bottle.🎂🎂🍷🍷👍😊🎆🎆🙏

    • Thanks Ken. Have not tried or heard of Apothic Red but will check it out and let you know. I found a cheap red “Rex Goiliath” that I really like….seems to last longer too. $7 (I’m a cheap wino)…

  14. john taylor

    ya outta try some “mad dog” dick! never know!, might take a likin’ to it!
    $1.50 a pint off the shelf at piggy-wiggly! .has a tendency to change one’s point of view
    damn quick! ..i’m just sayin’


  15. Nah, JT yo’ got it all wrong ‘Ole Pal;
    Foot rubbing alcohol with a dash of fresh lime juice …mmmm, yum!
    i’m just ayin’

  16. john taylor

    hi john!
    nah! don’t wanna ”croak” .. just get “buzzed!”
    i’m just sayin’


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