Out of Print…

Fay and I with the WET crew in Seattle, early 90’s

I know its to be expected at my age but it seems almost every day someone or something I love is no longer.  Now it’s Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. The current March 2019 issue will be their last. To be fair it will still be available online but the tangible, “pick it up and take it with you” magazine will no longer be available and that saddens me.

I’m sure there are a few of you who don’t care about this but WET, its owners, publishers/editors and readers were an integral part of my life starting in the 80’s and responsible for a lot of the good things that happened in my life.

Without Rosemary and Steve Anderson I would never have started writing about the pastime, nor would the FMDAC have come to be. Both of those things resulted in major changes to my life and I will forever be grateful to them.

Left: Rosemary Anderson, John Punola (contributing editor) and Steve Anderson, FMDAC weekend 1986. Right: Rosemary presenting yours truly with “Treasure Hunter of the Year” award, 1987

Doesn’t seem that long ago we had the choice of True West, Long John Latham’s Lost Treasure, True Treasure, Treasure World, Treasure, Treasure Search, Treasure Found. Western Treasures, World of Treasures, Treasure Facts, and Gold.  I’m sure I left out a few as well.

Rose, enjoy your retirement and Steve I’ll be looking forward to the online edition…


No More Turn Downs

As you know I’ve been working on a new program to help treasure hunters easily obtain new permissions. I initially was going to call it “Rent-a-Kid” but after thinking about it a little more and after consulting with Bubba Howland I decided to expand it and it’s now called “Rent a First Impression Friend”.

I don’t think there’s any question that first impressions are important, especially when knocking on a stranger’s door. No matter how hard some of us try we always seem to get a no thank you. On the other hand I think we can agree that a cute little kid or a pretty gal has a much better chance of making a good first impression and receiving a yes. So here is my program and please girls no nasty comments.  You know damn well your odds are much better than your male counterparts.




Prices per hour

Cute Girl  or boy Age 4 – 8 yrs – $50

Cute Girl Age 4 – 8 yrs w/freckles – $55

Cute Girl Age 4 – 8  yrs w/freckles/dimples – $60

Girl Age 4 – 8  yrs  w/freckles/dimples/pigtails – $65

Attractive Gal Age 18 – 25 yrs – $55

Attractive Gal Age 18 – 25 Blonde – $60

Attractive Gal Age 18 – 25 Blonde wearing bikini – $75

Grandma 75 yrs or older – $60

Grandma 75 yrs or older w/walker – $70

Save money and Double Up!!

Example: Rent a little gal with freckles ($55) AND a grandma with a walker ($70) for only $100!! A savings of $25.


If you’re interested in making a few dollars being a first impression individual shoot me off an email with photos. I’m in good shape right now with the 4-8 year old kids. What I really need badly are the 18-25 year old gals. If you happen to be one send me details like address, phone number, photos, measurements, what days you’re free and if you’re married, how much your husband weighs.




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36 responses to “Out of Print…

  1. john taylor

    Yes it’s a shame that w&e is gone! When I state that I mean I will no longer be reading the information that was readily available in print..I subscribed to a “print” product,and I can’t sit in front of a computer to read digital content. I believe that w&e should refund those who are long time subscribers. I can only speak for myself,but I’ll bet that there are a lot of others who feel the same as me. When i subscribe, it is always for the 2 year period because I love the “magazine” so much. I said “magazine” and NOT digital content,I wish them happy retirement,but thy need to address this issue of refunds for those who do NOT want the digital information.

    Yes!..Dick! It is sad,and kinda “unfair” to those long time loyal people who,in “good faith” expected a “hard copy” magazine every month! I enjoyed picking it up and reading from cover to cover! THIS is what i paid for!I am sure there will be many,many e-mails sent to them in regard to this matter!


    • Not sure there’s a way to retire or stop the print copies without making “someone” unhappy….

      • john taylor

        you are correct dick,however they need to inform the “paying subscribers” what they can reasonably expect going forward!..there are many “someones” out there,of this,i am certain.


      • John, I don’t really have anything more to add to this and your disgruntlement. I understand it, I just don’t have any answers for you and please do not use my name as some sort of inroad to getting a refund.

