Monday Morning Manifesto…

 New to Me…

As if there weren’t enough searchcoils out there already we now have ‘Mars DD Recovery coils’. Yup, another that’s guaranteed to put more finds in your pocket and for those of you chomping at the bit to buy one why don’t you just save time and buy an Electroscope.  More money, same hype and you can retire the day after you use it!

MARS also offers items for those of you more interested in fame than in finding things…


Now down 30 lbs now…five more to go. Cleaning up the MX Sport and crossing my fingers.


When will we wake up and realize that the almighty dollar plays such a big part in all that we see and read on social media? Think about that while you are watching those videos and looking at those photos.


Missed the Pug Bug so much I took my Nissan back and traded it in for another. Not a new one and not the classic bug but still a bug….

The new “bug”


A Couple of Changes

When I took down the Stout Standards website I kept everything so that I can repost items that I think are informative, useful and that need to be saved for sentimental and historical reasons. The Treasure Expo photos are one such example.

The photos are courtesy of Paul & Joan Tainter, the originators and sponsors of the annual event and if any of you reading this happen to have photos from the Expos please send them along so that I can add them to the collection.

On the flip side I’ve taken down the “Staples” link. Since posting it I’ve not received any further recipes despite contacting tekkies that I know love to cook. I give up.


Got a “back issue” email from Lost Treasure and recognized the guy on the cover. 1989 issue, my Garrett years and the pre camo era….


Definition of “Drone”….a tiresome, repetitive whining sound originating in Warsaw …..


What used to be a hobby for a few inconspicuous individuals and clubs has become a big time, show time, dog eat dog event.


Do any of you still create personalized programs for your detector?  Just a guess but I’m thinking the majority of you use the presets but will never admit it.


We’re Famous!

Pete Welk

I knew Texas led the nation in executions (it’s a sport here) but I was surprised to learn that my hometown was also home to Pete Welk, notorious bootlegger and the first “white” man ever “electrocuted” in the Lone Star state.  Yup, yippee and hee-haw we’re on the map.

Yesterday I decided to run over to the “Big A” cemetery where Pete currently resides and check out his digs. Big A is not a big cemetery by any means and is surrounded by a shopping center and a “trashy wooded area (“Don’t Mess with Texas” is a misnomer). Used to be a one room school next to the cemetery but you guessed it it’s the side where the shopping center is located. In fact a Super Target sits atop it.

Pete Welk’s resting place

Story has it that one day the students were in a mischievous mood and painted a big “A” on the side of the school.  No explanation of what it meant but it stayed there and as a result the school, the cemetery and the current road are named Big A.






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20 responses to “Monday Morning Manifesto…

  1. Paul Southerland

    Dick: Enjoy the new Bug. I’m leaving for Arizona tomorrow to do demos at the Quartzsite and Tuscon gold shows. The week in between shows I’ll search drywash piles for missed pickers while hopping for nuggets.

  2. John Howland

    Hi Ricardo:
    The diet programme seems to be going well; just hope it doesn’t wipe the 20 Bucks from your memory…just saying’ mate.

    Sure there’s a drone in Warsaw, flagging up one with a poor education; a simpleton; and one who’s failed dismally to reach his/her potential. A nutter. But good sport!

    As to Welk, well, I have no sympathy at all. “It had been feared that Pete Welk’s aged and sick mother, who lived in Rowlett, would not be able to survive the shock of his execution.” Neither did he it seems.



    Hi Dick, I confess. I use the presets and mostly adjust the discrimination, sensitivity and gain. I do ground balance fairly regularly but doing hand stands is getting harder for me now. :):):)
    Best, John

    • John I’m hoping the handstands (as in getting down and up) will be easier sans 35 lbs. Time will tell. I also find the handstands as in programming, adjusting this and that a pain too. Hope you’re well and the weather dry.

