Selling Dreams…


With the apparent demise of Tesoro I’m reminded of something that was said to me quite a few years ago by the head of a major detector company. We were talking marketing and he said “you have to remember we sell dreams“…

That comment has stuck with me and it does indeed represent what metal detector manufacturers do (or should do).

I’ve always felt the best salesperson a company has is the end user, a.k.a the customer. Give them what they want, keep them in the loop and they will be customers for life. You can also keep your brand out in front via a company spokesperson or personality who can inspire and promote the product. When I started detecting it was the likes of Jimmy Sierra, Charles Garrett, Ray Smith, Glenn Carson and end users like Kay Modgling and Arnold Grieves (Compass).

Early magazine ad with Kay Modgling

Thanks to social media today’s tekkies have lots of idols like KG & Ringy, Relic Recoverist (Jocelyn Elizabeth), Nugget Noggin (Michael Bennett), Aquachigger (Beau Ouimette), Silver Slingers (Dominque Ivy and Mark), the White’s Test Team and Minelab’s Gary Drayton, Andy Sabisch and Brandon Neice. They’re all over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, as well as in print ads and in-person appearances at events. You cannot put a price on this sort of advertising.

Three of today’s familiar faces: Beau Ouimette (Garrett), Gary Drayton (Minelab) and Dominique Ivy (Whites)

Other areas that set the successful companies apart from the also-rans?  Magazine ads, websites and product catalogs. All very costly but trying to cut corners and save a few dollars is apparent to the savvy customer who’s looking for the best bang for his buck. Garrett is without a doubt head and shoulders above the competition in all three categories. Their website and catalogs are eye catching, detailed and full of useful information. Next would have to be Minelab.  I mean who can forget the introduction of the Equinox at Detectival?

Now I’m sure there’s a lot more to the Tesoro story than just advertising and marketing and what I’ve said here is just me blabbing away. I sincerely hope we don’t lose any more manufacturers and who knows, just maybe someone will step up, save the day, buy Tesoro and bring it back. Time will tell.

AND.…… there’s nothing wrong with selling, having and chasing dreams. Nothing at all…




This weekend we will be honoring and remembering all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live free in the greatest country in the world. Thanks to them you will be enjoying that cookout, family get-together, parade, fireworks, whatever.  Try not to get so caught up in all the festivities that you forget the real meaning of Memorial Day.

A special shout out and thank you to all you Viet Nam vets and those who lost their lives in that conflict…


Now excuse me…Digger and I are going to a movie




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20 responses to “Selling Dreams…

  1. This movie plus wine is cheaper than buying wine at the liquor store, right? 🙂

    • Absolutely…love it. I’m getting a glass for Digger too….

      Hope all is well with you John. Have a great weekend.

      • Sorry to say that many of the men who never came back from the conflicts had dreams too…remember them well.

        I heard that now they know you’re going, they’ve put the Merlot delivery tanker drivers on stand-by and Bordeaux’s wine treaders on overtime.

        i’m just sayin’

        PS. Good to hear from John Hooker.

  2. john taylor

    $15.00 for a movie and wine?..gotta be “mad dog” at that money!
    ehe! heh! heh! only in the “lone star” state!

    yep! garrett is “great” at the ad thing, but they ain’t holdin’ the “trump card”
    in the industry right now! gotta “throw another shrimp on the barbie” to get that!
    i’m just sayin’


    • There are Fords and there are Chevys and ……

      • john taylor

        yes!..i agree in principal dick,but you can “pitch” principal
        out the “winda” when it comes to “performance”.lots of veteran hunters
        are chasin’ the “multi-freak”,and i hope the “big three” will get their sh*t
        together! not interested in losin’ another one. just sayin’


      • John we ALL know how you feel about Garrett and that’s fine. No need to repeat yourself. Use whatever your little heart desires….

  3. john taylor

    in addendum:
    may god bless all our “courageous” veterans
    when you see a vet, make sure you ‘thank” him for
    his service this weekend, and every weekend! “may god make his face to
    shine down upon them, and grant them peace!”


  4. john taylor

    hi “reverend!”
    don’t forget the “m.d.20/20!”
    they been stockin’ up special for his arrival!
    poor ”digger” hope he’ll be able to “bark” again

  5. john taylor

    dick! you are correct! i “have” mentioned this a time or two! well! what do you expect? i’m a “geezer like you, and have difficulty remembering what happened yesterday! i do remember you still owe the ‘right reverend” his 20 spot though! not sure why i remember this!.must be the (m.d.) 20/ any event,maybe i will move up a “notch or two” in quality,and give my memory a fighting chance to improve! .i’m just sayin’


  6. heavymetalnut

    What am I chopped liver?

    • No not at all…I mentioned the White’s field team. Just didn’t want to get into a “did I forget anyone” thing. Dominque’s vids and posts seem to be more frequent and more obvious.

      Anyway let me try…Dave Wise, Todd Hiltz, Bob Buttafuso, D.J. Yost, Ed Cropski and John Ruth. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry.

  7. Another example of the Minelab marketing….

  8. john taylor

    hey! that’s pretty “kool!” clever, and a departure from the “ordinary!”
    give ’em credit! “first class show!” get that “barbie” fired up! ..just sayin’


  9. Not sure if they are selling dreams any more. More like selling a wardrobe to look the part, and fit in with the group. Again, too many people in the hobby, making it more of a competition than a hobby. So far, where the general public is concerned, when “treasure’ or cash is involved, they are pretty much akin to a stampede of buffalo, with the same delicate sensibilities where treatment of public and private land is concerned. Just watched a YouTube video the other day of a guy who makes hiking and trail exploration productions. I was surprised when he said on his most recent video that he was going to quit identifying areas of New England he hikes in where he finds old stone ruins and historic places, because people with metal detectors have come in and badly damaged the locations with unfilled holes and other acts of vandalizing. I nearly fell out of my chair! He said he metal detected himself, but he never would have done the kind of damage to a site he’d seen. Darn! .

    • “Again, too many people in the hobby, making it more of a competition than a hobby…”
      Jim you nailed it.

      Hope you are doing well and getting out some..

    • john taylor

      actually mr. fielding it is! always been about ”competition” in the sense that whoever “beats the other guy”
      to a site first,,either through research,or just meandering down the road generally wins! been this way ever since i can remember! started the hobby around ’77,and it was bad back then! as far as digging properly is concerned, why do the right thing when ya get there first, you can tear the place apart, abscond with the goodies, and then “blame the next guy” for the mess.most all the ”good guys” consider it a hobby, but alas, as in life, not everyone IS a good guy, and with the advances in technology, allowing more and more stuff to be pulled from sites, just going to get one wants to be left behind.perhaps you can liken it to a bunch of mad dogs scrambling for the remaining scraps from the king’s table…


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