Idle Thoughts, Updates & Another Throwback…

As has been the case of late yours truly has been cooling his heels (a.k.a. sitting on his ass) and trying to get excited about digging clad coins and pulltabs. Had thought I’d be a 1.6 billion richer and drinking Pastis in the south of France but the lottery gods weren’t looking down on me. Woe is me, woe is me….

I do have a digging date with my grandson Lucas on Sunday. Maybe,  just maybe he can light a fire under me and maybe, just maybe my knees will be in working order. Will let you know…


John Winter

For those of you who have wondered how John Winter is doing he shared the following  Monday.



Why Not?

Have been reading about DetectorWorld and still can’t believe that an event like this (or Detectival) isn’t held here in the good ole United States of America. I’m not sure about the actual numbers at these events but the FMDAC Atlantic City events in the 80’s attracted a little over 600 hunters as well as all the major manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Why can’t it happen again?



For those you wondering about the promised Q&A’s….one Brit tekkie has left me in the lurch after agreeing to do it and the engineer is working on a few additional questions I sent him. Stay tuned.


Throwback Thursday

Finally it’s Thursday and time for another throwback….this from a post in August 2013

THE DICK & DAN SHOW…coming soon

Well, for all you TV detecting show critics I may have come up with “the” show and I think you will like it.  Now this idea started out with a casual response to something Dan Hughes posted on Facebook but somehow the conversation continued and wound up being asinine (and stupid too), and later I asked Dan to delete it.  Before I asked however I copied and saved it.

Anyway you all remember “Abbott & Costello”?  Well this is “Dick &Dan”….It starts with Dan’s comment:


I get lots of porn spam (Adriana is a persnickety little thing), but today I got one with this provocative headline: HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN YOU NAKED BY ACCIDENT?  I’m trying to think of a scenario where that might happen, but I’m not having much luck.

Dick Stout: If you find anything please don’t share it…

Dan Hughes: Same to you, Dick!

Dick Stout: Don’t think a naked photo of either of us would get much notice…just a guess.

Dan Hughes: Yeah, don’t know if there’s a market for naked photos of old treasure writers. Maybe if we were using detectors….

Dan Hughes: Wonder if Western & Eastern Treasures would put a shot of the two of us on the cover?

Dick Stout: Probably not but suspect it would be big selling issue…

Dan Hughes: “Is your magazine’s circulation anemic? Subscriptions down? Newsstand purchases dropping? Let Dick and Dan save the day!”

Dick Stout: You know we could have the control boxes in strategic places….?

Dan Hughes: Dick, I think maybe we’re getting a little too much into this….

Dick Stout: Yeah, you are probably right…sorry.

Dan Hughes: Remember the White’s control boxes from the 1960s? They were so big nobody would know we were naked.

Dick Stout: I could probably get away with using a “Troy” today….

Dan Hughes: No WAY I can top that one, Dick! I quit!

Dick Stout: Me too….can you delete this.


For those of you not familiar with Dan Hughes please peruse his website, and if you don’t have his  Metal Detecting Manual consider getting it.  It’s packed with a lot of good information and extremely well done.

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes


Halloween Preparation

If you enjoy trick or treating check out the following. Makes the evening and following days more enjoyable.





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  1. Les Johnson

    I’m not hiring my horse costume to either of you, neither of you are safe to be out unsupervised And you would probably wear the costume back to front anyway.


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