Found the following on the Canadian Metal Detecting forum and wanted to share. I find it sad and have to wonder who will be next…..



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  1. It’s sad someone hasn’t bought the whole company and kept it going. I know several guys that swear by there Tesoro’s.

    • Steve I guess it’s still a possibility… I would think there’s still a market for them and that the patents are worth something? Maybe in due time we will find out.

      • I’ve always wanted to use one of their machines. May have to go to the dreaded forums or feebay to find one.

      • First time in the UK (mid 80’s) they were a hot commodity, especially the Silver Sabre. They were able to see through all the the iron and find the small stuff.

  2. gurnie@atlanticbb.net

    Another one bite’s the dust, sad, the vacume will be filled by another.. The question I will ask, what did Tesoro not do to keep going ?

    • Gurnie if they’re replaced by another it will surely be foreign. Seems they’re ahead of the game compared to the US. I think Tesoro didn’t enter the computerized age when everyone else did and didn’t seem to care. It eventually caught up to them. JMO.

      • Bob Sickler

        Dick… I think you are correct. I noticed for several years Tesoro lagged behind in new model development and failed to take their ID detector any further along. I said to Joe Patrick many times I thought Tesoro would be one of several major manufacturers to go into demise. Sadly my intuition was correct. For what they were, Tesoro manufactured some great detectors over the years they were in business, I owned several and field tested many… And for a time helped them with their advertising. I can remember way back when Jack Gifford went on his own after C&G Technologies to start Tesoro.

        On the video… I do hope those still shots predated the dissolve because I see several units possibly with work tags and I can only hope those people got their detectors back safely. So sad…

      • Bob I think you and Joe ought look into buying the company.

      • Bob Sickler

        Hey Dick…. Maybe with that 20 bucks John owes you, Joe, you and I can go into a triple partnership! 😉

      • John? Repay me? ROFLAMO….it’s up to you and Joe.

  3. The Tesoro Golden Sabre sliced through roman habitation sites like no other. The small coil was a scalpel. brilliant bit of kit.

  4. john taylor

    outrageous little detector, ‘tesoro!” not a lot of money, and truly wonderful analog audio. With a small coil on board, extremely well balanced. i believe it’s demise was a direct result of NOT offering a “free drink” token with purchase.you would be amazed, and astounded as to how debilitating an effect this can have on a detector manufacturer. “lifetime warranties” aside, they “messed” up by not including one in the box, along with their “decal!”..i’m just saying’..”hic!”..hic!”


  5. Ed B.

    I had a Tesoro Silver Sabre detector as a backup back in the 1980’s. Nice little detector that got the job done. Sorry to see this company is just a memory.

  6. john taylor

    this is true ed! lots of guys love the tesoro. i have had a few over the years. i presently hunt with a “mojave!”
    the 7″ precision concentric coil is a killer in the junk. they are great for “concentrated” ‘gridded” searches in ”cooked” parks.i use mine mostly for “sidewalk easements” they are perfect for that application.key to the tesoro is the audio.learn it, and reap the rewards!.great audio modulation at depth, and very smooth, sweet audio on coins.


  7. “the 7″ precision concentric coil is a killer in the junk.” Really? I would have thought a Double D would have left it standing.Tell more. how? Why? What is your secret/

    just sayin’

    • john taylor

      no secret john! tesoro’s love the concentric.they are smoother over all, and excellent in the “crap”
      they pinpoint better too.dd’s are better in higher ground minerals.most of the areas i hunt in “new england” are on the moderate to low side of the spectrum for mineral content so the concentric is the better “tool” i’m not familiar with conditions in “jolly old england” so i cannot comment on the best coil(s) to use across the pond

      tesoro’s equipped with a small “concentric” coil are extremely precise in the crap,especially in heavy iron!..been this way for years!.ask any body who has hunted extensively with a tesoro,especially with their 6″ coil. i had a “vision” yesterday, and in my vision, i saw mr stout repaying you the debt he owes! “hell’s a fire” i should get paid for this! uhhh ohh! time for another “hit” of mad dog!….i’m just sayin’


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