  2. john taylor

    In addendum: Dick it is a “giant pain in da ass” attempting to gain permission from property owners;
    always was around here it’s a “liability” issue, and the “fact” that MOST people don’t want you on their property..period! I know this sounds defeatist, but i always believed in telling the truth.if ya want to “knock on doors” so to speak,ya better resign yourself to throwing away a few hours this way. If you don’t secure permission it won’t bother one as much,because you allocated the time to waste trying to obtain it!..I’m just saying’


  3. Joe

    Funny you should mention the tidbit about gaining permission and ages, Dick…

    I’m 43 and my hunting buddy & friend, Gerry, is 73. We’ve developed a routine when knocking on doors that goes something like this…

    “Hi, sir, my dad and I were passing by your house and were immediately struck by both it’s age and beauty. We’re lovers of local history and were wondering if you could tell us a bit more about it?”

    This is what I call the EGO PITCH. It plays to people’s sense of pride in their belongings, and if they take the hook and start into a story about the property, not only does it makes them feel like they are sharing something positive about themselves, but they are also letting their guard down and developing a kinship with us. All the while me and Gerry just shut up and listen, as some of the stories you’ll hear are often very good and informative. Anywho…

    After learning a little bit more about the home and some general small talk, I then continue; “That’s really fascinating, because me and my dad are also into metal detecting, and we’ve searched the yards of a few of the properties around here. We’ve even found some neat stuff like old coins, family heirlooms and other pieces of history. Would you mind if we went through your yard with our machines for a little while?”

    If the person was receptive, gave us a history on the home, etc., a good portion of the time we get an answer like “Sure, I don’t mind”, “Yeah, go right ahead”, or some other positive response.

    Gerry isn’t the most comfortable with this routine, and in general, isn’t the biggest fan of knocking on doors…but he likes the results when we get a yes, so he puts up the schtick and my line of bullshit.

    One day about 5 years ago shortly after I met Gerry, and when we initially came up with this song & dance, I knocked on a door without first doing the math, and instead of saying “My dad and I”, said “My grandfather and I.” We got permission to detect but didn’t find anything, and when the hunt was over and we were walking away from the house…

    Gerry quietly and angrily mumbled under his breath “Grandfather? I oughta kick your ass you little shit. From now on I’m your FATHER.”

    • Love that, especially the “grandfather bit. I must say like Gerry I”m not sure I’d be comfortable with that kind of approach. Just a little too obvious. Then again if it works.

      Thanks for sharing Joe.

      • Joe

        It works because it’s short, simple & truthful (mostly), as we ARE lovers of history, enjoy metal detecting and do appreciate the older properties we hunt. Although, yes, I do play up the father/son angle. I got us permission to hunt one of the oldest sand stone houses in NJ last year with this same line patter. But…

        It was pretty embarrassing when I accidentally called my “dad” GERRY in front of the owner. When he went inside I asked Gerry if he thought the owner picked up on it, and he said “No, probably not. If he did just tell’m you were adopted.”

        I tried writing a permission letter ONCE, Dick, and never heard back. From then on I decided to never do it again. Much prefer in-person, as the owner gets to eyeball you, which means a lot, IMO…especially in this day & age.

      • john taylor

        Kudos to you and the positive attitude,however,it’s still a line of “crap” as you mentioned,and it assumes that the “average” person is ”vulnerable” (i won’t say obtuse) to this obvious attempt to obtain the objective.hey!..if it gets ya there,why not try!..it’s like the lottery,ya can’t win if ya don’t play! ..initiative counts for much! ..i’m just sayin’


      • John, you’re losing me in all this. Maybe email the mag and tell them you’re upset. I’ve had a couple magazines go out of print and each time they added my name to another publication they printed that had nothing at all to do with the original topic. Wasn’t happy but asking them to refund money to hundreds if not thousands of subscribers wasn’t a realistic option.

  4. billfromlachine

    Unfortunately traditional print media seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. Most newspapers and magazines that have survived thus fare are just shadows of their former selves.

    Regards + HH

    • Don’t doubt that Bill..just don’t like it. I love books, magazines and the like and I’m really bummed because I lost most all my treasure books in the tornado. Maybe like records print will make a comeback.

