More Musings (Brainfarts)…

A few off-the-wall thoughts to inspire you on this uniquely sunny Sunday! It’s part of the aging process or at least I hope so…..

From the deep recesses of an aged and wasted brain….

Seems the new Equinox lithium battery is only guaranteed for one year and the company suggests having a repair center replace it when needed lest you do it wrong, allow water to seep in and void the warranty. Do they know something we don’t? And…from what I can see there’s only one service center in the US.

Wonder who will be next to come out with Deus lookalike….

Just my take…if a manufacturer wants to stay relevant (and solvent) their future models need to be wireless and waterproof. Otherwise it’s just another….

Gotta laugh when I watch a video and see a tekkie jabbing his pinpointer in the hole. I mean WTF, is he killing worms or what? No wonder these things need fixin’ all the time.

Have 88 photos of detectors leaning on shovels. Come on tekkies get me to one hundred. They’re so cool…??

Just a sampling of what matters most today….


Metal detecting 2018….“anything for a buck”

So many “detailed”old coins being found today. Well at least on social media they are….

Have five permission letters out there now for large parcels of land. Hoping at least one or two get approved.

Used to be so many detector companies to consider when looking for a new model. Today not so much…

I know it’s just me but I don’t get excited anymore when it comes to the finds I see posted on social media. Just too many, too often and they’ve lost their wow factor. Magazines same thing.

When I worked for Garrett I wanted to offer small mag lights w/bracket that attached to stem for night hunting. Was shot down. I know a few tekkies use them today but why hasn’t a manufacturer offered them with logo imprinted? Hell they have every other imaginable, unnecessary accessory.

Have had six inches of rain this past week and today maybe a little sunshine. In a few months we’ll be begging for a drop of water. Welcome to Texas.

Down 33 lbs (for those of you who don’t give a rat’s ass). Tonight? A little pappardelle alfredo!

Items we used to throw in the trash box are now cleaned, displayed, discussed, analyzed and stored for posterity. Were we hasty or are the better finds simply dwindling?

“We think you may like these pins”…well no I don’t and you’re a royal pain in the ass!

Remember the detector you’re using today because in 30 years you will be looking to buy one again.

It’s a grueling job trying to say relevant in the treasure hunting world. Film and film and film….

Your success is based to the number of times you actually get out and detect, not the detector you’re using.

Newbies today… “Do I buy the detector first or the camera”?

No doubt Kevlar vests will be the next cool tekkie accessory.

If you doubt there are trolls out there looking to kill the pastime look no further than Nigel Swift and Paul Barford. Two sad and lonely individuals who are professional sneaks (or weasels if you prefer).





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17 responses to “More Musings (Brainfarts)…

  1. Tony

    Dick, times certainly have changed, haven’t they. Back in the day we had photos of favorite Pinup Girls, dogs, cars, girlfriend or wife and family…..etc, nowadays I guess those Detector photos are the new Man’s Best Friend. Crazy I know and it does seem odd to me too.

    Glad to hear you are trimmer and talking about getting out there soon. I wish you the best of luck for 2018!

  2. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what’s left of the hobby nowadays. I told my wife the other day, I’m really not sure if I even enjoy what was once a thoughtful, quiet hobby. It’s become rats alone on an island, all of em’ promoting, promoting, promoting. I’ve seen newbies who still have not managed to become even remotely familiar with their latest machine because they just bought a new one yesterday, to keep up with social media. In the mean time, flashing and bragging about how it goes DEEPER when they still have not really been in the game long enough to understand the factors affecting DEEPER, let alone how it really compares with other machines.

