Have an extra $10,000?

Get Your Wallet Out

Had to happen! too many gullible tekkies out there. The Nokta Invenio Smart Detector is coming and it will only set you back ten grand. What do you think? Are you buying? 



I’m beginning to think we’ve overdone things. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we’ve saturated social media to the point where it’s humdrum for the old-timer and more often than not false advertising for the neophyte. Yup, those of us who have been at this for some time find the repetitive photos, videos and podcasts monotonous and all the newcomers see instant fame and fortune.

It’s gotten to the point that even great finds bore me. There’s just too many, too often and while I know detectors are getting more and more sophisticated it’s just way too easy to be an online Indiana Jones. Call me a cynic if you will…. I prefer astute or sage.

To better understand where I’m coming from go to Facebook, type“metal detecting” in the search area at the top. Next do same and enter the brand name of your detector. Then the model of your detector. Repeat all this in YouTube. The results ought to keep you in reading and viewing material (and bullshit) for the next ten years.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority but I’ve subscribed to maybe five or six different detecting groups on Facebook and when it comes to Twitter I’m still trying to understand it’s purpose or popularity. I’m thinking it’s geared for sudden brainstorms (a.k.a. brainfarts). Me? I prefer to write them down and bombard you all at once here on SS.

Now if you are a little more discerning you can choose between the good and the bad, the legitimate and the phony, the informative and the “why don’t you just shoot me” offerings. It doesn’t take too long to figure out which is which if you have any brains at all.

Oh look, another YouTube vid….zzzzzzzzz

I know, I know, you love metal detecting and it’s all good. Well so do I but I don’t think it’s all good.  I think we’ve not only overdone things I think we’ve shared way too much information online and some of it is going to come back and bite us in the ass. We have enemies, detractors and antagonists subscribing to these very same social media sites and their purpose is not to share useful information but to paint us in a bad light. How do I know? Because I subscribe to their sites/pages/blogs and see their references to comments we’ve made, finds we’ve shared and places we’ve hunted. They’re very good at cherry picking what we share, twisting our words and deeds and painting us as evil doers.

So what’s the answer?

I have no clue. Only that I’ll soon be 77 and can’t really worry nor do much about it but the majority of you can and should.  Choose your social media sites and groups carefully and when you see something that is wrong or that can be construed differently by the general public say something. Call it out and stand up for what’s right. As for all the repetitive photos and videos….supply and demand will dictate who survives

Social media has created another life for us all and most of it is good, positive and useful. Just don’t live the part that promises gold and silver in every clump of dirt cause that probably ain’t going to happen….


Getting Old is Getting Old!

I got out last week and headed to the vacant lot where our last house used to sit hoping to find my wedding ring and a few other special items. I spent about an hour and came home empty-handed! 

The old homesite, then and now….

When I was done searching I realized it was going to take more than losing the 35 lbs to make the getting up and down a less painless procedure.  Not sure what I do next…all I know is that it was not a pretty picture.


Missing Links

When I was putting together the “Useful Stuff” page I realized I had a few links to my old and now defunct website that were not working. I am in the process of correcting them so bear with me…


Click for John Howland’s new blog….


















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16 responses to “Have an extra $10,000?

  1. wendell (fongu)

    Hang in there and hope you lose the 35 lbs. I know how painful it is for me and I’m just a kid of 64 when it comes to getting up and down on land. Guess that’s why I prefer the water when I can get away. 10,000 dollars for a detector is too much sugar for a dime for me, but some people have more money than I do.

    • Wendell I’ve already lost the lbs…. I do feel healthier and ore ambitious but it apparently hasn’t helped the knees, joints, etc.. And I want to add that some people have more money than brains.

  2. Ten Grand for a metal detector? You’re extracting the urine, surely? Hahahahahahah! Oh, stop it, hahahahah! It’ll take years to recover the cost by which time another updated version will be out! Hahahaha. You can guarantee it will sell and good luck to the salesmen. As WC Fields once said, “Never give a sucker an even break.”
    You’re not a ‘cynic’…more an astute cynic. Oh, for a few more like you Ricardo.

  3. groundviewmd

    The thing of it is Dick, it is still the same as when I started into this hobby 50 years ago. You have a coil, control box, and headphones. Every machine built still goes beep when the coil is over the top of the target. All the hype for this machine or that machine being the best. It all comes down to the operator of the Detector. I can go behind any Detector out there and pick up coins and relics. Then some get pissed because you found it after they went through the area with a cheaper Detector and found something.

  4. Bigtony

    That machine will probably be purchased by a few government administrators who want to analyze why ground squirrels leave behind their nuts after the winter frost is over. Then they will do another study on different colors/species of squirrels and that is the beginning of the $475 million they budgeted for – just wait till next years earmark budget is drawn up,,,,oh boy we are in for it now!

  5. Paul T.

    Just remember this. The bigger the humbug, the better the people will like it.
    P.T. Barnum

  6. Bob Sickler

    I wonder what the screen would look like over some of the square nail infested foundations I hunt? A pin dot of green under a cloud of red? To me it would be taking the fun out of metal detecting! I find it rather fascinating that this detector’s physical appearance “borrows” features from Minelab, Garrett and XP. Hey, if they make it camo with a built-in camera that streams directly to YouTube, they’ll probably sell a few more. 🙂 Sad thing is you’ll spend so much money on this system, you probably can’t afford an ice cube tray of “D” cells needed to power the portable display! Rechargeables are probably an up-charge!

    • “Hey, if they make it camo with a built-in camera that streams directly to YouTube, they’ll probably sell a few more.”

      Hahaha…love it. Thanks Bob.

  7. Well, being an OLD engineer, I can tell you in 100 years, by 2118, Gravity Wave based detectors will be all the rage. And, I hear, Lunar Highlands Park on the far side of the moon is posting NO GRAVITY DETECTING! signs everywhere, because of all the craters detectorists are leaving behind. Hopefully the 22nd Century YouTube 3D channels will be full of GRAV DETECTING holograms so we can see the crowds hitting the next best site to find gold on the moon 🙂 Good post Dick. Sorry about the house…it was a fine looking place…dang.

  8. Hey! I had some great hours at the old place. Remember the session with the Abelour 100-proof Scotch? The twenty Bucks I loaned ya? So, what are friends for?

    • Do I remember? Jeezus you weren’t even through Customs and you were ready to drink!

      As for the twenty bucks…..I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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