  5. Ed B.

    Until reading your post about W&ET going out of print I had no idea this was happening. I did notice that my January issue arrived without the usual plastic wrap and it came in ripped and heavily dog-eared. It was so bad I called them to ask for a replacement and the replacement came in a large envelope and that too was damaged. I didn’t bother calling again. The February issue came in bent an dog-eared once again but not as bad as the January issue so I didn’t even call in this time. I just received the March issue and though it had no plastic it arrived in good condition. I’ve been a single issue buyer and for many years a subscriber and look forward to each issue. I’ve bought many back issues when they were offering them at discounted prices to fill out the gaps in my “collection”. finding out that there will be no more actual copies in the mail from here on out is a kick in the gut and sort of feels like I’m losing a good friend. I’m not a fan of digital so most likely when my subscription runs out I will no longer subscribe. I think that one clue to the writing being on the wall is the number of listed places where you can buy a single copy. Years back this list took up a whole page but now it’s down to a small group of sellers. Good-bye fear friend……….

    • “I think that one clue to the writing being on the wall is the number of listed places where you can buy a single copy. Years back this list took up a whole page but now it’s down to a small group of sellers”….

      Yes indeed. Same for the listing of advertisers inside. I find myself damning the internet quite a bit any more. Thanks Ed….

  6. john taylor

    i feel the same. it saddens me to realize that my favorite, “treasure found” is long gone.(hot damn!) i miss that one so much! nothing but “finds,finds,finds.pleasure reading it..chock full of the fascinating finds we all love to read about!..i still whine over this! really was a “knock out” publication! also,was a “great” read when performing my morning “constitutional”..i’m just sayin’


  7. john taylor

    yes it’s gonna be a an “avalanche” no doubt dick! one has to take this under consideration.who knows maybe there won’t be that many disgruntled subscribers,and out of the goodness of their hearts,will provide refunds to them! wishful thinking perhaps,but i have already sent them an e-mail in this regard..got 21 months left.represents a pretty good “piece of change”so tell me dick! you believe that they will ‘roll” my subscription into another publication?..which one is that?..my friend!..they only produce one mag to the best of my knowledge,unless i am missing something. can i tell them you and me are “best of buddies” and maybe that will help?..perhaps they will send me a copy of one of your great books to read!..that would be terrific!…i have sent them an e-mail to alert them to this situation…hate to see them bow out this way! i really liked the mag,it was very informative. break out the “red” dick…you and me can get ‘lost” in that! ..


  8. Yo Bubba:
    Great pity about W&ET, but this is progress…I guess. It was a pioneering magazine and one unafraid to mention the ‘T’ word. I’m very sad to see its demise.

    As for getting permission to hunt I always meet my farmers in the local pub and if they make a good impression on me…buying drinks…I often allow them access to my metal detecting expertise and Treasure Trove rewards…archaeology walks when money talks!!

    Up yours ‘ole pal!

    • “As for getting permission to hunt I always meet my farmers in the local pub and if they make a good impression on me…buying drinks…I often allow them access to my metal detecting expertise and Treasure Trove rewards…”

      I bet they’re falling over you…I bet they’re even loaning you money.

  9. john taylor

    hi dick!
    it’s ok! i was just making conversation on a topic that’s “dead in the water”..as mentioned,i have sent an e-mail to them,and will receive a ‘follow up” shortly i am sure!

    john t.

  10. I was very saddened to hear the news. I try to stay on good terms with our “competition” as we share many of the same readers, and I have enjoyed WET since the beginning. Steve and Rosemary are great folks and I hope everyone will support them in their digital format. As to American Digger magazine, we will continue offering both print and digital, because the publisher (me) still would rather have a printed copy that he can take “places” to read.

  11. john taylor

    hi butch!
    damn fine mag ya got yourself there!..been readin’ some sample issues!..not sure why
    i didn’t subscribe before!..may have something to do with the “fact” i could not afford
    both at the same time….hmmmmm!..interesting.


  12. wendell

    Sorry to hear about the magazine closing down it’s print operation, but it’s understandable. I used to subscribe to this W & E and lost treasure, but dropped all my subscriptions due to budget issues and medical bills. I mainly do letters for permission to hunt as it’s easier on me and the landowners, as well. Got turned down on one site last week and waiting for letter or call regarding another site I’ve had my eyes on for the last 8 months.

    • “dropped all my subscriptions due to budget issues and medical bills”….boy do I understand that. I’m in the process of dropping a lot of things.

