Keeping Up with the Joneses

Okay, just a guess on my part but with all the new technological advances and detector designs I’m willing to bet that the majority of you still think like we did 30 years ago.

Yes I’m well aware we now have computerized, digitized, lightweight, wireless, waterproof, programmable, touch pads, visual readouts, ergonomic design, multi-frequencies, mixed audio, multiple search modes, menus and the fact that they can see through buildings. Despite all that I’m betting that when you finally get to your site you opt for a “factory preset” or you:

    1. Set your threshold
    2. Ground balance
    3. Set disc level
    4. Set depth (gain)
    5. Search in All Metal and verify in Disc (or visual readout).

Sure you might have a super-duper special program you found online or that Digger Dave told you about but by and large you just want to hunt, not diddle with a lot of touch pads (that you’re never sure are set correctly).  Bottom line? All you want to do is search and find stuff. My point is that no matter the hype, no matter the advertisements, no matter what the guy or gal said in the video, you are still using the same game plan, the same thought process used years ago. You buy today because you feel the need to have the latest and because you bought the hype. So are you detecting or just keeping up with the Joneses?


I’m Looking for…

…a Troy X5 at a “reasonable” price or maybe even a trade. Let me know (via the “Contact Me” link above) if you have one, working or not. Thanks….


No Future in Getting Old

I’ve decided that if my enthusiasm and interest in the pastime doesn’t improve dramatically I will put this blog to bed at the end of the year.  My desire to dig and my ability to dig is not what it used to be and my writing has become predictable and redundant. It’s also become apparent to me that trying to stay relevant at 77 years of age is getting harder and harder. After six and a half years I just might have said it all…



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31 responses to “Keeping Up with the Joneses

  1. Paul T.


    Do not put your Blog to sleep. We do enjoy your thoughts and comments on treasure hunting as it is today. But Oh, how I would like to return to the OLD days of detecting. But we all know that we cannot turn back the clock of time.

    Stay safe my friend.

    • Paul, just hard to get enthused and can’t seem to come up with anything useful or new to share. Will see how it goes.

      • john taylor

        dick! you have been an inspiration to many in the hobby! seriously,i have read all your books,and
        believe that they have made me a better detectorist!.it’s NOT your fault dick! unless you are constantly “knocking on doors” you are falling behind.i have noticed that even with the best of the best technologically,
        you just “cannot” find what just isn’t there!..example: you go into super spots with $1000.00 detectors,and end up digging “clad” that a tesoro “compadre” at $160.00 a copy would find! it’s NOT over,but ya gotta accept that times have changed! .the ‘glory” days just ain’t coming’ back!..”and THAT’S the way it is!” author: walter cronkite”


  2. Randy Dee

    Hello Dick just last week our good friend John Winter rang me for a short conversation and he made the same comment. “No Future in Getting Old” I am a few weeks younger than you and still try to keep up with the Joneses

    • Hi Randy, glad to hear John is staying in touch with you. He originated that phrase and I repeat it frequently. Glad too you’re able to keep up things. I can’t seem to find the Joneses here.


    Nooooo don’t give up. There’s always something pertinent in your musings.
    Best, John, from a currently sunny Eastbourne.

  4. Ronald

    Dick, enjoy your web site, the info and comments. Have few of your books enjoy them very much, you still are doing fine, hang in there for metal detectors out there. Ron

  5. Bob Sickler

    I think for the most part, modern detectors can be adjusted into a “set and go” detector. I found such wisdom in the AT-Max. I do think that too many options in the adjustment criteria for some detectors can get some folks dizzy and often degrade performance. I have to say it again… Simplicity is sophistication! Pick a detector, educate yourself with it solid in the field and stop reading advertisements!

    Dick, if you don’t want to metal detect anymore and don’t want to write about it, what’s left for your time… Knitting? Come on… Chin up!

  6. Tony

    Dick, I know it’s not easy especially with the weather that you expieranced this past summer. Also a short time before that losing your belongings and home. So I understand you certainly had stuff going on in your life for sure. Maybe lay it by ear and see how you feel at a latter date. You never know with this crazy lifestyle that we are enjoy.

