Bring Back the Gals!

It’s triple digit heat already and I’m cooling it so here’s another rerun from February 2014….and gals please don’t get uptight…

 The 1916 Quarter…One titillating Coin!

Back in 1915, shortly after World War 1 began, the US mint invited well-known sculptors to submit designs for a new quarter, one to replace the Barber.  The winner, Herman A. McNeil, served up Miss Liberty in 1916, holding an olive branch in her right hand, a shield in her left and in the middle….a bare breast!Mystery surrounds the reason for choosing this design, especially given the titillating obverse.  Typically the olive branch represented peace, the shield warfare and defense, but a bare breast? What were they thinking?


The sexy 1916 Standing Liberty and the more modest 1917

Anyway when these quarters were released to the public in January of 1917, religious leaders called them obscene, filthy and many conservative organizations demanded that the Mint recall them.  The Mint succumbed to the pressure and the coin disappeared from circulation, much to the dismay of Mr. McNeil.  He was forced to redesign Lady Liberty, and rather than simply pull the drape over her breast he added a suit of armor up to her neck to show his indignation.

Only fifty-two thousand 1916 quarters were produced (Philadelphia mint only) and today they demand top dollar in pretty much any condition.


Now I don’t know about you but I think we should demand a little more feminism from the mint today. Our current coinage is dull and boring and I am just a little tired of Abe, George and Franklin D.  All great presidents for sure but hey let’s bring back the gals and add a little pizzazz! The Seated, Standing & Walking Liberty coins, the Mercury dime and large cents…classic designs and all women!.

If you agree with me contact the United States Mint and let them know we’d like to see a gal or two in the future, and if they can’t offer a bare breast tell them we’d be happy with just a little bit of cleavage.


Speaking of the Gals…

All you gal tekkies….if you are smart you’ll be thinking about an all gal detectorist calendar. There’s money to be made.

Curious guys…would your wife let you go detecting with a female club member? Just the two of you?

Once asked a female tekkie why there weren’t more gals in the pastime?  After all it was a healthy outdoor pastime and you can come home with money in your pocket. She replied, “Easier to marry a lawyer or doctor”.


Ring a Bell?

Saw these on a Facebook page for guitar players and couldn’t help but think of how they mirror today’s detectorist!



It’s only May but we’re already experiencing summer temperatures….can’t imagine what July and August will be like. Anyway it’s time to share the following again…

The Stout Heat Index Scale

“The Stout Heat Index Scale” is a formula that I came up with a while back. It’s how I decide if and when I go detecting. It may not be appropriate for your neck of the woods but it works perfectly fine here in Texas.

  • 80 degrees…..Yep!
  • 85 degrees…..Probably!
  • 90 degrees…..Will think about it!
  • 95 degrees…..Nope!
  • 100 degrees…Hell No!
  • 105 degrees…Are you shittin’ me?




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13 responses to “Bring Back the Gals!

  1. Ricardo:
    I wonder what the gals think about this? Perhaps they might like a classic Greek athlete dressed in nothing but sandals instead?

    Now, if you could persuade the US Mint to have Ms Liberty in a wet T-shirt holding a metal detector…

  2. DougF

    Dick, my wife bought me a heated vest this past year to wear while operating the snowblower and while metal detecting on cold days. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and works great. I think they make something similar for people who work in hot weather. I don’t know exactly how it works, but you might look into it, along with a “camelbak” (yeah, more technology). Concerning the Standing Liberty quarter, It’s amazing the talent they had designing coins in those days. And those designs are still the favorites. Nothing as good since then. Bring back Lady Liberty.

    • Thanks Doug. Do they make those for the “whole body” LOL. I swear, keeping up with all these extras can be expensive. Not sure it would be worth it if I were looking into starting out today. I’m a “less is better” guy.

      As for the old coin designs I have no clue why they don’t do something similar today. Like you said the designs today are not even close.

  3. Tony

    Dick, I always liked this coin but wondered why the darn date was also a small mistake? This was as big a mistake as a zinc cent!

  4. I agree we need more women on coins, though they tend to use dead presidents, which definitely explains the lack thereof, since our backward-ass country can’t seem to fathom the idea that a woman president would actually be a good thing. Wanna “drain the swamp?” Get a woman in there who actually KNOWS something about cleaning house!

    And yes, they’re more pleasant to look at. Nothing against the guys and their ripply muscles, but there’s a reason all the classic sculptors primarily chose women models. Our bodies are curvy and soft and awesome.

    And I agree an all-woman detectorist calendar would be a good thing, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Still, if people are willing to participate, why not? It’s every individual’s choice. I’m a feminist, but not a dictator. Whatever blows your hair back. Let’s just get back to detecting again, whoever we are!

    • Mary you said “And I agree an all-woman detectorist calendar would be a good thing, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons”...

      What do it mean?

      A calendar with gals detecting can be done in good taste and could include young and old. Allyson Cohen (Detecting Diva) was going to tackle it (see here)but the interest from others kind of fizzled. Maybe she will read this and give a more accurate explanation.

      • Dick, I meant that the only way a detecting gals calendar would be popular enough to generate sales worthy of the effort would be if they were inappropriately clad. My strong guess is that’s why most gals didn’t have enthusiasm for the project. There aren’t enough women and girls in the hobby to buy it, and guys wouldn’t buy it if it’s not cheesecake. I think all evidence online points to this truth, sadly.

      • Mary, you may be right…Just thought there were enough online gal stars/entertainers to make it happen.

  5. Ed B.

    I’d only be all for a “Detecting Gal” calendar if all the models were wearing camo.

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