      Good to hear from you Wendell, hope the permission works out for you.

  13. Tony

    Sad to hear, they are very generous when you have a club hunt. They always sent plenty of the current issue to distribute to participants. They will be missed for sure.

  14. john taylor

    yes! this is true tony! ..i attended many (b.o.n.e.) best of northeast hobby shows over the years,and george streeter had many “current” issues of (wet) on the tables as you entered the building…very nice gesture from them.


  15. Ed B.

    I called W&ET to ask them how to access the digital issues because my print subscription hadn’t run out. I was supposed to get instructions in this regard via regular mail but hadn’t. They emailed my instructions and after doing what they told me to do I found out that in order to access the digital version I would have to install Adobe Flash Player which I am not going to do. No refund was offered, nor were they willing to give me even a few extra digital issues due to make up for the difference in price compared to print copies. I’ll just have to pull out my back issues from this point on whenever I feel the urge to read an article or two.

    • Ed I know there’s been talk that Adobe Flash Player is not safe but I’ve been using it for some time without problems. If you do decide to download be sure to do it directly from the Adobe site.

  16. Ed B.

    Thanks for the tip Dick, I decided to go ahead with the Adobe. After contacting a different person at W&ET I was given a year of digital as opposed to the five issues they were going to give me originally. I’ll read the digitals until they run out and then won’t renew. I did find out that a pair of phone numbers that are answered with “W&ET how may I help you?, actually can no longer help you. They tell you that they are no longer handling the W&ET account and that you need to contact them via Email. Seems as if for the time being there’s a bit of confusion there.

    • Yeah I suspect there will be problems with this changeover as well as a lot of unhappy subscribers but as I said before I’m not sure there’s any better way if you want to discontinue the printing process. Too many people, too many variables.

      Glad the download went well Ed. Have one for me.

      • john taylor

        hi dick!
        there is a better way dick! don’t have to tell ya what that is!.one cannot automatically ‘”assume” they are NOT going to reimburse,just because YOU don’t deem it a practical solution. sorry ,my friend,i know you mean well,
        but that don’t hardly say it! i have been informed that they WILL offer refunds,and i feel strongly that they were NOT blowin’ me with a “sh*t storm”..


      • Whatever John. I have nothing more to add to this.

  17. john taylor

    hi ed b.
    as an addendum to what’s going on with (wet)..i called them a few days ago( used the 800 number for subscriptions) (inside the front cover).it was explained to me that they WILL be issuing refunds .i am assuming in a mailed letter along with their instructions to access digital content..i also left a message on steve anderson’s voice mail requesting a refund,as well as how i feel about accessing digital content.i believe they will address this situation going forward,as there has got to be a lot of guys un happy with this arrangement,especially “long time”


    • Ed B.

      The instructions for converting to digital that were supposed to be coming in the mail have yet to arrive. When I spoke on the phone nothing was said either way about a refund. Did they say that a refund would be paid out in lieu of a digital subscription? I only had five issues remaining so my refund wouldn’t amount to much so I’m happy with the one year digital subscription but will not renew it when it expires. Thanks for the info…..

  18. Yea, Dick, I was expecting this sort of thing with Western & Eastern Treasures soon after Lost Treasure sank out of sight. Like a few others, I have difficulty reading anything for long periods of time presented in pixels instead of print. Not only that, I’m a big fan of “un-powered” entertainment; magazines do not need batteries, recharging, or a screen cleaning. Try rolling your iPad up and sticking it in your back pocket. These publications will be missed.

    I let my wife ask on permission stops…Patti has re-styled her bangs, and is using a newer brand of natural makeup. She has a sense of humor and has a beautiful smile (my missing teeth and missing hair seem to put people off a bit) and has a natural laugh. She usually gets permission every 4 out of 5 requests, while I stand in the background like a pack horse and stare at the porch floor…the less they see of me the better. I have noticed many of our female club members have much better luck gaining permission, and sometimes brag about permissions they have not had the time yet to hunt. Those kinds of problems I’d like to have. Keep the faith Dick!

    • Hi Jim, Ask Patti if she would be interested in being part of the “Rent a First Impression” program? She could cover Florida, knock on doors and make a few bucks. I’m thinking this idea might be worthy of a Shark Tank visit!

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