I Was Just Thinking…

Is This What We’ve Come To?

Every time I think I’m over the hill and not with it something happens that tells me that’s it’s preferable to be that way. Last night for instance when I played around with the remote I found Swamp People, Dr. Pimple Popper, Family by the Ton, Hoarders and My 600 lb Life. Is this what we’ve come to?  And sorry I refuse to watch Oak Island. You be the fool, not me….


Gary Smith Followup

The recent Gary Smith Q&A was extremely popular so I wanted to share the following three videos about two of his five hoards. Thanks Argent Detectorist and Gary Smith.


And They Say We’re Thieves?

Don Mitzus sent me the following article and it was once again a reminder of arkiedom hypocrisy.

Revolutionary war grenades sit on museum shelves for decades.

It also reminded me of John Howland’s April 2014 post here on SS.

Professional Vandalism and Not a Detector in Sight

And they love to tell others how WE are stealing their history….


Nervous Time (Again)

Rowlett tornado 12/26/15

Tornado Alley is getting primed at the moment and if predictions are accurate it’s going to be an active season. Then again we were hit the day after Christmas so who knows. Welcome to Texas.


Are We Playing Second Fiddle?

Just saw another new detector brand that I was not familiar with….Rutus. Seems new companies are popping up overseas while here in the states we’re losing them. Europe also seems to have a lock on the big detecting events. Have to wonder why?


We’re Suckers

Any auto manufacturers making cars with crank windows, keyed ignition and keys that can be made at a hardware store? Gotta be a niche there for people who can’t afford to spend millions on after market parts and repairs.



Hey tekkie…saw your mention of your find, your photos of your find, your videos of your find. I saw them here, I saw them there, I saw them everywhere. Enough already!!


Forthcoming Coming Q&A 

Steve Moore, Garrett Director of Marketing Communications has agreed to share his story….should be good. Steve is also an accomplished author.


Throwback Photo

Looking for gold and a good laugh with Mick Turrell and John Howland, Bath, England mid-80’s







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5 responses to “I Was Just Thinking…

  1. Dennis Morrison

    What, no comments, mmmmmm Strange! Well I guess you and I are “Old” Scott, well I am anyways, 72 here, LOL! Nope, I don’t watch any of those stupid programs you talk about, not even that Dig to China (Oaky Money Pitt, Oh I mean Oak Island!

    Well anyways Scott, I’m heading for Virginia in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to get all my clothes Very Dirty with Red Dirt from Culpeper Civil War Campsites Don’t think you’ll be seeing me on any TV show, so check out my finds or maybe not so many finds on FB, LOL! (Ringfinder)

  2. Dennis Morrison

    Hey Dick, in place of Scott, put Dick, Dang I am getting Old!

  3. I have hunted with Steve Moore, good guy. Took him and Jocelyn Elizabeth into the jungles of Central Florida, out hunting old railroad beds. Loved Gary’s Horde finds…he has got it going on detecting wise. Love Garrett…best detector company on the planet, with service that bars none…you got a Garrett down, you’ll get a call 5-minutes later on where can they land the customer service helicopter? Can’t beat em’!

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