Guess What? It’s Throwback Thursday!

Photo by Hernan Pauccara

Not a lot going on but hey it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s Thursday so here’s a “Throwback” from November 2015…


Big Tony from Bayonne recently commented “This is a simple sport – there is definitely no need to complicate it .

I was reminded again of  this is today when a tekkie on Facebook commented “Just received my TDI SL i must admit I’m a little intimidated by it.” Then, maybe thirty minutes later,  a TV sports show throws out another one of those off-the-wall baseball statistics…the WHIP rating, like it was everyday verbiage.  I Googled it and found it on a website called  For the record WHIP means….

“in baseball statistics, walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP) is a sabermetric measurement of the number of baserunners a pitcher has allowed per inning pitched. WHIP reflects a pitcher’s propensity for allowing batters to reach base, therefore a lower WHIP indicates better performance.”

batterScrolling down just a tad I found….DER, Defense Efficiency Ratio. “The percent of times a batted ball is turned into an out by the teams’ fielders, not including home runs. The exact formula we use is (BFP-H-K-BB-HBP-Errors)/(BFP-HR-K-BB-HBP). This is similar to BABIP, but from the defensive team’s perspective. Please note that errors should include only errors on batted balls.”

I wondered if it was just baseball that had these batshit crazy statistics, but guess what?  It wasn’t. In basketball there’s BPM, and get a load of this…..

“Box Plus/Minus (BPM) is a box score-based metric for evaluating basketball players’ quality and contribution to the team. It is the latest version of a stat previously called Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus; it is NOT a version of Adjusted Plus/Minus, which is a play-by-play regression metric.”

“BPM relies on a player’s box score information and the team’s overall performance to estimate a player’s performance relative to league average. BPM is a per-100-possession stat, the same scale as Adjusted Plus/Minus: 0.0 is league average, +5 means the player is 5 points better than an average player over 100 possessions (which is about All-NBA level), -2 is replacement level, and -5 is really bad.”

Now I am a very avid sports fan, and in my younger years played a little baseball and basketball, but I have never heard of statistics like WHIP and DER. I suspect they exist because we have become preoccupied with technology and frivolous bullshit.


A Rube Goldberg invention…1914

Take metal detectors….. The manufacturers now offer numbers, graphs, up, down, left and right arrows, GPS, audio responses from The Twilight Zone, NASA sounding names, directions to Noah’s Ark, and a message that if you don’t buy it today, someone will beat you to it.

Understand that I don’t have a problem with marketing, selling, or with anyone pissing away their hard-earned money.  It’s yours to do with as you see fit, but please know that top of the line TDI-CTX-PI, Omega, Delta, Explorer, deep-seeking Piffwanger-Pro, with the “imported” 44 inch, wide scan, elliptical, double D, spider coil, will probably never repay you your initial financial outlay.

Well that ought to garner a few emails from the manufacturers.

However, to keep you all happy (and busy), I’ve decided to follow suit with baseball and basketball, and came up with the following metal detecting/treasure hunting statistics & abbreviations, which take effect immediately….


TFPO  = Total Finds Per Outing

TCPO = Total Coins Per Outing

TFPH = Total Finds Per Hour

ROGTB = Ratio of Good To Bad Finds

TOYTV = Total YouTube Videos

NUBCA = Number of Unnecessary But Cool Looking Accessories

NAVAWC = Number of Video Appearances Wearing Camo

NUFHPO = Number of Unfilled Holes Per Outing

DWMV = Detectorist With Most Videos

DWWV = Detectorist With Worst Videos

DWOSC = Detectorist Who Ought To Sell Camera

NTSFDV = Number of Times Same Find is Shown in Different Videos

NTALIV = Number of Times Acting Like Idiot in Video

BVWHB = Best Video With Heavy Breathing

CFSBLC = Can’t Find Shit But Looks Cool (doing it)

BDLOSP = Best ‘Detector Leaning on Shovel’ Photo

MTSIPC = Most Time Spent Trying to Identify Piece of Crap

DSWMTF = Detectorist Who Said “Welcome” Most Times on Forums

and finally…

DWFAMYSH = Detectorist Whose Finds Always Makes You Say “Hmm…yeah right”


So in the future you might see

Henry’s TFPO wasn’t very good, but his ROGTB was excellent, and his NUNBCA was off the wall. His hunting companion Willy, who is best known for his NTALIV, didn’t fare well at all, but his CFSBLC was excellent.”