  7. Bob K

    Dick I’m also 77, we have had rain and cooler weather now and I will go detecting if I have to crawl.
    Your web site is the best, besides when you sit down and finish your comments it’ time for that glass of wine and enjoy the return comments from your friends.
    Plus your experience is of great value to us. So keep the web site going. Please

    • Bob appreciate the kind words. Gonna see what happens over the days ahead. Thankfully I will have a couple of Q&A things to share and they should be very informative.

  8. David Levine

    I do enjoy your blog but it is sometimes a bit repetitive with “Old is good, new is bad” posts. There’s nothing wrong with the old or the new so maybe there’s no need to always compare?

    Continued sharing of insights and wisdom from a wise ‘ol hunter would be very welcome!

    • David I’m aware of the repetition and “same ole”….thus my current dilemma. Likewise I’m not sure I have any more “insights and wisdom” to share. My wife reminds me of that every day.

      Think you will enjoy the Q&A posts that are coming….two distinctly different tekkies.

      • john taylor

        dick! as fredric march said to paul newman in the movie “hombre”

        “it’s a shock to grow old mr.russel!”


  9. Tony from Bayonne

    Q&A posts are coming, that’s terrific.

  10. Ed B.

    It’s been said that “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away” Hopefully you won’t just fade away anytime soon. If you repeat yourself that’s OK, we still love what you have to say. Besides….your repeats are FAR more interesting than the repeats on television. If you do end up taking up knitting, keep the blog going with knitting tips. The rest of us will find them useful when we end up doing the same.

  11. Packrat

    Dick I have told you before. One of the most important things you share is the history of the hobby. Many hunters today know nothing of the hunters from the 60s 70s and 80s. Most of the manufacturers are gone as well. Many of the original hunters are no longer here. You are one of the few places that continue to talk about our important history. You are important in that respect.

    • Thanks Larry. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of us left and today’s hunters really don’t care to hear what I, or anyone my age, has to say. It’s a new generation of hunters, a new era and one that has petty much left me in the dust.

      Hope you’re doing well and hanging in there….

      • john taylor

        god dick! you are “such a “negative nancy!” don’t you realize you are perpetuating
        the hobby for all of us! talking about the ‘good ole’ days” you are a “self sustainer”
        of metal detecting bull sh*t that we all aspire to be!


  12. Well, I hear you Dick. Although about 11-years younger than you (66-years old, almost 67 if I don’t get killed by a Disney character or Patti backs over me with the car) I started metal detecting when I was 3-years old, but my mom finally pulled the silver spoon outa’ my mouth and it’s been downhill in the hobby ever since.

    I have been metal detecting, in reality, as you and everyone else who has known me for years knows, since I forget I mentioned it, and keep repeating it over and over to anyone who will listen, since 1965. It was then that I jury-rigged a BFO metal detector from stolen parts and a poorly-written POPULAR MECHANICS article and vandalized property for several years until I was caught by local police, who made me hunt criminal evidence for them in restitution for all the holes I’d dug.and left open…the “gopher did it” defense had not worked out as well as I’d thought.

    I enjoy reading your blog when you manage to crawl to the computer and get one done, and you have been the one to convince ME to do a blog and write a book, which I do work on, in between chemotherapy, MRI scans, and news excitedly delivered to me via official VA paperwork that they have discovered I have a NEW disease that they missed doing the last scan! A fun group, full of enthusiasm for my well-being, but they don’t understand my obsession for all types of metal…especially metal that can be detected!

    I was extremely fascinated by your musings and memories of music personalities wandering your house and knowing some of the great musical performers of our time, and that you play the guitar. It’s not always about metal detecting, and trying to pull another one out of the hat about that particular subject all the time. I am sure there is more to Dick Stout than a metal detector, and I for one, would like to hear more about your life and times myself. Don’t give it up…until you give us all a bit more, Dick.

    • Jim, I’m just taking it one day at a time. If and when the spirit moves me to write something I will. Lately that spirit has disappeared. I am working on a couple of Q&A’s from other tekkies so there’s at least that.

      Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

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