  4. No presets on my Goldbug!

  5. Congrats on the bug!
    Pre-set has its place, like when I screw something up messing around with my settings in the field (a technological genius I am not), and so, I revert to factory pre-set mode to get out of panic mode 🙂

  6. Tony

    Congratulations on the cool looking Bug. Good to see you are posting some possible cash stories like that Bootlegger. He probably left a few coins behind.

    I haven’t used factory presets in a very long time. If I reset to factory, I quickly go to advance settings and adjust to my saved programs.

    Glad to hear you are on top of that diet and doing terrific, congratulations on your achievement so far.

    • Hi Tony, loving the bug so far. Not the old style but a bug nonetheless. Not sure ole Pete buried or left any loot but I will see what I can find.

      As for settings you must have one helluva program. With the diet I am feeling much better, able to breath a lot better and maneuver better which is really great. Hoping to actually get out detecting soon.

  7. Love your “Bug” there…cutting a mean aerodynamic profile Dick!

    You are right on the money with “What used to be a hobby for a few inconspicuous individuals and clubs has become a big time, show time, dog eat dog event.” and with it has come all the unwanted attention and competition, hype and troublemakers. We were having a club officers discussion the other night concerning theft at the finds table, and it was noted that some of the individuals involved in losing gold and silver jewelry, were the one’s most prolific in plastering images of their finds all over social media, every hour of every day. The bad guys (or gals) literally have a social media “catalog,” from which to create a theft shopping list. Try and tell them that, you get the “What’s with all the hate? Why the hate?” the standard response from certain individuals nowadays who’s worldview is, if you disagree with them it must be “hate”not another opinion.

    Metal detecting and treasure hunting have always been practiced under-the-radar because of the jealousy/envy factor. in that no matter what you find, where you find it long-lost or not, it must belong to someone else in someone else’s view. Usually the ones who have spent no money, no time and no research in recovering whatever was found. A perfect example, here in the United States, is the courts handing back a Marine Salvage Companies’ hard won deep sea treasure wreck to Spain, whose 400-year old cargo consisted of treasure stolen from ANOTHER country, laying 2-miles deep in the Atlantic. I had always hoped the company would comply with the court order by going back to the wreck site and dumping the 100 – million dollar treasure back onto the sea from which it came.

    Yea, I occasionally create custom discrimination patterns for my E-Trac when needed.

    • Jim today’s TH’er is a different breed and it’s a hard thing to accept and watch. I mention it a lot and while I don’t get the “hate” comments I frequently get the “out of touch” and “over the hill” responses, both of which are true. That does not however disqualify me from expressing my opinions based on “45 years of experience” and the “been there and done that” basis.

      From what I can see today’s tekkies are looking for easy and quick solutions. They spend their hard earned cash like it’s going out of style and believe everything they see and hear. Why if Bubba Bailey said that detector was the best it must be, and if they are making videos they must be getting rich. Never mind that ole Bubba is being fed detectors free of charge and on the company payroll. It’s become a circus and instead of detectorists we have entertainers. The rush now is not to research and work hard to find great things but to become a rock star. JMO.

  8. Tony

    James, you are right. Today’s folks are all into show and tell. I you and Dick and many others, just go by the old adage from KVM…keep your mouth shut and you won’t have any issues.

    Dick, with older detectors there are plenty of programs which were already tested by some good folks. They even sell books on the stuff. The only problem I have is that I didn’t believe them soon enough.
    The other thing is, and you know this one, heck you wrote about it at least ten times, “get to know your machine, it’s sounds and target displays”. That has to be the best tip this hobby ever had. And I thank you for passing it along.

  9. Bigtony

    Oh wow, yeah that is a terrific quote from KVM!Thanks for the laugh! I can only imagine what he would have been like to be the president of a local MD club.

  10. Hi Ricardo:
    You do know, that it is said that Adolf Hitler had a hand in the design of the VW Beetle. Just thought I’d mention it as, the Warsaw megaphone might imply certain political affiliations.


  11. Bigtony

    The scrap is probably in Paul Bennet’s basement on display with lights and temperature control
    VW Bug one of Hitler’s best ideas to help the people, (again that what was said)

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