Saturday Night – Off the Wall…

Well it amazes me how the “Nox” comparisons and arguments continue on social media. Every FB page with a manufacturer name associated will have followers telling you why it’s not comparable to any of their products and why it’s supposed outstanding performance or capabilities are all in your head. I remember similar exchanges when the AT Max was released but nothing like this.

No matter what your thoughts or leanings are you have to hand it to the Minelab marketing department!


I think every manufacturer should seek out the wizard who designed the Garrett website and hire him or her to do theirs. By the same token he or she should charge them big bucks!


There’s no doubt it’s time to lump the weather forecasters into the same categories as archaeologists.  Seems they’re wrong more than they’re right.


I often wonder why no one has found a decent sized cache of late here in the states? Could it be that someone did and decided to use a little bit or discretion and not say anything? Hard to believe when every “Tom, Dick & Harry” tekkie today loves to promote themselves on social media?


I’m telling you the days of interesting or useful YouTube videos are getting fewer. At least that’s this old man’s take. Try as I might I can’t watch any to completion. I find myself saying “I think I’ve seen this before”….


Who’s going to be the first manufacturer to offer built-in video cameras on their detectors?


When will the fans of “The Curse of Oak Island” finally feel duped? I mean jeezus how many times does the “tune in again next week” bs have to happen before you wake the hell up? Likewise if they did actually find something great it would be in the news instantly, not on a pre-recorded, weekly series.


Read in the paper the other day that a detectorist was reported missing after venturing out for a day of hunting. Friends of his say it was only a matter of time before it happened given his penchant for dressing in camouflage. Detectives believe he’s still out there hunting somewhere but just hard to see…

Finally, how long…

…before we run out of places to detect?

…before detectorists get a little more selective in what they label treasure?

…before I pour a second glass of red?

…before Howland pays me the $20 I loaned him in ’86?

…before Howland pours a single malt?

…before a manufacturer spends the time and money to make a step by step, easy to understand video that tells you how to use your detector?

…before we get a PAS type of system here in the states?

…before archaeologists realize we aren’t going away?

…before I pour another glass of red?

…before Howland pours a double?

…before we realize that a gal tekkie knocking on a door will always get permission faster than a guy?

…before land owners start charging detectorists for hunting?

…before forums have categories labeled “know it alls” and “bullshitters”?

…before we find some way to control those detectorists who ruin the pastime for everyone?

…before I pour another glass of red?

…before Howland pours another double?

…before I stop stockpiling boxes of pasta?

…before Wally & Harry realize that no one takes them seriously?

…before metal detecting podcasts actually do feature the announced guest?

…before we have one, viable, effective and meaningful national organization?

…before you all realize that a fair portion of your finds  fall into the POS category?

…before I pour another glass of red?

…before Howland passes out?

…before I realize Digger can’t hear a word I’m saying?

…before I accept the fact that I’m over the hill?

…before I start acting my age?

…before I realize it’s 9 pm and past my bedtime?



Q & A with British detectorist Gary smith….






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19 responses to “Saturday Night – Off the Wall…

  1. Paul Southerland

    Mix it up some Dick, pour some Cognac.

  2. Joe

    I never understood endless, heated debates when it comes to detectors…or cars…or anything else. They’re just things. Yes, we all have our preferences – including me – but outside of that, all of the rambling is just a time suck. I’ll use what suits me best, and the next guy should do the same.

    Here’s a question – one which I think you might’ve touched on before, Dick…

    How come we here in the states don’t have our own version of Detectival? I know there are some smaller to mid-sized events (like the Minelab thing down in Atlantic City), but nothing even close in scope to Detectival. Could it be the manufacturers don’t value our business as much here in the U.S.? I understand there’s more ‘action’ across the pond, what with new hordes being found almost every other day, but what about us? I think something like that would be good for our community, as it helps bring people together and strengthens our bond. Maybe they figure the window is closing for detecting here in the states?

    • “Here’s a question – one which I think you might’ve touched on before, Dick…”

      I have indeed touched on it a few times. I don’t understand either why something like Detectival can’t be held here. Seems like the European manufacturers are a little more progressive and innovative than those here. It’s showing up in their product lines as well.

      • Joe

        If the set-up was akin to Detectival in the U.K., with fields to hunt, scores of vendor booths, food, music, etc., I can easily see hunters paying $150 – $200 for a 2 or 3 day event. If even 500 people attended (though I think it would be a lot more), maybe they could plow that $$$ towards some lobbying power to help our hobby out. I’m old school, and firmly believe money talks, bullshit walks when it comes to politics. Throwing enough money around and having some brawn behind us might keep further doors from closing on us…and maybe even re-open some old ones. Not saying it would solve ALL of our problems, but it might be a step in the right direction. Food for thought.

      • The problem Joe is that they wouldn’t “plow” any money into lobbying. There are two manufacturers now who are just trying to hang on and pay their bills. Take two out of the equation and what’s left? Having said that even a ‘break even’ event would be great for the pastime here in the states.

  3. Ed B.

    There are dozens if not hundreds of “know-it-alls” and “bullshitters” on the forums right now and though there are a lot of “know it alls”, I think the bullshitters have them outnumbered by a wide margin. If the forums listed categories for them, the “know-it-alls” would all flock to it so that they could impart their endless wisdom and knowledge on others but the “bullshitters” category wouldn’t have a single follower because everything we see and read on these forums is the absolute truth. Isn’t it?

    • Good points Ed. Could be I’m too harsh on forums, dunno. Seems humility is never issue and when they say there’s strength in numbers the many cliques out there bear it out.

  4. Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, I wouldn’t be surprised that future detecting books will have chapters on – How to take a Selfie with your detector or finds, and how to record a video of your find and of course your favorite – “How to take a photo of your detector and digger standing together”.
    These chapters will be longer than the How to use the machine of course.

  5. David

    Is there a pasta shortage????

  6. Well, the demise of most of the detecting videos can be linked to YouTube’s decision not to compensate anybody’s channel with less than 1000 subscribers as of February 2018. This has caused a flurry of Patreon accounts to pop up as metal detecting content creators try to recoup some of the cash they lost when YouTube threw the frail and weak channels overboard, in favor of the larger and stronger money makers. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

    There are some detecting channels I really enjoy and I can’t tell you who or what the channels are…I jump around a lot, from one to the next. If the channel features an Equinox, I’ll watch it until the BS starts…as soon as they turn it ON…then go looking for interesting characters doing some digging in a meaningful way someplace else. Metal detecting channels are no more or less full of BS or “know-it-alls” any more than car channels, or tennis channels, or political channels et al, so I take most of it with a grain of salt, smile and move on. Probably cause’ I’m getting old, but sometimes I find the hobby getting so absurd, and destitute of meaningful targets I’d rather go to the beach to find sea-shells than wave a coil over it any more. Watching someone’s video of a blanket full of bent bottle-caps and rusted tent stakes they’ve dug up being analyzed is like watching someone drag their fingernails down a chalkboard. I’ll finish my Cognac and get back to editing my latest detecting video now. Cheers!

  7. Having attended Detectival & only this last weekend Detectorland (Holland) I can hand on heart state that I’ve never heard so much BS, most of it was coming from me. Yes you really need to promote a decent ‘old school’ event, you had them back in the 70’s & 80’s, my father attended a couple of events & a few years later I too attended events over in USA. I go to events in UK as a distributor/dealer (also when the weather is nice) as a detectorist & have noticed in the last few years the whole industry is stepping up to the mark and dragging itself towards 2018, dragging being the operative word.

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