And to make you really happy….here’s another abbreviation ODWPM (old detectorists who piss and moan).


Throwback Photo!

The Federation arrives in Houston! With Joe Cook and Bruce Hazleman. On our way to Texas Council convention….1984



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14 responses to “Guess What? It’s Throwback Thursday!

  1. Roy Rutledge

    I remember meeting you and Joe at the Texas Council in 1984 But I didn’t realize it was that many years ago.
    Time does fly.

  2. We get a lot of DWFAMYSH stuff on in the FB group…a LOT! I was thinking the other day, most of the fun in metal detecting was to be had in the mid-1980’s…it’s all been downhill since then.

    Something I have been fascinated with, of late, is the phenomenon I would call “Get-I-tus” whereas you HAVE to have the very latest machine…preferable one touted for it’s amazing performance from Newbies who have been in the hobby since last Saturday. Now, you are not actually required to LEARN to use the machine, or even to go metal detecting with it. It’s sole value is how many heroic “…at da’ beach” or “…in da’ park” poses you can get with it (and don’t forget to be festooned with all those custom leather pin-pointer holders, blue dockers and the latest polo shirt with the newest detector pouch, hopefully trimmed with a color matching your heroic eyes,, with a Ziptech easy-open waterproof zipper.And last of all, don’t forget that spotlessly-clean, candy-colored long-handled digger casually tossed over your left shoulder, next to your atomic wireless blue tooth soft leatherette headphones. Who wouldn’t want you to be the next representative for a major line of metal detectors, with the mandatory podcasts and guest-shots on YouTube? Knowing anything about actual metal detecting not necessary, though!

    Otherwise, HH and GL, Dick!

    • Jim, tell me how you really feel, LOL. Did you have your coffee this morning?

      Trust me I understand completely but the tekkies today laugh at us the same way. What WE have going for us is we’re older a helluva lot wiser. I used to say they too will feel the same when they are older but I’m beginning to doubt the pastime will still be around then. Too many tekkies, too many sites disappearing and no one gives a crap. The last post about the possible changes to the PAS had a lot of views but very few clicks on the “public consultation”. Apparently no one can spare ten minutes to express their concerns. Sad…

  3. john taylor

    hi dick!
    just curious! it’s my understanding you were hot into the federation quite a while ago! i believe you was the “prez?..if so,i am not exactly sure,but i vaguely recall you complaining in an article somewhere that you thought it was in ”dire straights” for some to expound on that?


  4. Jeez, that Merlot’s got some answering to do! Always thought yo’ wuz a Thunderbird kinda guy?

    CFFA (Can’t Find F*** All)

  5. Ed B.

    I totally agree with you Dick regarding the silly abbreviations that have infected baseball and other things. I played ball as a kid and later in softball leagues when I was too old to play the real game. Nowadays I can’t watch baseball, the announcers alone are enough to drive someone to drink, as if I need the ride. Loved your detector abbreviations so I’ve added one to the list………NWDCWS or Nitwits Who Dig Clad With Shovels

  6. john taylor

    “nitwits” who dig at all with “shovels” IN PARKS,SCHOOL GROUNDS,OR ANY OTHER PUBLIC PLACE. “cannon fodder” for the anti-metal detector crowd…if ya can’t access public places to detect any more,because of a$$wipes who use shovels,then you can always take up “knitting”.it’s less expensive than golf!..i’m just sayin’


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