Unconventional Twists & Turns…


Is it real or is it Memorex (you may have to look that up)? Not sure what to make of this but I will sit back and see what develops. Then again I’ve been at square one for some time now and to be honest I am quite content there.

If you’ve had any experience with these ‘piffwangers’ let me know….



Nothing like a hoard find to spice up a rally…. More to come, especially from arkies all to eager to criticize the recovery effort – of course they didn’t know it existed, weren’t looking for it and didn’t find it so they have to have something to piss and moan about.

Here’s a few random youtoobies about the find…



My partner in crime (don’t ask) and drinking buddy John Howland recently shared the following blog post and I hope you will take the time to read it. John as usual nails it and falls a few more notches in the archaeological list of favorite detectorists!

The Hypocrisy of Archaeology – Or, Cornering the Market!



After observing a few of the more popular tekkie websites I think I need to show a  little more cleavage. Problem is after losing 40 lbs the ole butt crack ain’t what it used to be.



Well my friend Joe made me aware of this a while ago but this is the first time I’ve seen it. I understand the need to market stuff but it makes me wonder just how the hell we survived in the 70’s and 80’s…




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24 responses to “Unconventional Twists & Turns…

  1. Roy R

    I need a box like that, does it come with Minnie balls, silver dollar and rings ?

    • Yup, just need to tell them how many you want! You know Roy that box wouldn’t fit into my pocket. Oh wait that’s right I need a backpack for it.

  2. Tony

    Dick, must be a wireless coil to connect to the software installed onto the cell phone. Why not, the young folks will love it.
    Thanks for sharing John’s article, he was spot on. Check out what was just aired on Discovery. Josh Gates goes into two brand new just opened tombs in Egypt. They dive in like gangbusters, which I found a bit funny but hey the Arkies were there too.
    Thanks for sharing the hunt and finding a hoard of coins. Really cool but it is always good to have a big shovel around the site just in case we want to dig up a hoard or two.

    • But what happens when you find nothing but “air” with that detector? Do you blame the detector company, the app or the phone you’re using?

  3. Ed B.

    I saw an ad for the “KEEPERS” finds box with the “Diggers” guys doing the ad. I’m wondering how soon these things will start appearing in the latest YouTube videos.
    Regarding the “Air Metal Detector” ……..I better get the Hell out of the way so that I don’t get trampled by all the NOX users who are rushing in to trade their machines for one of these gizmos.

    • Ed I need to find something worth keeping before I invest in a “keeper” box…been a while now. As for the Air detector, not being a smart phone kind of guy I’d be in serious trouble, not to mention the one I have is so slooooow……

      • john taylor

        they can always be used for “clad” just pretend you have “silver” in there!
        the french have a name for it!..they call it an ”event physcological”
        all in your mind! i’m just sayin’


      • “event physcological”…?

        I guess John, if you say so and you’re always just sayin….

  4. john taylor

    dick! the mind is very powerfull,and if you will it to be so,then it is!
    an “event phscological: as the french say!

  5. Joe Patrick

    As with all metal detectors I see pros and cons to the new Air metal detector. First, I think the overall design concept is great and well implemented. I like the way the entire pole assembly collapses to a very minimal length. The arm-cup design looks a little Star Trek “spacey” to me but given the detector’s space-age design I think it is innovative. I do not like the Aqua color at all and would prefer all black or perhaps Garrett green. I do like the coil design.

    I would not be a fan of using my $700 cell phone as my metal detector. Too many accidents could happen in the field thus rendering my phone useless. However, perhaps buying a used phone online for a lot less money and using it as a dedicated metal detector with the Air system would make more sense to me. It appears that the Air program is well done with a nice highly visible menu. Hands-on use would prove or disprove this. And there is still the question of performance which can only be proven or unproven over time with actual field use by many users at various sites.

    I welcome new technology and outside of the box thinking as this is what propels innovation and our hobby. I think this detector will appeal greatly to the younger “cell phone” generation of detectorists and not so much to us older guys. I guess my bottom line is that I see many more pros to the Air metal detector than cons. Nicely done guys!

  6. Bob Sickler

    Once they pay back the prototype cost, they leave the Ukraine with the backing money! The reason the one entrepreneur wears the scarf around his neck is to hide the choke marks made by the inventor of XP Deus! Can’t like the armcup or the color… Robins will be landing all over you!…. 🙂

  7. john taylor

    a very “eloquent” way of saying something else! ..i’m just sayin’


  8. Frank Blazi

    Sticking with my(red hot) deus.The coins go in my wallet, the relics go in my pouch. Congratulations on losing 40 pounds Dick!! That’s astounding!!

    • Thanks Frank. I lost the weight thinking it would help the neuropathy problem. It did not unfortunately but I have no plans to put it back on.

      I’ll stick with my carpenter’s apron (trash one side, keeps the other).

      • john taylor

        i been losin’ weight too dick! don’t seem to be helpin’ much!”
        i still move like i gut a 55 gallon drum of oil strapped to my ass,
        and i keep havin’ these ridiculous visions of me as a “fat” person!
        it’s quite frightening!..ohhh god love us all! ..i’m just sayin’


  9. As much as that Garrett Keeper Box is undoubtedly cutting edge technology, I still use my old tobacco tin…fits all my pockets. Back in the days when God was a boy, we used this kind of stuff and if you had an apron you were considered a bit ‘flash’. I later graduated to a Tesoro belt pouch (bought at AC in 1986) in which I kept my tobacco tin!

    Do you know that some tightwads are actually using plastic pocket-size lure boxes of the kind favoured by bass and trout anglers and at half the price of the excellent Garrett jobby.

    Oh yeah, I could get you one of these for $20! (plus p&p and expenses)”

  10. “Oh yeah, I could get you one of these for $20! (plus p&p and expenses)”

    For crissakes one of what? Tobacco can,, Garrett box, apron, lure box…what???

    • Well, old pal, you could have my tobacco tin – seeing as you are a good friend – for the knockdown price of $40 which includes the famous 20 Bucks already owed plus an additional $20 for the personal trauma of parting with it. I’m sure you understand, you being a warm, wunnerful, human being.

      PS. No cheques – strictly cash.

      • john taylor

        dick has to wait on his ‘royalty” ,and he always pays by check
        mr.howland!..looks like ya got a long wait! ..besides “reverend!”
        i believe dick will help me with my “barn raisin” up in coventry first,
        so ya have to get in line! (apparently,a long one!)..i’m just sayin’


    • john taylor

      what he meant to say was when “christ was an altar boy!”..what he also meant to say was use your damn “pockets!”..they are sewn into your jeans! this way you can keep that 20 for merlot,or if you are feeling “gracious!” give the “right reverend” his due! ..i’m just sayin’


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