Thoughts on a Thursday…

close up photography of eyeglasses near crumpled papers

All This? Really?

Saw an ad for the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer and was amazed and amused by the bullet listed features…

*Pulse induction *Beep, Vibrate (or both) *Lost Mode Alarm *Single Button Operation *3 Sensitivity Levels *Proportional Response *Retune *Adjustable LED Light *Auto Shutdown.

All this and it’s a PINPOINTER for crissakes. I’m guessing it won’t be long before these things come with lengthy user manuals.

How did we ever find anything in the 70’s and 80’s?


John Winter 

My doppelgänger in the UK John Winter is currently battling prostate cancer and thus far the bad days are outnumbering the good ones. If you know John or follow his writings I know he would appreciate your prayers, thoughts  and well wishes. Not sure how much he’s online at present but if you’d like you can email him at His mailing address is:

30 Charmfield Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghampshire, HP21 9QB, England


For the Record

When I decided to do a blog back in 2010 (old website) I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it or if I could even do it. I liked writing and thought it might be a great way for me to not only share my experiences but also a reason to round-up all my hobby related photos and put them in one place. After eight years I’ve accomplished the first and still working on the second. I’m also slowing down.

Today putting my thoughts/views/opinions out there usually gets me in someone’s dog house, but as they say “sh*t happens and I can deal with that. It’s also the result of my not detecting  much anymore, not sharing videos and not promoting myself (nobody wanted “Dallas Dick” T-shirts and my cleavage didn’t titillate).

I know my posts are less frequent and my shtick is getting old but I hope you will continue to check in here if for no other reason than to see what kind of trouble I’ve gotten myself in or to keep up with the state of the pastime. I’m one of the few who actually care whether or not there’s metal detecting ten years from now.






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31 responses to “Thoughts on a Thursday…

  1. Lisa

    I dont always comment, but do enjoy your shenanigans.

  2. Stan

    I always look forward to reading your blog posts, always good for a laugh. I wasn’t aware that John was in ill health and wish him all the very best. I hope you both keep up the good work.

  3. Frank Blazi

    Always look forward to your blogs,Dick! Although I’m a big fan of tittilating cleavage,I still read each installment. Keep ’em coming!
    Prayers and healing energy to your friend John

    • Frank I’ve lost too much weight and the cleavage is gone….sorry. You’ll have to get your thrills elsewhere. Thanks for following and for the kind words.

  4. Bob Sickler

    But Dick, it’s not wireless! The New Garrett “Carrot” is all that and wireless! 🙂 More puns aside, the new Garrett wireless pinpointer works extremely well and the wireless feature works like “Eh…What’s Up Doc” flawless with my “Max”! Can’t tell you how much I enjoy not having to move my headphones aside to hear the probe. You don’t need “good eyesight” to know windy days, people talking, loud trucks, and rushing streams make the wireless concept a highly practical tool! I’ll ask Garrett to send you a “Camo” version instead! 🙂

  5. ‘Dallas Dick’ Wassat then, some kinda STD?

    Am desperately sorry to learn of John Winter’s plight. I hope and pray he’ll come through it. My thoughts are with him and Lynda.
    God bless ya mate.

  6. John

    Hi Dick,
    I don’t always comment on your posts, however, I do enjoy reading your blog when you post it.

  7. For those interested John Winter’s address is….30 Charmfield Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghampshire, HP21 9QB, England

  8. Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, glad you are still here and typing away. I hope (like me) it is the summer dull drums – man the humidity and heat takes a toll on us older folks. My spirit wants to detect but the body wants air conditioning……..stay cool my friend.

  9. Tony

    Dick, I know what you mean. In my case I might just have to drive around and look for spots.
    I have been to the beach two times and hope to get back there soon.

  10. I tried to post a comment twice yesterday and it wouldn’t go through, so here it is: The reason why you found stuff is because it was still there. It’s not a renewable resource, and you didn’t need a pinpointer, because back then it was all silver! –Just sayin’

  11. Packrat

    Hey Dick. I have told you before you are an important cog in the overall history of metal detecting. I love when you look back and talk about the people and hunting from the past

    • Thanks Larry. If I’m a cog than so are you… Talking about the past goes with getting old, but that’s okay because the alternative is not good.

