Daylight Savings Drivel…

Making up for lost hour

Daylight saving time is so much BS unless you are a detectorist with a 9 to 5 job…


Today a tekkie’s success is based on their skill in the field, their camera, company endorsement and the amount of time they spend on social media. Not necessarily in that order.


Despite being the victim this detectorist is not exactly a poster boy for the pastime. I’ve watched the TV spot numerous times and just can’t come to grips with it….welcome to Texas.

Dennison Man Robbed at Gunpoint


Interesting that back in the mid 80’s White’s came out with a Liberty DI detector (Fay still has one) that was more ergonomic (and made of plastic) than their traditional breadbox design but abandoned it for some reason. Took them 30 years to do it again…

Fay and her Liberty DI…circa 1985


Waterproof is nice but come on guys how about wireless across the board?


After chatting with a few of my old tekkie friends we’re sure that we threw out what tekkies today covet and share on social media. Apparently there’s a collector for everything.


Striking out with my permission letters. No doubt the liability part plays into it. What other reason could there be for not allowing a hobbyist to walk a farm field?


Had an email from an unidentified individual telling me I live in the past and need to “get with the times”.  No thank you I lived in the best of times!


Miss the days when I would get phone calls and letters from Charles Garrett, Ken White Sr., Alan Holcombe, Jim Lewellen, Ron Mack and Glenn Carson. Other than Charles I doubt anyone knows the other names or cares…


Still waiting for consensus on the new Equinox….


Starting Facebook detecting group called “Hoky Boys”….it’s a non-electric group.


Stay tuned I’m about to not give anything away….




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19 responses to “Daylight Savings Drivel…

  1. Paul T.

    Dick, I AGREE with what you posted. I cherish the days when we had Abe Lincoln, Charles Garrett, Jimmie Sierra, Roy Volker, Richard Ray, Michael Paul Henson, Karl Von Mueller, Dick Stout and a cast of hundreds at our Treasure Expos in Fremont, Nebraska. Golly I miss that gathering of Treasure Greats.

  2. Well, I was at a local park just the other day and saw that they were laying pipes or something across part of the old section (1870’s) and digging about 4-feet down, exposing several layers of original park soil in piles set off to the side of the trench. I’m going over there in a few minutes and wail on those piles of dirt with my E-Trac. Jimmie Sierra, Michael Paul Henson, Karl Von Mueller and Charles Garrett would have done the same. And so would Dick Stout if I bought him an airline ticket, picked him up in a limo, and drove him to the park to give me a hand in scanning that stuff. Maybe even get it on video with a few photos of our detectors leaning on planted shovels for good measure! Good post Dick!

  3. Hey Ricardo:
    Living in the past, eh? What a plonker that person is! Don’t all Tekkies live in, and for, the past?

    “Miss the days when I would get phone calls and letters from Charles Garrett, Ken White Sr., Alan Holcombe, Jim Lewellen, Ron Mack and Glenn Carson…[…].” Jeez, did you owe them twenty bucks too?

    Are you still being sponsored by the Merlot Producers Association?


  4. Tony

    I should have read your post first about the Dennison dude. Man that was something, and he was digging up some old stuff at the time of the robbery. Now for all those phone calls, did any of them give you X marks the spot?

    • Tony he wasn’t digging what he showed on the TV snippet. He was just enjoying the notoriety and in the process embarrassing himself and the hobby. He was a piece of work.

      No I never received any treasure tips from those contacts. Just genuine interest and guidance when the FMDAC was at it’s best. Real gentlemen, all of them. Aside from Alan all have passed on.

  5. DonM

    The Equinox looks like it could turn out to be a very good detector but I won’t be buying one….if you have to send it in everytime when the battery needs replacing…that would be a major PITA.

    • Don my guess is that replacing the battery is not that difficult but they’ve already had a few incidents where detectors leaked due to improper replacement and this is a way to cover their ass. Sort of an upfront “we warned you”…

      What does the manual say?

      • DonM

        Minelab manual “recommends” that the detector be sent in to a service centre for a battery replacement…combine that with Minelab being the only seller for this battery means that they can pretty well charge whatever they want for it.

      • Thanks Don. I got off my ass and looked up the Equinox manual and at they state….

        “Even with correct care and maintenance, Lithium-ion battery
        performance reduces over time with normal use. Therefore the
        battery may need to be replaced every few years. Replacement
        batteries can be supplied and installed by an Authorised Service Centre”

        Of course what “every few years” means remains to be seen. I couldn’t find any cost or the battery. Time will tell.

  6. Recently found a word on a pseudo-heritage blog I hadn’t seen before: – REGULTION. Could this word refer to battery replacement do you think?

  7. I heard, that some have said that the pilot of the plane should have kept the parachutist inside cockpit and thrown out the Equinox.

    What can this mean?

  8. David

    Something doesn’t smell right on that Denison thing, who goes detecting with silver bars in their pocket, Spanish treasure in Denison? Yeah.

    • Bingo David…exactly. Thinking the guy was interviewed after the theft and had time to prepare for it. Not to mention he wasn’t very good at it. BS at it’s finest.

  9. Packrat

    I knew all the names you mentioned and all the others mentioned. Too bad the newbies today did not get a chance to know about these folks. That would make a great book on the history of metal detecting to cover all the early people. Most of these people will unfortunately be soon forgotten. So sad. Thanks Dick for trying to help remember our history

    • Larry it is indeed sad. As you know there are a lot more names I could have mentioned. I have a chapter in the book I was working on about people I’ve met over the years but I’ve kind lost interest in it. Maybe someday… Of course not too many today would be interested or care.

      Hi to everyone in the great northwest…

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