Throwback Thursday…

To show I’m alive and kicking here’s a repeat from February 2015….

I was chatting with a very old detecting friend in the UK the other day about the current state of the pastime, and interestingly, or maybe not, we were both on the same wave length.  Everyone is too caught up in the folderol, the frills, the bullshit if you will, as well as in over promoting their mastery of this extremely complex, formidable and baffling hobby called metal detecting.

So allow me to have a little fun and share my take on it all….


If you wanted to go metal detecting in the 70’s and 80’s you needed to buy (1) a metal detector, (2) cheap headphones, (3) a carpenter’s apron and (4) a long-handled screwdriver.  Shazam! Done! Get your butt out there and start swinging.


The good ole days….easy and uncomplicated


…it’s become a bit more complicated.  You see we don’t just need a metal detector. We need an expensive metal detector! Why? Because the more they cost the more they find, and of course the more complex they are, the more expert we will look (or at least it will appear that way to others).  Also if the famous “Lucky Larry” is using a certain brand and model, its hands down THE best on the market.  Why just look at what he’s finding!!  Finally if it’s available in camouflage, all the better, because camo machines go deeper, and make us look cool and macho at the same time.

Then after we make all these thorough and well thought out decisions, we need accessories.  Maybe a cover for it in case it rains or snows, a bag or hard case to store it in, and let’s not forget coil covers.  Don’t want the bottom to get dirty or scratched. If we are lucky these too will be available in camo. That way we can lose them from time to time, and have fun pissing and moaning about it, and anyway, no big deal….we can always buy more and “put it on the card”.  It’s only money!

Next we absolutely have to have extra searchcoils. Big, small, wide, narrow and yes, even imported, because the folks in Abbadabba, Slovenia know how to make coils that are ‘perfectly tuned’ and ‘made to last’ whereas the manufacturer of our detector is stupid and doesn’t care about either of those things.  Here’s hoping too that they come out with camo coils in the not too distant future, because we all know they will go deeper.

Hold on now, we are not done yet.  We “have” to have a pinpointer.  Doesn’t matter what it cost, at long it has some orange on it (so we don’t lose it), and is waterproof to 10 feet (never know when we might fall in a lake or pool). Then of course we will need a holster for it or a holder that attaches to our detector. Yeah, that would be real cool. Next comes a digger, or shovel, perhaps both, so we can recover coins, buttons, beer cans and bombs.  Actually the shovel is very cool to have when you are knocking on doors. Homeowners just love ’em.

Finally if we are going to really look hip and macho, we need a camouflage outfit, hat and a GoPro camera. That way we can hide from the public, maybe get shot by a hunter, scare the hell out of the neighbors and if we are real lucky get it all on film.  The downer of course if that we can’t spend a lot of time detecting because we will have to get home to edit the film, post it on YouTube, and share the link on the 200 detecting forums and Facebook pages.  If however we don’t find anything cool we can always repost the video of the gold ring we found last year. Hell, no one will remember after all this time.

Last and not least we will need camouflage snake boots. Ain’t nobody taking care of those tot lots anymore…



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20 responses to “Throwback Thursday…

  1. Paul Southerland

    Oh Dick, you forgot the batteries. lol

  2. “Finally if it’s available in camouflage, all the better, because camo machines go deeper, and make us look cool and macho at the same time.” Hahaha! I almost peed myself with that one Dick!

  3. Les Johnson.

    You have hit the nail right on the head Dick, unfortunately we are nearly all just like you have described but we don’t realise it until someone like yourself or John Winter Esq, point it out to us, then I start to wonder, how did they ever manage back in the old days?

    The only thing you miss was typing your blog on a camouflage background.

    Loving the blog Dick and I’m missing John Winter’s blog. incidentaly, I will be ringing John today to see how he is getting on, I will let you know how he is.

    • Les please do let me know how John is doing….sent off a few emails and messages but haven’t heard back.

      Hmm, camo background. Yeah, what the hell, why not!

  4. Packrat

    Been detecting since 1971. I still hunt with detector, cheaper headphones, a screwdriver, pouch and did add a pinpointer a few years ago. I don’t post every item I find and don’t need to advertise all my finds. Still believe like the old timers if you find something good keep your mouth shut lol.

  5. Roy R

    It was a small county school, no paved roads.
    Dry and dusty in the summer and fall.
    Colder than blue blazes in the winter.
    I did get a pair of shoes in the fall just before the snow fell.

    • Roy I’ve been busting your chops with this but I’m certain all of what you’ve said is true. You and I are not spring chickens and this is Texas.

  6. Ed B.

    Will my camo batteries work in a non-camo detector and on the flip side, will non-camo batteries work in my camo detector? I wouldn’t want to trudge 10 miles uphill carrying all the new “must have” equipment only to find that the damned thing doesn’t power up.

    • Don’t worry about any of that. Just make sure you pack the spare camo batteries in a bright red bag because if not you’ll never find them when you need ’em. And come on Ed you aren’t about to trudge anywhere uphill.

  7. Les Johnson.

    Hi Dick,
    I spoke to John Winter this morning and I gave him your kind regards, he is doing ok at the moment Dick, he has now got that horrendous pain under control and is now a bit happier in himself.

    John has decided not to go down the chemo route and will let the disease take it’s horrible course.

    I will keep you posted Dick as John doesn’t communicate with many people now and I usually update people on John’s circumstances.

    Kind regards.

    • Thanks for the update Les….

      Glad that John is not having to deal with the pain that he had early on. I miss our chats and I know a lot of detectorists miss his blog posts too.

      I’m not religious at all but I am sending my very best vibes and thoughts to John and Lynda.

      • Les Johnson.

        I’m not religious either but I often sit and think of them and hope upon hope that things improve. That’s all we can do for them Dick, I’m always there for him if he wants to ring me at anytime.


  8. Tony from Bayonne

    Great throwback – thanks for the laughs!
    All the best to John and his family. Please keep us posted

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