      Working on a post you should like and might have it up in a day or two. Hope all is well in the great northwest.

  12. Ed B.

    As an old timer I was one of the last to buy a pinpointer because for years I found plenty of “stuff” without one and felt no need to have one. BUT…… about 4 years ago I decided to get one and I’m glad I did because using one does save time and for an old geezer like me, less time on my knees is greatly appreciated. I expect that someday soon Minelab will come out with one that will make all others obsolete, no matter how many bells and whistles the other brands have but that’s OK because there’ll be more YouTube videos to watch of someone taking his out of the box, and then locating a shallow clad dime.

    • What I wonder Ed is what are they trying to kill when they keep “jabbing” it into the hole? When I see pinpointers I see printer ink cartridges…

  13. wildheartwandrs

    I have to say, I honestly do wonder that same thing, for real: How DID you guys find all that stuff way back then, without a pinpointer? I’m sure it’s my lack of skill (even after 14 years), but I truly would no sooner imagine going out detecting without a pinpointer, any more than I would without a digger. Using one changed my game forever, from one where I dug holes the size of trash can lids and could spend a full hour digging, still to come up empty, to one where I can usually dig one about 6 inches across, and find what I’m looking for just by popping the plug, without much extra digging. I’m grateful as heck to have pinpointers — without their help, I’d likely have given up this hobby long ago. Which would suck, because I love metal detecting.

  14. Well, I used to use a coin-probe, and still do, on coins, and even artifacts. I have a half-dozen electronic pin-pointers nowadays, a Treasure Products TP-580 waterproof pulse unit, which has no external controls at all…point it skyward it turns on…point it skyward again it turns off. We have several Garrett II Pro-Pointers, mostly because Patti loses her’s regularly. And it has it’s “I’m lost” signal which is handy. She accidentally left it on the ground in a park, and I went back with her to retrieve it. When we got back to the spot, it was gone. A group of picnickers were nearby in a rented pavilion…went over and asked them if they had seen Patti’s small electronic pin-pointing device. They all shook their heads…one of the older women there swore nobody took it. We turned to walk away, when a little girl, about 8, on the playground equipment said “THEY took it!!!” and pointed to the pavilion group. I turned back and said, “…if you are lying, I’m calling the ranger and have you all kicked out!” Just as they shook their heads again, the Garrett sounded off it’s “I’m Lost” signal from a guy at the nearest table. He looked startled as I stepped forward and said “…hand it over, or I’ll be calling the police and pressing charges and your picnic is over!!!” This guy was not a kid, but a fifty-something dude. He took it out of his coat pocket and handed it to me and mumbled he’d forgot he had it. But the pin-pointers make it easier to recover old stuff in the dark Florida dirt…and like someone else said, it’s not really a pin-pointer as much as it’s a knee-saver. I had a Minelab 25 pin-pointer, though, with more features than a NASA spacecraft…and NONE of em’ worked worth a diddly. But I will say it was very aerodynamic when I threw it as hard as I could into the St. Johns river…sailed right out there as pretty as you please.

    • Yes I know, I know, I know…I AM IN THE MINORITY. I was given a TRX and try as I might I just found it one more thing to carry, one more thing to reach for and didn’t think it was worth all the hoopla. Sent it over to England to a little gal who was just starting out and was hounding mom for one.

  15. Les

    I have just joined this blog and I like it, I am also a good friend of your doppelgänger John Winter, who as you rightly say Dick, is having many, many more bad days than good ones. All of this is obviously taking its toll on John’s lovely wife Lynda.

    Carry on blogging Dick and most of all, keep on sticking it to Barford.

    • Hi Les, thanks for coming on board. I think of John daily and hope things are somewhat better. Sure too that Lynda is taking good care of the old git (his label).

      Barford (and his bosom buddy Nigel Swift) are blowhards. Fortunately most of those in the archaeological community know it and take what they say with a grain of salt.

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