    Now, I’ve been a Minelab user for many, many years, BUT the Equinox fiasco is a perfect example of placing the cart before the horse; maybe even the driver, before the oats, before the cart, before the horse even. For veteran detectorists, a new machine would have to offer some serious advantage before spending your hard-won cash on it. Not anymore. A slightly bigger, lighted screen, (when lighted screens been around for decades), and wireless headphones is all it takes. I watch Newbies going on in social media about the Equinox and how DEEP it goes without ever having touched it, seen it, or used it. I have a friend down in Melbourne, Florida who is a veteran hunter who HAS an Equinox. He stated, right out of the box, it lacks a battery charger, so no going out hunting with it today. But you can purchase it separately from Minelab for $39.99!!!! He managed to find a charger at Best Buy for $5. The bluetooth headphones have no charging indicator…you have no idea how much of a charge they have…just a statement that they need to be charged for 4-hours or so.

    My feeling is that if these very very basic items are botched, what’s going on inside the machine itself? I sometimes think this is nothing more than grandstanding, trying to work up some buzz in the industry when you really got nothing going other than a re-hashed Frankenstein made up from parts left over from previous models.

    I guess I’m just being crabby…old men do that…but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what happened to the metal detecting hobby…I must have been out on a sick-day when whatever happened, happened.

    • “I guess I’m just being crabby…old men do that…” Not me Jim I’m just a perpetual ray of sunshine!! I love every tekkie and I’m currently looking at GoPro cameras, editing software and “Dallas Dick” T-shirts. Might even get a mean looking shovel too. Once I get those things I’m moving on to camo clothing. That should result in more followers, comments, likes, shares and a lifetime YouTube pension.

      On a more serious note….if only there were the same excitement about organizing and supporting a national organization.

      • Yes, indeed, Dick. One of our plans for the CFMDC is to promote and try and organize at least a state-wide (Florida) organization of detecting clubs. Will it ever happen? Sadly, I think not…majority of people are in it for possible profit…if not from the finds themselves, then the videos, the T-Shirts and the Facebook promos.

  3. Bob Sickler

    All this talk of new detectors has me wanting my old Garrett ADS Groundhog back even more! I currently own and use the Garrett AT-Max and I really like it, but I would also enjoy occasionally stepping back in time and spending a day out with an “old friend”, a memento of my early and better days in the hobby. If anybody out there has a clean, working ADS Groundhog and would like to make some money parting with it, please let me know!

    While in this nostagic mood the other day, I was digging through some old metal detecting photos and I ran across one of myself wearing vintage camo pants and a camo cap which I purchased at a real Army-Navy store… This is back in 1978, “before camo was cool!” 🙂

    Dang Dick, 33 lbs.! That deserves a 21 searchcoil salute brother!

  4. Bob Sickler

    You devil you! That’s OK, I already asked you remember? But, go ahead, rub it in! 🙂 Look’in good there skinny!

    • I know, just had to….I’m tempted to use it again as well. Bob I feel better (158 lbs) and really hoping to get out more now. Working hard to find places for my grandson and I to detect.

      • Bob Sickler

        Sounds excellent! You have me beat by 19 lbs.! What are you not eating? 🙂 This is the Dick Stout I used to know, ready and willing to go detecting! Yes you will feel better being lighter, being healthy knows no age. Wait till you hit the dirt again for a good part of the day, you will feel even better. I take medicine three times a day for diabetes, but my glucose level (90’s) is lowest after a day out metal detecting… My numbers actually reach normal non-diabetic levels. You are on the right track my friend both physically and mentally. Let me know when you go out so I can sneak down and steal that old “hog”!

      • Detecting all day would be great but I’d be happy with half a day right now. What I did was cut back on pasta, bread, starches, etc., and starting more fish, fruits and vegetables. Salads, soup, roast chicken, salmon etc..

  5. …and Slimline, low-cal Merlot?

  6. Bigtony

    Crazy, I would have thought he would have said add a Jacuzzi and a bar but it’s always warm in Texas… I understand why he said shower. Nice effect….I like it, I hope they are twist offs! I hate pulling out corks in the shower….

  7. John Howland

    Can I buy these showers in the UK?

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